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If anyone cares...
As if it wasn´t enough with all I said here… now we´ve found out that our baby has a disease that is incompatible with life...FUCK EVERYTHING!!!
It´s been a very long time since my last post here… It was July 18th 2012, 2 days before my 32nd birthday. A lot happened since then…More than I could ever imagine…more than I thought I could handle…

I´ve been working since 2002 with the people of Trimarchi . 2012 was the year they decided I was the one they would trust to administrate the whole graphics design congress and eventually their other projects…Lots of numbers, budget meetings, accountants,  lawyers, pressure…A lot of pressure… I gave my best and pushed my adaptation capabilities to the limit and it all was an unprecedented success…A strange sense of triumph comes from doing this kind of things right… It´s a different kind of brain reaction because logic and numbers are processed with the left side of the brain and creativity and images are processed with the right side…
So, TRImarchiDG 2012 was the year we finally nailed the event 100% … The congress ended October the 14th.  

While I was tackling this new job, my mother got another (yes, another) autoimmune disease (July). Luckily this one didn´t lead her to the O.R. for a major organ removal like the previous one…Phew!

I finished Monster Hunting Dummy 3 after doing issue number 2 and Matt the writer asked me to re do issue number 1 that was done by Luciano Vecchio because of the art continuity…Oh yeah! That was crazy…Doing issue 2, 3 and then number 1…Crazy…

My brother and his wife decided to move to Germany to work and study…That was hard to processed at the time (August)… My brother and me had never been more than 400 kms apart in all of our life…Little did I know about the hard times ahead…

September went with the pressure of the month previous to TRImarchiDG…And then October came. We had a close encounter with a "sport mafia" that threatened the realization of the event on schedule but, since we are really lovable people we dodged that bullet with a wink and a smile…Not literally but that´s sort of what happened…

After the event I went to see my father because I hadn´t seen him since the beginning of October. I wanted to surprise him so, I went to his workplace without telling him …

I was the one that got surprised…

In those 2 weeks my father had lost 9 kg (19.9 lbs) and his skin was yellow…Simpson yellow…He told me that he had to go the next day to the doctor to get the results of the tests that will tell him if he had hepatitis or something else so I went with him…

I clearly remember him telling me: - If this isn´t hepatitis it´s cancer-…

He was right…Pancreatic cancer… On top of that the tumor had obstructed his liver (hence the yellow color) so he needed an operation to get his liver working again.
We started to see all kind of doctors and possible treatments…But there was little hope…Or so the doctors told me…I decided that my father didn´t need to know that…I wasn´t going to risk him getting depressed and feeling defeated if there was a chance to fight…

I told my brother and he began planning to come back from Germany…That was really helpful because it was a lot of pressure just for myself…A shared burden is just half the weight… And so November started. My mother and stepfather went on their first vacation after 3 years so my brother had to wait for them to get back so they can change the plane ticket because he had used my mother´s credit card.

He arranged everything there and bought a ticket to our ancestors island (Ischia) to know the place where my grandparents were born…My father never went there so my brother wanted to surprise him with some images and such…

My mother and stepfather got back from their vacation. They were going to change my brother´s plane ticket the day after the arrival…

And then, all of the sudden my stepfather died…  

My mother was destroyed, my stepfather´s daughters were too…So, I took care of everything…funeral, cremation, and all the papers and shit that come with the death of a loved one…

My brother changed his plane ticket and arrived 2 days later…It was November the 19th.

Finally I had my brother to help me with our dad. We started sharing visits to the doctors, hospital and such. My father went in and out of the hospital several times. Operation, transfusions, tests…He started a treatment while waiting for his body to be well enough to get chemotherapy…And he started feeling better.

November ended and December started. We had our mother dealing with her loss and our father fighting cancer….

And then 2013 started…New year, new life they say…

And it brought a new life indeed…January surprised us with the news that my wife was pregnant…
After 9 years together, after 9 years of being a stepfather I´ll finally evolve to father…Such joy…
There are no words to describe how much strength this gave me…
And I was going to need it…  

After a long battle finally my father´s body was well enough to get chemotherapy, the drugs were on their way, he was ready and eager because he was starting to feel some pain and some trouble breathing.
He was filled with hope and anxiety…
He didn´t know how far the cancer had spread over his body and that helped him to keep battling the disease.
And then, 3 days before his first chemotherapy session, he didn´t woke up…
It was January the 27th…

Talk about the circle of life unfolding right in front of me…
I´m still trying to process the whole thing...I´m still doing papers and legal shit...
They say a boy becomes a man when he stops being a son to become a father...Well, that happened to me in every aspect...  

