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TransWarp: Issue #5 (2021 Edition)PAGE ONEPANEL ONEA fierce space battle. Ships weave in and out of each other. Explosions and blaster fire pockmark the black vastness.PANEL TWOIn the cockpit of the Xelor, Rhinox is shoulder deep in wires, trying to get the systems back online.1 RHINOXRhinox to… anyone. Minor power has been restored.2 COMM-LINKHey pal. Welcome back.PANEL THREEInside the cockpit of his ship, Primal looks out the side window down towards the planet.3 PRIMALPrimal to Spiral. We’ve got some freaky business going on in Sector 043.PANEL FOURA pulsating purple ribbon of Trans-Ion particles is weaving its way upward into space from the planet’s surface.4 RADIO PANELBy Primus! Is it friendly?5 RADIO PANELI’m not finding out the hard way. Steer clear, Maximals.PANEL FIVERhinox returned to his work.6 COMM-LINKThis is Command. Reinforcements inbound!7 COMM-LINKAbout slaggin’ time!PANEL SIXPredacon fighters are seen breaking Cybertron’s orbit.8 RADIO PANELI think they mean Predacon reinforcements, Scuttle.9 RADIO PANELGreat…PAGE TWOPANEL ONEOptimus Prime is on the battlefield. Ion blaster in one hand, Energon Axe emanating from the other. He is surrounded by dead Predacons as he engages another, their weapons locked together.PANEL TWOOptimus Prime’s attention is captured by a distant voice.1 PREDACON (OP)Suck this, Prime!PANEL THREEAn Energon Grenade flies through the air.PANEL FOURIt lands at the feet of Optimus Prime and the enemy he’s engaging.2 SFXKNG-DNGPANEL FIVEA great explosion tears the Predacon apart as Optimus Prime dives for cover, engulfed in the flames.3 SFXKRAA-KOOOOOOOM!PAGE THREEPANEL ONEOptimus Prime hits the ground, charred and burning. Several of his own parts litter the ground around him. The left side of his body has worn the brunt of the damage. His left leg is in tatters, his left arm is completely gone, and great chunks of metal are missing from his chest and head.1 SFXGRRNNCH2 OPTIMUS PRIMEUrghhhh…PANEL TWOSeveral Predacons, both large and small, stand atop the bunker, surveying Optimus Prime’s body.3 PREDACONWatch him die, boys. Nice and slow.PANEL THREEOptimus Prime tries to grasp his blaster, but it’s just out of reach.PANEL FOURA yell from beyond the bunker behind Optimus Prime takes the Predacons’ attention.4 MAXIM (OP)PRIIIIIIIME!PANEL FIVEOptimus Prime looks up as Maxim, in his alt-mode, launches off the lip of the bunker.5 SFXVVRRRRRRMMMM!PAGE FOURPANEL ONEMaxim transforms mid-flight and lands between Optimus Prime and the Predacons, blasters drawn.PANEL TWOMaxim unleashes a barrage of firepower at the Predacons, who try to take cover but some are cut down.1 SFXKOOM-KOOM-KOOMPANEL THREEOptimus looks down as the Matrix pulses within his chest.2 SFXVWAWMPANEL FOURMaxim, still firing, looks over his shoulder to check on Optimus Prime.3 SFXKOOM-KOOMPANEL FIVEA close-up of Optimus Prime’s blaster.PANEL SIXMaxim heaves the hulking blaster’s barrel in his arms, aiming it at the Predacons.4 MAXIMPull the trigger, Prime!PAGE FIVEPANEL ONEThe landscape explodes as the great blaster unleashes hell on the surrounds. The Predacons are either destroyed or scramble for their Sparks.1 SFXCHOOOOOM!PANEL TWOMaxim drops the blaster barrel. He looks at his chest and arms which are heavily singed from the heat of the blast.2 SFXKRA-DNKPANEL THREEMaxim activates his comm-link.3 MAXIMCommand, Prime is down! Requesting medical assistance!4 COMM-LINKThis is Command. Hoist is making for your position.PANEL FOURMaxim stands at Optimus Prime’s side, assessing the damage to the Autobot.5 OPTIMUS PRIMEWhat's your name, Maximal?6 MAXIMMaxim, Sir.7 OPTIMUS PRIMEIt’s no accident we’ve met.PANEL FIVEMaxim raises his blasters as he surveys the landscape with a determined look on his face.8 OPTIMUS PRIMEThe Will of Primus is-9 MAXIMYeah, I bet.10 LINK PANELListen, we can talk beliefs later. Right now, we've gotta get you out of here.PAGE SIXPANEL ONEThe holding chamber is a scene of cranage. There are several dead Predacon bodies on the ground, as well as the bodies of Magmatron and the failed combiner. In the foreground, Silverbolt is killing a Proto-Matter Predacon with his sword. In the background, a trail of Trans-Ions weaves up to the ceiling, originating from the Laser Core Amplifier.1 SFXSSHHNNKK2 PREDACONAauurghh…PANEL TWOA large charge rushes back down the trail of Trans-Ions to the Amplifier.3 SFXSHOOOOOOOWWPANEL THREECountdown slumps out from under the Amplifier and onto