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With one good song and nothing else to say. by iamadem With one good song and nothing else to say. :iconiamadem:iamadem 27 7 Silent shroud of snow. by iamadem Silent shroud of snow. :iconiamadem:iamadem 66 24
Shifts her hips
bathing in the sun—
light bouncing from
her skin
to the sand
she caresses.
Her toes
kiss softly
a rhythm with the
her lips part.
Her curls
summer. Fingers
loosening grip
to beckon their
prize; as her eyes
only me.
:iconiamadem:iamadem 4 7
So you think you can tell. by iamadem So you think you can tell. :iconiamadem:iamadem 102 19 Your little piece of the divine. by iamadem Your little piece of the divine. :iconiamadem:iamadem 67 7 Before the rain starts a-fallin'. by iamadem Before the rain starts a-fallin'. :iconiamadem:iamadem 141 18 We tripped lightly along the ledge. by iamadem We tripped lightly along the ledge. :iconiamadem:iamadem 142 40 No one sings me lullabies. by iamadem No one sings me lullabies. :iconiamadem:iamadem 101 23 No amount of pointless days. by iamadem No amount of pointless days. :iconiamadem:iamadem 81 21 And the only sound that's left. by iamadem And the only sound that's left. :iconiamadem:iamadem 42 7 Ain't gonna hang no picture frame. by iamadem Ain't gonna hang no picture frame. :iconiamadem:iamadem 149 38 On the smoky wind. by iamadem On the smoky wind. :iconiamadem:iamadem 38 9 And a mighty blow. by iamadem And a mighty blow. :iconiamadem:iamadem 59 9 It's not dark yet. by iamadem It's not dark yet. :iconiamadem:iamadem 15 2 Drown the whole world. by iamadem Drown the whole world. :iconiamadem:iamadem 27 4 Somewhere inside. by iamadem Somewhere inside. :iconiamadem:iamadem 35 13


One Month In
June was a bit of a New Year's moment for me, for two reasons - moving to the US, and becoming a CV. :giggle: so I find myself here, now, a month after getting to the States and a month after becoming a Literature Community Volunteer and it feels like I need to make a balance of things, like when you do after a month into the new year to check on the resolutions you've made.
(or maybe no one does that because no one wants to see how badly they sucked at their New Year resolutions. Am I the only one who sucks at that? I'm best at everyday resolutions. The goal is more in mind than not)
As far as moving goes...
June has been a difficult month, but also a good one on many sides. Family/friends wise, leaving my country was hard: I'll never forget what my mother told me when we were hugging at the airport, my father didn't come to see me off, and I really miss my dog. She's not exactly "mine", it's the family's dog, but I have a huge bond with her. And she's old
:iconthemaideninblack:TheMaidenInBlack 1 76
TheMaidenInBlack's DD Suggestion Guidelines
There's been a small but big change in DD guidelines for CVs so please, read on!
Hello, my minions and various people who watch me for I wonder which reason. I was appointed Literature Community Volunteer together with LiliWrites yesterday and so, here are my very well-thought and really not crappy DD GUIDELINES.
Let's talk about what Daily Deviations are first.
Many deviants here think that a daily deviation is an award for something: an achievement, talent, improvement, anything. Well, they're not. A Daily Deviation is a feature, like when you make a journal with a few deviations you like in it, except that in this case, this "journal feature" is site-wide.
"What does that mean, lady Maiden?"
Well, my minion, it means that the fact that I featured yours, or someone else's work, means in itself nothing at all except: "I like this work, and I'd like for
:iconthemaideninblack:TheMaidenInBlack 24 52

Please join me in welcoming LiliWrites and TheMaidenInBlack to the Community Volunteer team! Both of these ladies will be helping to represent the literature community.  Take a minute and go say hello :wave:


:iconmoonbeam13:Moonbeam13 33 102
Artist Showcase, Episode 17
Welcome to the Artist Showcase!
This next showcase will highlight the great activity and artwork that belongs to TheMaidenInBlack (who was recently HtBlack), also known around our community as Erika. She was kind enough to chat with me about her DeviantArt experiences so that I can share them with you! Let's get started.