Now I´m back here with lots of things I did over this cyber absence because I never stopped doing what I love.  

Thanks a lot for taking time to read this…I really appreciate it…Now I have to answer the comments and notes that had piled up here and the new ones that will come.  

I´ll do my best to be here as much as possible because the DA community has given me a lot and I want to be thankful and worthy of that.

A toast to life and another one to death. Beginning and end of the same thread.  

Death is a process that takes a lifetime…We have to make sure it is a good process.

X-Mas on TV… is on Kickstarter now.

Watch the promo video here:…

Lotsa cool treats for the ones who pledge.

Please share this with your friends. We really need and appreciate any kind of support comments and critiques.

Watch us on the interwebs here:

We are on Facebook too:

Spread the love!

Thanks in advance people!

Read you soon.
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This blog is becoming a journal of the deaths of great artists...
This time: Jeffrey Catherine Jones (January 10, 1944 – May 19, 2011)
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Carlos Trillo.

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... no post.

I´ve been working a lot lately and I´ve had neglected this beautiful community.
Now I´m gonna try to get back on track.
Lots of new stuff to show so be sure to check it out.
In my gallery you´ll find a comic strip called X Mas on TV that is going to be pitched to Archaia and maybe other publishers at WonderCon. =D
I´ve had great comments on my work from James Asmus of Marvel, Swifty Lang of Archaia, and Shane Houghton of Image so, I´m really happy about this project.
More info here:

Life´s great!:ahoy:
Read you soon.
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I found out about this today... ClementSauve died.

A toast to him!:ahoy:

Commissions still open or I´ll die too... more info here:… and here:…
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You can get something like this for just U$S20!!!

Order now before I die in my third car crash....Third time´s the charm!

Note me here or e-mail me at

Any subject, any genre, anything!

Spread the word so I don´t have to go back to the corporate world!

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About an hour ago I had the second car accident of my life.
My car is pretty messed up... I just have an injury on my leg...
A toast to life!:ahoy:

Commission me while I´m still alive people! More info…
That´s right.
Today (July 20) is my birthday and I´ve decided to celebrate it by lowering the prices of my commissions 30%.

30 years… 30 % off... Get it? ;P Yes, I know, it´s stupid…But it´s true!

So, from July 20 to August 20 every person that commisions me will pay  30% less for his/her comisión.
There are a couple of conditions though… there´s a maximum of two characters per image but the prices are really low so it´s worth it.

So up to August 20 the prices will be as follow:

Pencil: U$S 7
Ink: U$S 14
Grayscale: U$S 21
Colour: U$S 35

I´m up to any challenge you want to put me to. Any genre, any subject, any thing!

Feel free to contact me with your questions, comments and/or suggestions. You can note me here or send me an e-mail to

Please spread the word because this is going to last just one month.

Hope to read you soon.
Regards and good luck.
Sad news.
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I´ve been a little absent lately and the reason is work.

Besides commissions (still open by the way…)I´ve been doing a lot of different things. This things involve weapons, music and cars.

The weapons are paintball weapons for I´m working in a paintball field on weekends.

The music is because I´m co-writing lyrics for a multimedia project, but I can´t talk a lot about it. The only thing I can tell you is that I´ve never, ever thought I´d end up doing something like this...

And the cars are there because they got swamped with work in my old job and they are asking me to do inspections for them again. Luckily not as much as before.

I´m also doing a comic pitch and I have chapter 4 of the Dragon Sagas scheduled to begin in early May.

I also wanted to tell you that my good friend:icondavidsondered: is open for commissions . He is in need of work and as you might see he can deliver some kickass images in a very professional way. You can find more about his commissions…

That´s preety much it. A lot of good things going on this days.

Hope to read you soon.
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Pencil:    U$S10…
Inks:      U$S20…
Grayscale: U$S30…
Colours:   U$S50

My work life is on an arduous and difficult uphill path.
All the time that I´ve been a freelance illustrator has been a roller coaster of varied and inevitable happy moments and displeasures for me and my environment, hence also my family suffers the consequences of this process.
It has been only two years since I went freelance and surely is not enough time to have become strong but I don´t think I can afford the luxury of speculating with this. that´s why I made the changes in the prices and methods of payment for the commissions.