the ground. He’s in great pain. Silverbolt races over.4 COUNTDOWNIt’s done. They’re coming.5 SILVERBOLTWho?6 COUNTDOWNFriends.PANEL FOURSilverbolt looks over his shoulder as a G1-scale Predacon charges in through the door with an axe.7 PREDACONDie Maximals!PANEL FIVESilverbolt charges forward towards the Predacon, swords drawn.8 SILVERBOLTYour first, Predacon!PAGE SEVENPANEL ONEThe Predacon bats Silverbolt away with one hand.1 SFXKRRN2 SILVERBOLTOooff…PANEL TWOA close-up of Countdown’s hand, grabbing a discarded blaster on the ground.PANEL THREEThe Predacon raises its axe high over its head, ready to bring down on Silverbolt.3 SFXRRRRAAAAAAAAAGH!PANEL FOURThe Predacon’s head is destroyed from a laser blast.4 SFXSHOOOMPANEL FIVEThe Predacon’s headless body falls to the ground. Silverbolt, still shielding himself with one arm, looks for the source of the blast that killed the Predacon.5 SFXTHA-BOOMPAGE EIGHTPANEL ONEWincing at the foot of the amplifier, and holding a blaster, is Countdown.1 SILVERBOLTFor a bot that’s never picked up a blaster, you’re not a bad shot.PANEL TWOCountdown smiles at Silverbolt, weakly.2 COUNTDOWNAfter they come through, promise me you’ll destroy it.3 SILVERBOLTI will.PANEL THREESilverbolt slumped down beside Countdown. Countdown’s head lolls back, looking upward.4 COUNTDOWNI can see the stars. I can see her.PANEL FOURAn angle looking up between Countdown and Silverbolt. The Trans-Ions dance beautifully, falling around them as they look upward.5 COUNTDOWNA lot of good. The answer to your question. A lot of good.PANEL FIVEA wide angle of the room and the carnage therein. The Trans-Ions fall gracefully.PAGE NINEPANEL ONEPrimal looks out his cockpit back towards the Xelor which is sitting alone in Space.1 PRIMALThey’re drawing us away from the Xelor!2 COMM-LINKDammit! Break off pursuit and reform.PANEL TWOA shot of Cybertron and a Predacon ship streaking out into Space.3 RADIO PANELSingle Predacon fighter, emerging from the atmosphere. He’s making for the Xelor!PANEL THREEFrom inside the cockpit of the Predacon fighter, the pilot is in the glow of the controls.4 TERMINATORI have target lock. Terminator, firing.PANEL FOURA shot following the missile baring down on the Xelor.5 RADIO PANELSingle missile inbound!6 RADIO PANELI can get there!PAGE TENPANEL ONEInside Primal’s cockpit, his ship is at full speed flying to intercept the missile, which can be seen out his side window.1 PRIMALI… can… get…PANEL TWOPrimal’s ship intercepts the missile and explodes.2 SFXKROOOOM!PANEL THREEA shot from inside Rhinox’s cockpit looking out, showing how close the explosion was.3 RHINOXPrimal!PANEL FOURAs the explosion subsides, Rhinox, who is now furious, stares at the control panels, still with some wiring hanging out.4 RHINOXSlag!PAGE ELEVENPANEL ONEBack inside the Predacon ship’s cockpit.1 TERMINATORMaximal ship intercepted my missile. Scratch one for Terminator. Coming back around for another attack.PANEL TWOInside Spiral’s cockpit, which has a cracked windshield, he bares down on a Predacon fighter.2 RADIO PANELI can’t shake him, I can’t… Aaarrghhh… KRRSHH3 SPIRALDammit! We’ve lost Scuttle!PANEL THREEA shot of Spiral’s controls, with a red-light flashing -- Enemy Lock.4 SFXGRIW GRIW GRIW5 SPIRALGreat.PANEL FOURSpiral looks out through his window as he makes evasive manoeuvres.6 SPIRALCan anyone cover me? Anyone?!7 RADIO PANELLook who’s back…PAGE TWELVEPANEL ONESpiral looks out a different window, trying to get a visual.1 SPIRALWha…? Primal?!PANEL TWOA Predacon ship fires on the Predacon ship that’s one tailing Spiral. It explodes.2 SFXKRA-SHOOOM!3 RADIO PANELAnd feeling prime!PANEL THREELooking through Spiral’s window, the Predacon ship has pulled alongside. The cockpit windows are missing, and sitting in the seat is Primal, smiling.4 SPIRALHow in the Pit…?5 PRIMALLater. Let’s give these Preds something else to think about!6 SPIRALRoger that. Form up on my wing.PANEL FOURThe two ships re-enter the fray.7 RADIO PANELPrimal to the Xelor. Rhinox, if you’re there, we’ve bought you some time, but we won’t last much longer. Some of us have already died once!PAGE THIRTEENPANEL ONEIn the dirty chamber, the two remaining Proto-Pods bristle with white light.1 SFXBBWWWWVVVVVVVPANEL TWOThe light subsides, revealing Prowl and Ironhide, in their new Maximal bodies, emerging from their pods.2 SFXVVVVOOOOOOPANEL THREEThe two new Maximals look up as a large shadow is cast over them.PANEL FOURA close-up of the face of the Predacon glaring down