(notice how the tiger cheers with anticipation)
Erika is an Italian deviant who was born in Argentina. She plans on moving to the United States soon. She calls herself a silent, firm, and rational person with a passion for science, debating, hair care, and manga/anime. She's very big into reading (not too surprising since she is primarily a Literature deviant!) and enjoys writing when she can. When she is not keeping busy with a book or writing, she's teaching her dog some fun tricks. The newest of which is how to play hide and seek. Erika also wants to be clear
:iconjenfruzz:JenFruzz 5 23
Bye bye, HtBlack
It's funny, but this is the first time I use my own skin. :B
Anyway. I had been thinking of changing my username for a while. It's tied to a part of my past that doesn't belong to me anymore and it was just a loose end, in a way; something I was dragging on. But I really didn't know what to change it to, and nothing sounded right. And what if I had wanted to go  back to the reassuring nature of HtBlack, that a lot of people know me as? We can't change back. :noes: and what if, what if, what if. If you put in the search bar "username change" probably most of the entries are about all the angst of changing username. All the feels. Or maybe everyone knew what to change it to and I'm just an emo teenager at 25? :lol:
Either way... then I saw a Praise forum thread titled PRAISE THE SUN, which sounded like a reference to Dark Souls, a game my husband totally doesn't obsess over, and with him we said something like "you should reply to the thread with a Demon's Souls reference to see how
:iconthemaideninblack:TheMaidenInBlack 2 59
The Videogame Industry - an interview
Art in the Professions
Hi from TheMaidenInBlack! This article will focus on the graphic part of videogames, since I'm lucky enough to have my own brother working in the industry - I'm totally exploiting him for our interview. :giggle: being a 3D artist means doing everything from characters (his favourite part!) to environment, which is from actual level development to teeny tiny objects. It's a really exciting, beautiful job and Marco's passion for it made me understand and learn a lot!
I'm using his DA handle for the blog, but he never kept up with his account so I apologise! He has a website, though. 

Prettiness is a family trait.
Tell our readers a bit about yourself!
My name is Marco Puricelli, I'm a 26-year-old 3D Artist. I have 3+ years of working experience in the videogames industry and I'm currently working at
:iconthemaideninblack:TheMaidenInBlack 42 26
Four-Letter Poems, take two
We sought a permanent recombination,
a final overwriting
of the double helix that defined me,
but I wasn't enough of a geneticist
(nor of a writer) for the
art of four-letter poems.
So we hacked to
pieces my nucleotide
bonds, we attached
and removed strings of
memories from my life's album
as if undecided on what to wear -
but, my love,
we never had any sense of
My chromosomes, carved as a testament
to all of our surgery sessions,
became a festival of restriction
enzymes' reactions, of when
we tore my consciousness'
nucleobases away from their seats
to fit the new occupants
of my old self.
And I see you now, my love,
through truth-telling eyes.
I never was enough of a geneticist
for the art of four-letter poems
and you unmade and
rebuilt me just to
show that you were.
The beauty and wonder of my
nitrogenous base sequences, you
picked your best restriction
enzymes to dismember
it, stating
"We're doing this for you."
You always knew plasmids
never look back,
:iconthemaideninblack:TheMaidenInBlack 15 38
Erb Vt 3-02 by Tigrar Erb Vt 3-02 :icontigrar:Tigrar 13 4 4567 by LuckyPsych 4567 :iconluckypsych:LuckyPsych 4 4 a nice view by Pippa-pppx a nice view :iconpippa-pppx:Pippa-pppx 22 3 Castle Eckberg by Stefan-Becker Castle Eckberg :iconstefan-becker:Stefan-Becker 528 29 Kottawa Rainforest 3 SL by jennystokes Kottawa Rainforest 3 SL :iconjennystokes:jennystokes 20 8 Spiegelkabinett by SchwarzWieEbenholZ Spiegelkabinett :iconschwarzwieebenholz:SchwarzWieEbenholZ 105 9 Untitled by lucmadrange Untitled :iconlucmadrange:lucmadrange 3 1 playing dead? by mink-309 playing dead? :iconmink-309:mink-309 2 4 Waves by Kodi111 Waves :iconkodi111:Kodi111 3 0