I got myself a PayPal account since many people need and/or feel more comfortable with this payment method. Western Union remains an option but I have to adapt myself and expand the fan if I want to keep on working as freelance illustrator.

To my friends out there I need to ask you a favor and it´s something that doesn´t make me feel comfortable but here I go. Spread the word all you can. I need to work, I need to know if I can keep on doing this job of which I dreamed so much or if I must take a different course to be able to provide my family with what they deserve and I owe them. I am already grateful for the support that you give me and keep on giving me up to this day. Thanks for accompanying me on this trip towards my dreams be it in person or virtually.

Onto more shiny things.

Dragon Sagas chapter 3 is completed and that makes me very satisfied since the action keeps on coming.I´ll update my gallery with smoe of it soon but in the meantime go check it out here: TheGreatDarkPrince

I witnessed the wedding of NicolasRGiacondino and I feel very proud that he chose me to stamp my signature along with his and his wife´s like accomplice of a love that blossoms with hopes that will soon bring more light to this world blinded by darkness.

I am in full development of a project with my friendduster69.
Till now the only thing that I can say is that it´s entiled “Human Resources“ and the ones implied so far are - and–. Stay tuned since I will be updating the characters gallery and telling you more of the complicated plot that joins them as soon as I can.

That´s all for now …enough I believe …

Keep the faith and if you can help me keep mine.

Thank you and read you soon.
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Well...Long time no post so...Here I go!
Before I get to the sex issue there´s a couple of things that I´d like to say...


Winter has found me working in a comic.
For those of you that have no idea of what I´m talking about let me show you the way to the writer of the comic I´m working on.
Dragon Sagas by TheGreatDarkPrince
I´ve only posted 3 pages from the comic but he has the whole chapter on his account so go check it out, leave a comment and give Jon a warm welcome.

Commission Season is still open.

So if you want to dare me with some outrageous idea or something else go to this journal and find out how it…


Life is great!!!
Despite of the constant bombing from the mass media and the paranoia that has installed on the minds of the people, life is great.
Or should I say my life feels great. I don´t know.
I see people around me growing, having a good time, making their life better.
I´m inclined to believe that this time of crisis has brought to the surface the best of the people that surrounds me. That makes me say that life is great. If you think otherwise...well bring up the debate!

I´ve been paying a lot of attention to my personal project "Onirica".
How´s that leisure you might ask?
I´m the GM in the Onirica RPG so it´s leisure.
Very productive by the way.
Keeps my mind sharp and focused in my project despite of the fact that I´m not actually working on it but playing with it.
Playing along in my insane world are fellow Deviants
:iconnicolasrgiacondino::iconcontrol01::iconexinian: & :iconborthas:
Thank you guys!!!

A lot of movies lately, but the best of them was Goro Miyazaki´s "Tales from Earthsea"…. I strongly recommend it if you like Hayao Miyazaki, Ursula K Le Guin, Fantasy, magic and/or animated movies.
I´ve finished watching Lost and started with House MD...And I´ve also finished watching that one...What´s next? Maybe Weeds.
A lot of King Crimson lately.
Here´s the sex part of the journal.
Life´s great, good times keep rolling.
How wouldn´t I have the best sex ever?
You feel cheated?
You think that the sex thing was just a hook?
Would you´ve read this journal if it hadn´t that title?
Sorry if I made you lose your time.
Did you really expected me to give you the details of my sex life?
Are you insane?
A little exercise on the humor is not a bad thing.

And remember what Timothy Leary said and Tool put as lyrics to their theme…

Think for yourself
Question authority

Throughout human history, as our species has faced the frightening, terrorizing fact that we do not know who we are, or where we are going in this ocean of chaos, it has been the authorities, the political, the religious, the educational authorities who attempted to comfort us by giving us order, rules, regulations, informing, forming in our minds their view of reality. To think for yourself you must question authority and learn how to put yourself in a state of vulnerable, open-mindedness; chaotic, confused, vulnerability to inform yourself.

Think for yourself.
Question authority.
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With steady and determined steps I move towards my goal.
Like in all paths, obstacles are diverse.
Some of them can be trampled, others jumped and others, embattled.
In the end they will all be inevitably conquered.


Since I decided to live with my wife and her daughter I began to develop the plan that would lead me to become a full-time artist.
Regrettably a few months later I found out that they were going to dismiss me of my day job.