at them.3 SFXGRRRR…PANEL FIVEThe Predacon’s expression changes to one of surprise.4 SFX…RRRLLLKKPAGE FOURTEENPANEL ONEThe Predacon falls to the ground, dead. Clinging to its back, with his swords plunged in up to their hilts, is Silverbolt.1 SFXTHA-BOOMPANEL TWOIronhide steps forward. Silverbolt looks up, looking worse for wear, but smiling.2 IRONHIDEBolt?3 SILVERBOLTIronhide? By Primus, it’s good to see you!PANEL THREEProwl examines his new form.4 PROWLMost impressive.5 SILVERBOLTProwl?PANEL FOURSilverbolt and Prowl shake hands.6 PROWLIt’s good to see you too, old friend.PAGE FIFTEENPANEL ONEThe chamber is shaken by a large explosion somewhere else in the facility.1 SFXGRA-KOOOOOMPANEL TWOProwl and Silverbolt exchange a stern look. Ironhide is smiling.2 IRONHIDEI’ve missed that sound.3 PROWLThe war continues?PANEL THREEThe three Maximals look at Countdown, who is lying at the foot of the Amplifier, peacefully dead.4 SILVERBOLTHis name was Countdown. He brought you back to help end it.PANEL FOURIronhide clenches a fist in agreeance.5 IRONHIDEThen it’s time we gave these new bodies a test drive.6 SILVERBOLTI think you’ll find there’s more to them than meets, well, you know.PANEL FIVEThe three Maximals begin to transform and combine.7 ALLMAXIMIZE!PAGE SIXTEENPANEL ONEMagnaboss stands magnificently in the dirty chamber. This is the main image on the page.1 MAGNABOSSWelcome back, Maximals.PANEL TWOMagnaboss draws its mighty sword.2 SFXSSSSHHHHIIIIIIIIPANEL THREEA close-up of Magnaboss’ face, smiling.3 MAGNABOSSLet’s shred some Pred!PAGE SEVENTEENPANEL ONEMaxim scrambles to the top of the bunker.1 HOIST (OP)Optimus?2 MAXIMHere!PANEL TWOMaxim signals Hoist who speeds in his direction.3 MAXIMHoist! Over here!PANEL THREEHoist transforms as he slides down the bunker. Maxim slides beside him.PANEL FOURHoist examines Optimus Prime’s injuries. Maxim receives a radio update.4 OPTIMUS PRIMEOld friend.5 HOISTNot your best look, Optimus.6 COMM-LINKMaxim, picking up a large Predacon movement inbound to your location.PANEL FIVEHoist looks around as laser fire cracks overhead.7 SFXSHRAR-REER8 MAXIMCan you save him?9 HOISTNot here. We have to get him to cover.PAGE EIGHTEENPANEL ONEOptimus struggles with one arm as he tears at the damaged metal of his own chest.1 OPTIMUS PRIMEOpen my chest.2 MAXIMI think they’ve have done a good enough job of that already.PANEL TWOMaxim picks up some discarded weapons.3 MAXIMCan you move him by yourself?4 HOISTMaybe. Where are you going?5 MAXIMIncoming Preds. I'll give you time to get him out of here.6 HOISTThat’s suicide!PANEL THREEMaxim wears a look of great resolve.7 MAXIMNot today.PANEL FOUROptimus Prime grabs Maxim.8 OPTIMUS PRIMEThe Matrix.9 MAXIMHang onto it, Prime. It’s the only thing keeping you alive.10 OPTIMUS PRIMETake it.PANEL FIVEA close-up of Maxim’s face, shocked.11 MAXIMWhat?!PAGE NINETEENPANEL ONEOptimus breaks off the remaining chest cavity door to reveal the Matrix.1 OPTIMUS PRIMEWhat was bestowed to me, I bestow to you.2 MAXIMI can't, Prime. I'm not worthy!PANEL TWOOptimus Prime holds up the Matrix, obscuring his face but for his eyes, which are confident.3 OPTIMUS PRIMENeither was I.PANEL THREEA great white light erupts from the Matrix.4 DIALOGUE PANELA new Age needs a new Prime. Arise, Maximus, and usher in the peace.PANEL FOUROptimus Prime and Hoist look up at the reformatted Maximal who is out of shot.5 COMM-LINKMaxim, report! Reading a massive energy discharge at your location!6 MAXIMUS PRIMEEverything…PAGE TWENTYPANEL ONEMaximus Prime is revealed in his full majesty. This is the main image on the page.1 MAXIMUS PRIME... is just prime.PANEL TWOLaser fire cracks overhead. Hoist wraps a tow cable around Optimus Prime.2 SFXSHRAR-REER3 MAXIMUS PRIMEGet him out of here safely.4 HOISTYes, Sir.PANEL THREEHoist, in alt-mode, drags Optimus Prime away.5 MAXIMUS PRIMEI’m only borrowing it, Prime. You’ll have it back soon.PANEL FOURMaximus Prime stares out onto the battlefield.6 MAXIMUS PRIMEAlright Maximus. Let's see what you can do.--- END ISSUE #5 ---