Autumn in Northumberland by newcastlemale Autumn in Northumberland :iconnewcastlemale:newcastlemale 1,906 697 Fog on the Common by betterwatchit Fog on the Common :iconbetterwatchit:betterwatchit 6 5 Beluga Fog by MSimpsonPhotos Beluga Fog :iconmsimpsonphotos:MSimpsonPhotos 94 13 morning of lake XIII by fotonicu morning of lake XIII :iconfotonicu:fotonicu 2 3


iamadem's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
American photographer, writer (lul), reader, listener of good music, admirer of the horror genre (in movies, games, literature, any other artforms one can name), and watcher of hockey and basketball; happily married to a beautiful woman who's also a member here.

A few social media links. Feel free to follow me, don't be a stranger.


Six years.

Wed Nov 12, 2014, 2:11 PM
Wow. Yesterday marked the sixth year I've been here on deviantART--more or less, of course--and it's something I find strange. So much time has gone by since I first joined the community, I've seen friends come and go, I've met a beautiful woman who I now call my wife, and I myself have gone and returned many times over. Yet I'm still here, in some way or another.

This is where, for better or worse, I've developed my photography "skills"--put in quotations because I still don't consider myself that great of a photographer, but I try. This is also where I've nourished my writing talents, as slim as they've been in recent years and as poor as they've been in my lifetime. I love reading but when it comes to writing, I don't know. I've lost much of that passion. I've just become more enamored with photography I guess. I know that a man can have more than one hobby but photography is something I've just enjoyed more thoroughly. I'm still a perfectionist with it but with writing, it came to a point that I literally revised word for word simple lines and passages that for anyone else would come as simple as anything. I was a nightmarish critic of my own work, and it got in the way of enjoying the actual process of writing. 

With photography, I feel more accomplishment when I look at a photo I've shot and I like it. I genuinely, wholly like it. It's something I can't really explain so I just hope it makes sense. I'll try writing again at some point but until I'm struck with a passion to do so, I don't know. We'll see.

But six years. Six years of maturing, of socializing, of keeping up friendships. I've lost touch with many of the friends I met when I first joined, but if any of you find yourselves reading this, please don't be a stranger. I'd love to catch up.

And to my newer friends, I've enjoyed our conversations and your work, and everything else that in between. I look forward to getting to know you all more in the coming years.

That's it, I guess. I've been trying to return to the community recently as mainly a distraction from a family tragedy a few weeks, and just trying to keep my mind off of it. It's another reason I've been doing my best to bury myself in my photography and everything else. Sometimes it's just easier not to think about them, I guess. In any case, Erika (TheMaidenInBlack) and I will be celebrating our sixth year anniversary tomorrow and even though I will be returning to the States in a few weeks, I still cherish the time I have with her. I want nothing else in this world than her smiling, adorable face. Nothing at all.


Watching: "Sons of Anarchy," "Game of Thrones," and recently "The Newsroom" again. Oh, and "The Walking Dead."
Listening to: ENO, Bob Dylan, The Dubliners, Her Name is Calla. All unrelated but those have been the more recent ones.
Playing: Not much actually. I haven't had a lot of passion to play recently. When I can eventually get my hands on a PS4, it will surely be Dragon Age: Inquisition. It looks pretty incredible, much better than the 2nd one. Eck.


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