The plan of becoming 100 % artist changed from being something gradual to something immediate.

So, I decided to open the commissions season.
And since the world´s economy is upside down I adjusted the prices once again.

Those that commission me will obtain an illustration in my style, of anything that they happen to ask for. From established characters, to those of your own creation. Anything you can imagine.

As you can see in my gallery, I adapt easily to the most diverse topics and approaches, I´m also opened for challenges. The more challenging, the better.

As the sketches evolve, the decisions about the image will stay in your control. This way you will be able to change all that you want until we manage to capture in canvas what exists in your mind. Don´t abuse, please.
After that, we pass to the final process of doing the image.

Finished the work, it will be sent to your house via express mail in a protective envelope. Obviously I´ll also send to you a scanned high resolution version for any extra thing that you could need it for.

It does not matter how complex  it could be, nor even how many characters are involved; the price of a full colour illustration is  $ 50 plus shipping.
I can also work doing sketches, character designs, conceptual and sequential art.
These prices may vary and they will be agreed after the contact has been stablished.
I need  the money so don´t hesitate to contact me with your doubts and/or questions. I don´t charge that...=D

As far as payment goes, I use Western Union mostly (I just added PayPal), because it is easier, safer and has no restraints as to how much I can receive and how to cash it. If you've never used Western Union before, you can check their site here: and find out about the details. But, in short, what you do is fill out a form with my data and yours and specifying the ammount of money you want to send. After that, you pay the ammount, plus the fee for the transaction, and two hours later I can cash the money over here.

Soon I will see if I can implement a simpler system of payment like PayPal or Xoom.

So if you want to commission me, please, send me a note or a mail to:

Thank you in advance.:bow:

Although the world is afraid of the economic crisis, I believe that it is just a pitfall in the route of humanity. The economy will not be lucky enough to erase us from the face of the planet. As long as we keep on existing we will be able to learn from the past to be able to construct a better and more fair future for all, someone has  to do the foundations on which the new tomorrow will be constructed.

Thank you very much for reading thru all my occurrences and events.:bow:
Regards and good luck.

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I´m going camping, so I won´t be able to be here (DA) for when I hit the 6000 pageviews. (I hope :P)
If you are pageviewer(?) number 6k, make a screen cap and send it to me. I´ll thank you by doing a skecth of a character you choose.
Regards and good luck.:bow:
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I´ve been working as inspector of accidents of motorcars for an insurance company for 4 years.
Now that you know this perhaps you´ll understand better the motivation and the content of this journal.

Tyler Durden: -Man, I see in fight club the strongest and smartest men who've ever lived. I see all this potential, and I see squandering.
God damn it, an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables; slaves with white collars.
Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need.
We're the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War's a spiritual war... our Great Depression is our lives.
We've all been raised on television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. But we won't. And we're slowly learning that fact. And we're very, very pissed off.-

Quote from the movie "Fight Club".


Trabajo como inspector de accidentes de automoviles para una compañia de seguros hace 4 años.
Ahora que saben esto quizas comprendan mejor la motivacion y el contenido de este journal.

Tyler Durden: -Hombre, veo en el club de la pelea a los hombres más fuertes y más inteligentes que hayan vivido alguna vez. Veo todo este potencial, y veo el despilfarro.
Maldición , una generación entera  bombeando gas, sirviendo mesas; esclavos de cuellos blancos.
La publicidad nos tiene persiguiendo coches y ropa,  trabajando en empleos que odiamos así podemos comprar la mierda que no necesitamos.
Somos los hijos del medio de la historia, hombre. Ningún propósito o lugar. No tenemos ninguna Gran guerra. Ninguna Gran Depresión. Nuestra Gran guerra es una guerra espiritual... nuestra Gran Depresión son nuestras vidas.
Hemos sido criados por la televisión para creer que un día seremos todos millonarios, dioses de película, y estrellas de rock. Pero no lo seremos. Y despacio aprendemos este hecho. Y estamos muy, muy enojados.-

Cita de la pelicula "El club de la pelea".
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I support
they have a point, and it should be listened.
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Carlos Meglia ha completado su ciclo vital...
Larga vida a todas sus creaciones que lo convierten en una entidad inmortal!
Quien pudiera, siguiendo su inspiradora carrera, culminar su vida y aun asi trascender el tiempo y el espacio que le corresponde ocupar; burlando levemente a la implacable muerte.
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