TransWarp: Issue #6 (2021 Edition)PAGE ONEPANEL ONEThe two ferocious Predacon guards are still stationed outside the doorway leading to the chamber with the bodies of Divebomb and Headstrong.PANEL TWOA small arachnoid robot flies through the air towards the guards.1 SFXZZZZZPANEL THREEThe arachnoid lands on one of the guards and exudes electricity. The guard looks at it with anger.2 SFXZZT-ZZTPANEL FOURA great number of arachnoids fly through the air towards the guards.3 SFXZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZPANEL FIVEThe guards are covered by the arachnoids which are electrocuting them. They writhe in pain.4 SFXZZT-ZZT-ZZT-ZZT-ZZT-ZZT5 TARANTULAS (OP)Oh, how unfortunate…PAGE TWOPANEL ONETarantulas strolls casually down the corridor towards the guards.1 TARANTULAS… for such a door to be left unattended.PANEL TWOTarantulas types into the control panel next to the doorway.2 SFXPWIP-PWUP-PWOPPANEL THREETarantulas, smiling, looks down at the guards who are now on the ground, still being electrocuted. The doors to the chamber open.3 SFXZZT-ZZT-ZZT-ZZT-ZZT-ZZT4 SFX (DOORS OPENING)KA-SHH5 TARANTULASWho know what damage could be done if one were to enter.PANEL FOURTarantulas walks into the darkness of the chamber. The arachnoids follow after him.6 TARANTULASUnfortunate, indeed.PANEL FIVETarantulas has disappeared into the darkness but the arachnoids continue to follow in.7 SFX (TARANTULAS’ LAUGHTER)TIHIHIHIHEHEHE…PAGE THREEPANEL ONERhinox is frustrated in the cockpit of the Xelor.1 RHINOXDammit! Would you just…PANEL TWOHe smashes his fists down on the controls and the power surges back through the ship.2 SFXTHUM3 SFXZZWIIIII4 RHINOXWork!PANEL THREEA smile erupts across Rhinox’s face.5 RHINOXRhinox to whoever is left. The ship is back online.PANEL FOURRhinox types into the ship’s controls.6 RHINOXEngaging TransWarp Drive in 4… 3… 2… 1… Now!PAGE FOURPANEL ONEAll is consumed in a white light.1 RADIO PANELThey’re drawing us away from the Xelor!2 RADIO PANELDammit! Break off pursuit and reform.PANEL TWOA shot of Cybertron and a Predacon fighter streaking out.3 RADIO PANELSingle Predacon fighter, emerging from the atmosphere. He’s making for the Xelor!PANEL THREEFrom inside the Predacon fighter, the pilot is in the glow of the controls.4 TERMINATORI have target lock. Terminator, firing.PANEL FOURA shot following the missile baring down on the Xelor.5 RADIO PANELSingle missile inbound!6 RADIO PANELI can get there!PAGE FIVEPANEL ONEInside Primal’s cockpit, his ship is at full speed flying to intercept the missile.1 PRIMALI… can… get…PANEL TWOPrimal’s ship intercepts the missile and explodes.2 SFXKROOOOM!PANEL THREEA shot from inside Rhinox’s cockpit looking out, showing how close the explosion was.3 RHINOXPrimal!PANEL FOURAs the explosion subsides, Rhinox, who is now furious, stares at the control panels, still with some wiring hanging out.4 RHINOXSlag!PAGE SIXPANEL ONEBack inside the Predacon ship’s cockpit.1 TERMINATORMaximal ship intercepted my missile. Scratch one for Terminator. Coming back around for another attack.PANEL TWOTerminator turns his ship back towards the Xelor. A grey mass can be seen just out of his cockpit window, hurtling towards him.PANEL THREEThe grey mass smashes into the cockpit window. It is Primal.2 SFXKRSH3 TERMINATORWha…?PANEL FOURPrimal looks over his shoulder into the cockpit, drawing a sword from his back.4 PRIMALPermission to come aboard.PAGE SEVENPANEL ONEInside Spiral’s cockpit, which has a cracked windshield, he bares down on a Predacon fighter.1 COMM-LINKI can’t shake him, I can’t… Aaarrghhh… KRRSHH2 SPIRALDammit! We’ve lost Scuttle!PANEL TWOA shot of Spiral’s controls, with a red-light flashing -- Enemy Lock.3 SFXGRIW GRIW GRIW4 SPIRALGreat.PANEL THREESpiral looks out through his window as he makes evasive manoeuvres.5 SPIRALCan anyone cover me? Anyone?!6 COMM-LINKLook who’s back…PANEL FOURSpiral continues to look out different windows, trying to get a visual.7 SPIRALWha…? Primal?PANEL FIVEA Predacon ship fires on the one tailing Spiral. It explodes.8 SFXKRA-SHOOOM!9 RADIO PANELAnd feeling prime!PAGE EIGHTPANEL ONELooking through Spiral’s window, the Predacon ship has pulled alongside. The cockpit windows are missing, and sitting in the seat is Primal, smiling.1 SPIRALHow in the Pit…?2 PRIMALLater. Let’s give these Preds something else to-PANEL TWOA temporal anomaly opens up in front of Spiral and Primal’s ships. They steer away at the last second.3 PRIMALWhoa!PANEL THREEInside the newly arrived Xelor, Rhinox is smiling.4 RHINOXRhinox to the Xelor. Give the panel a good talking to. Worked for me.5 COMM-LINKTHUM6 LINK PANELThat seems to have got it. See you on the other side. Engaging TransWarp Drive in 4… 3… 2… 1…PANEL FOUREverything is consumed in a white light.7 RADIO PANELNow.PAGE NINEPANEL ONEA full page splash. An abandoned battlefield, stretches out into the distance, still smoking from all the recent activity. In the foreground, the body of Razorclaw lies on the ground, with his own sword impaled through his chest. He is dead.1 RADIO PANELThis is General Rampant. I am ordering an immediate ceasefire.2 LINK PANELThe Predacon leadership is making preparations for an official offer of surrender to the Autobot and Maximal forces. Any Predacons found acting outside of these orders will be terminated with extreme prejudice.3 LINK PANELI repeat -- I am ordering an immediate ceasefire in preparation of an offer of surrender to the Autobots and Maximals.4 DIALOGUE PANELA job well done.PAGE TENPANEL ONERavage sits in an Autobot command room opposite Rodimus and Ironhide.1 RODIMUSRazorclaw is dead. You’ve done this planet a great service.PANEL TWOIronhide looks sideways to Rodimus.2 IRONHIDEYou were promised your freedom, and as much as I’d like to renege on the deal…PANEL THREERodimus looks back to Ravage.3 RODIMUSAll participation in the war is pardoned. You’re free to go.PANEL FOURRavage walks towards the doorway, looking back over his shoulder at the two old foes sitting at the table.4 IRONHIDEEnjoy the peace, Predacon.PAGE ELEVENPANEL ONERhinox, Silverbolt and Prowl are walking through the dirty chamber. The ceiling has collapsed in spots and light shines in. Maximal Security officers are sifting through the rubble.1 SILVERBOLTI’m told you worked closely with Countdown on the TransWarp technology, so you should have the best chance of understanding what he did here.PANEL TWOThe three Maximals frame the Amplifier, propped up against some rubble.2 SILVERBOLTI promised him I’d destroy it -- a task I now entrust to you.3 PROWLPull it apart, melt down its components, but in doing so, I want you to figure out how it works.PANEL THREEA close-up of Rhinox’s face, his brow furrowed.4 RHINOXNo offence, but I don’t think that’s exactly what he meant.PANEL FOURA Maximal officer is scanning a large pile of rubble with a sensor device. The rubble is moving.5 SFXGRK-GRNK-GRK6 MAXIMAL OFFICERSir, I’m detecting a large Predacon energy signat-PAGE TWELVEPANEL ONEMagmatron, alive in the combiner body, bursts from beneath the rubble, sending the Maximal Officer flying.1 SFXGRRNNCH2 MAGMATRONRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!PANEL TWOProwl aims his blaster at Magmatron who casts a shadow over him.3 PROWLPredacon, stand down!PANEL THREEMagmatron swats Prowl aside with one hand.4 SFXCHNK5 PROWLErghh…PANEL FOURMagmatron draws his mighty sword.6 SFXSSSHHHIIIIIIPAGE THIRTEENPANEL ONEMagmatron steps towards Silverbolt, who has his swords drawn.1 SILVERBOLTYour leaders have signed an official notice of surr-PANEL TWOSilverbolt ducks for cover as Magmatron is hit with heavy gunfire.2 SFXGGDGGDGGDGGDGGDGGDGGD3 SILVERBOLTWoah!PANEL THREEMagmatron falls to the floor, smoking from the damage.4 SFXTHA-BOOMPANEL FOUROn the ground, Silverbolt looks back to see where the gunfire came from.5 SILVERBOLT…PANEL FIVERhinox is holding up his two chain-guns. Their barrels still smoking. He’s grinning.6 RHINOXNot too shabby.PAGE FOURTEENPANEL ONEIn a Predacon Command Room, Ravage sits opposite Ram Horn, Cicadacon and Sea Clamp.1 RAM HORNMagmatron isn’t dead.PANEL TWOA close-up inset of Ravage’s face, slightly alarmed.PANEL THREEA close-up on Ram Horn, leaning forward, clearly angry.2 RAM HORNHe was carried from the battlefield, heavily wounded, so we can understand your assumption that your blaster fire had been lethal.3 LINK PANELBut he survived, and somehow acquired an improved form in the process.PANEL FOURA mid-shot of the three Generals.4 SEA CLAMPHowever, his temporary incapacitation served its purpose. We -- the Predacon Alliance -- are now the recognised leaders of the faction, due in no small part to your actions.PANEL FIVEA shot over Cicadacon’s shoulder, looking towards Ravage.5 CICADACONYou have valuable skills, Ravage, and we may be in use of them again in the future. We have a proposal for you.PAGE FIFTEENPANEL ONEAn angle across the three Generals.1 CICADAONA temporary armistice has been signed with the Autobots and Maximals. A full peace accord is being drawn up as we speak -- the contents of which will be unpleasant for all Predacons.2 SEA CLAMPWe will have to forfeit many rights and forgo a number of privileges, but given the alternative now that the Maximals are capable of traversing time, a continued existence is a favoured outcome.PANEL TWOA close-up of Ram Horn’s eyes.3 RAM HORNBut we refuse to capitulate in entirety. Our day to rise up once again will come, and when it does, it will be clean and swift.PANEL THREEFrom behind Ravage, the three Generals loom large behind the desk.4 SEA CLAMPBut until then, we have much to achieve, quietly -- a talent you’ve proven to possess.5 CICADACONWe can offer you pursuits that would satisfy a warrior such as yourself, and in return for your service, we will grant you much, starting with a technologically improved form -- one much more fitting to your new role as our agent.PANEL FOURA shot of Ravage, sitting upright. This is the last time we’ll see Ravage in this body, so the panel is a celebration of the iconic form.6 SEA CLAMP (OP)Victory will be ours, in time. What do you say?PAGE SIXTEENPANEL ONEGas billows from a Proto-Pod as the Spark transference enters its final stage.PANEL TWOFrom a low angle, a foot steps from the pod. In the background, Tarantulas is at the controls and admires the new form.1 TARANTULASWelcome, Agent Ravage.2 SFX (TARANTULAS’ LAUGHTER)TIHIHIHEHEHE…PANEL THREEA close-up shot of Ravage’s feet.PANEL FOURA close-up shot of Ravage’s waist from the side.PANEL FIVEA close-up shot of Ravage’s back.PANEL SIXA close-up shot of the side of Ravage’s head.PANEL SEVENA close-up shot of Ravage’s eyes.3 RAVAGEDecepticons forever.--- END TRANSWARP ------ BONUS MATERIAL ---PAGE SEVENTEENREVOLVERPART ONE: REVOLUTIONPANEL ONEIn a shot reminiscent of the reformatting scene in Transformers: The Movie, the bottom half of what was Megatron’s body is still in its wireframe state, while the top half has been successfully altered into Galvatron.1 DIALOGUE PANELWhen darkness coiled around me, something was unleashed. From the cracks in my Spark, power poured out.2 LINK PANELPower... and rage.PANEL TWOGalvatron blasts Ultra Magnus on the planet of Junkion. The Matrix flies from the grasp of Ultra Magnus.3 DIALOGUE PANELI became a passenger -- a prisoner in my own mind. I could see and feel, but all control was gone.PANEL THREEIn the middle of a city street, Galvatron and Optimus Prime fight in hand-to-hand combat. The buildings around them have been damaged and humans are fleeing for their lives as the giant robots duke it out.4 DIALOGUE PANELIt wasn’t all bad -- it gave me a front row to seat to what was undoubtedly the second greatest battle of our lives.PANEL FOUROptimus Prime, heavily damaged, holds the offline (and catastrophically damaged) body of Galvatron over his head. Optimus Prime has triumphed in their battle. In the background, the city of Sydney is in ruins. The Opera House and Harbour Bridge are both in great disrepair.5 DIALOGUE PANELThat should have been the end of it -- the end of it all. But as you and I know all too well...PANEL FIVEA US Military convoy is speeding through the desert at dusk. One of the military trucks in the middle of the convoy is carrying the offline body of Galvatron on its large trailer. Helicopters belonging to the terrorist organisation Cobra are flying overhead and have opened fire on the convoy.6 DIALOGUE PANELIt never ends.PAGE EIGHTEENPART TWO: REVELATIONPANEL ONEAn angle looking down over the shoulder of Cobra Commander (who has his back to the reader). He is leaning on the railing of a gangway overlooking the floor of a research facility below. Cobra scientists are analysing the shattered form of Galvatron which is lying on the ground, hooked up to all manner of machines.1 DIALOGUE PANELIn both mind and body, there was no peace for me in death.PANEL TWOWith the body of Galvatron behind her, Sidney Biggles-Jones studies the schematics of a new robotic body. Cobra scientists are working on the body, which has been disassembled for study.2 DIALOGUE PANELAs my Spark inched closer to oblivion, it was given a glimpse of what’s to come -- and with it came a revelation.PANEL THREEAn image reminiscent of the cover of the G2 issue ‘Total War!’, but the hand of Jhiaxus is crushing Cybertron instead of Earth. Jhiaxus’s face has been obscured by the planet, so we just see his eyes glaring over the top.3 DIALOGUE PANELYou and I, we’re not the opposites that history paints us to be. Together, we form a whole -- one that Cybertron needs if it’s to survive the coming storm.PANEL FOURBack in the Cobra research facility, we see just the arm of the new G2 body of Megatron break free from its restraints. Its hand is coiled into a powerful fist. Cobra soldiers raise their weapons in alarm.4 DIALOGUE PANELThe fires of purpose reignited my Spark, burning away the blinding madness and all its futility.5 DIALOGUE PANELI am now, once again...PANEL FIVEAn extreme close-up of just the eyes of Megatron, in his new G2 body.6 DIALOGUE PANELMegatron!PAGE NINETEENPART THREE: REVERSIONPANEL ONEAn internal shot of a large COBRA facility. It has been destroyed. Wires hang from the walls and ceiling. Great slabs of concrete and metal have been blown apart and lay strewn around the large room. Many COBRA troopers lay dead amongst the rubble. There was once a large COBRA logo on the wall, but the wall has received heavy damage and the logo is now partially obscured by charring.1 DIALOGUE PANELI could tell you I negotiated my way to freedom.PANEL TWOThe damaged samurai-like head of the Pretender Bludgeon bounces on the dirty ground of a Cybertronian battlefield.2 DIALOGUE PANELI could also tell you that Bludgeon willingly relinquished command of the Decepticons.PANEL THREEThe head of Bludgeon comes to rest at the feet of Optimus Prime.3 DIALOGUE PANELBut we know each other better than that.PANEL FOURA front angle of Optimus Prime who holds the head of Bludgeon in his hands. Standing behind Optimus are Grimlock and Sideswipe, both in their G2 guises.4 DIALOGUE PANELOur war is over, Prime.PANEL FIVEFrom behind Optimus Prime, we look over his shoulder and see Megatron in his G2 guise. He has his arms crossed. On either side of him are Soundwave and Starscream.5 DIALOGUE PANELBut the next one is already on its way.6 MEGATRONWe need to talk.--- END REVOLVER ---PAGE TWENTYCONPANEL ONEA full-page image. Soundwave is reflected in the surface of the Voyager Golden Disk. He points a blaster at his own head, ready to pull the trigger.1 DIALOGUE PANELA lie. A ruse. A fable, fallacy or fiction -- the distortion of truth. Humans had many words for their favoured pastime, but one stood out for me above all others.2 LINK PANELCon.3 DIALOGUE PANELDeceit was a principle on which the Decepticons were founded. It’s in our nature to bend the truth to our own end or break it altogether when necessary. However, some truths are inescapable.4 LINK PANELMegatron is dead.5 DIALOGUE PANELAnd with him die too the Decepticons -- something many thought to be an impossibility. So when dealing with the impossible, the only course of action is to return in kind.6 DIALOGUE PANELDuring the war, Megatron’s presence inspired millions. In the future, his legend need only inspire one.7 LINK PANELI knowingly -- willingly -- set the universe to collide with itself.8 DIALOGUE PANELBe it in this reality or the next, my actions return me to his side.--- END CON ------ END ISSUE #6 ---
TransWarp: Issue #2 (2021 Edition)PAGE ONEPANEL ONERazorclaw leads the strange procession through a corridor of a Predacon installation. The two Predacon soldiers are carrying Silverbolt. Countdown is dwarfed by them all as he tries to keep up.1 RAZORCLAWTell me, did you ever attempt to construct a Proto-Matter combiner?PANEL TWOOther Predacons glare at Countdown as they pass him in the corridor.2 COUNTDOWNNo. The priority was production once we’d perfected the technology.3 RAZORCLAWA pity. It will make your task all the more difficult.PANEL THREEA shot looking back down the procession from the front. Silverbolt glares at the back of Razorclaw.4 RAZORCLAWI thought of entrusting it to one of our engineers, but to have it built by someone who knows the full capabilities of the technology…5 SILVERBOLTHave what built?PANEL FOURRazorclaw looks back over his shoulder.6 RAZORCLAWWe are brothers, Silverbolt. Brothers in loss.PANEL FIVERazorclaw grips Silverbolt’s face in one hand. Silverbolt manages a smirk.7 RAZORCLAWYou took away mine. I took away yours.8 SILVERBOLTI wish I was there to see them burn. A big Predacon roast!PAGE TWOPANEL ONERazorclaw delivers Silverbolt a heavy punch to the stomach.1 SFXGRRNK2 SILVERBOLTUrghh…PANEL TWOThe smirk on Silverbolt’s face is small, but remains.3 SILVERBOLTFour down. One to go.PANEL THREERazorclaw goes face to face with Silverbolt. They glare at each other.4 RAZORCLAWAnd yet here I am, alive and well.PANEL FOURThe procession approaches a doorway guarded by two enormous and terrifying looking Predacons.5 RAZORCLAWAnd also, the bearer of bad news.PANEL FIVEThe procession walks through the doorway and into the darkness of the chamber beyond.6 RAZORCLAWWhile Rampage and Tantrum are lost to me…PAGE THREEPANEL ONEThe procession approaches two large cylinders, glowing an eerie blue in the darkness. It’s the only source of light in the room.1 RAZORCLAW… the Sparks of Divebomb and Headstrong pulse on!PANEL TWOA close-up of Silverbolt’s face, illuminated by the eerie blue. His face is etched with terror.2 SILVERBOLTNo! NOOO!PANEL THREEA close-up of Countdown looking up at the cylinders, awestruck.3 COUNTDOWNYou want a new body…PANEL FOURThe main panel on the page. The contents of the two cylinders is revealed. The shattered bodies of Divebomb and Headstrong are each suspended in a cylinder, connected to all kinds of tubes to sustain them.4 RAZORCLAWI want a new PREDAKING!PAGE FOURPANEL ONEThe new TransWarp Lab is under construction. Hastily constructed walls have wires hanging out of them. The technicians continue their work on a new TransWarp engine.1 DIALOGUE PANELNew Maximal Research Facility.PANEL TWOThe doors of the lab open, revealing some Maximal pilots who stand heroically in the doorway.2 SFX (DOORS OPENING)SHA-WIIPANEL THREEThe leader of the pilots, Spiral, leads the group into the lab.3 SPIRALMaximals, I’m Spiral, commander of the MAD Wing. Myself and these brave bots have answered Prime’s call for a volunteer mission -- a second TransWarp test.PANEL FOURSpiral walked over to the two technicians working on the new engine.4 SPIRALI understand the engine is nearing completion?5 MAXIMAL TECHNICIAN 1A few more mega-cycles should see it functional.PANEL FIVESpiral placed a hand on the engine. The technician looked confused.6 SPIRALGood. That gives you time to give one of us a rundown on the technology before the mission. Then it’ll be up to us to make it work up there.7 MAXIMAL TECHNICIAN 2A rundown?8 MAXIMAL TECHNICIAN 1With all due respect, Commander, this is not a simple technology.PAGE FIVEPANEL ONETwo of the pilots came to stand behind Spiral, having taken offense at the comment.1 MAXIMAL PILOT 1What, we’re not smart enough to understand?2 MAXIMAL TECHNICIAN 1That’s not what I’m saying at all.3 MAXIMAL PILOT 2It sure sounded like it.PANEL TWOPilots and Technicians go nose to nose as the argument escalates.4 MAXIMAL PILOT 1I get it -- we’re just stupid flyboys. But I’d like to see you do what we do up there!5 MAXIMAL TECHNICIAN 2Our work has its own dangers, unless you weren’t watching the last test.6 MAXIMAL PILOT 1But it was one of ours that bought it!PANEL THREERhinox stepped in and angrily pushed the quarrelling bots apart.7 RHINOXKnock it off!PANEL FOURRhinox addressed Spiral. One of the pilots looked on in disbelief.8 RHINOXThere are parts of the technology that we don’t fully understand, so if anyone’s gonna fly this thing, it’s me.9 MAXIMAL PILOT 2You?10 RHINOXI know this engine inside out. If there’s a problem once you’re up there, you’re not gonna be able to fix it. But maybe I can.PANEL FIVESpiral looked at Rhinox with a knowing smile.11 MAXIMAL PILOT 2Don’t listen to him, Spiral. He’s crazy!12 SPIRALExactly.13 LINK PANELWhat’s your name, Maximal?14 RHINOXRhinox.PANEL SIXA close-up of Rhinox and Spiral shaking hands.15 SPIRALWell, Rhinox. Welcome to the MAD Wing.PAGE SIXPANEL ONEIn a Predacon Command room, Lash and Razorclaw are studying an electronic map displayed on the wall. Cicadacon enters the room.1 CICADACONMy Lord, I must speak with you. Privately.2 RAZORCLAWYou will speak now.PANEL TWOCicadacon stands behind Lash and Razorclaw. He stares directly at Lash, who returns his gaze. Razorclaw keeps his focus on the map.3 CICADACONVery well. I do not mean to question your decisions, but I must protest the promotion of Magmatron to the rank of General.PANEL THREECicadacon is still addressing the back of Razorclaw, who still focuses on the map.4 LASHYou think him unworthy?5 CICADACONHis skills as a leader are at best untested, and at worst entirely lacking. He serves our faction better as a soldier.PANEL FOURRazorclaw finally turns to look at Cicadacon.6 RAZORCLAWAnd served us well he has -- more than some others.7 LASHI was under the impression he’d formed a small squad and had been leading them for some time.PAGE SEVENPANEL ONEA close-up of Razorclaw.1 RAZORCLAWYes. The very squad that not only successfully captured Countdown from a heavily fortified position, but also downed a certain Aerialbot Commander in the process.2 LINK PANELIt seems General Sea Clamp would not be denied.PANEL TWOA close-up as Cicadacon pleads his case one last time.3 CICADACONHe takes orders and executes them efficiently, but his actions were neither sanctioned-PANEL THREEAn extreme close-up of Razorclaw’s visor, anger starting to inch into his face.4 RAZORCLAWNor easy.PANEL FOURRazorclaw returns his focus to the map. Cicadacon is furious behind him.5 RAZORCLAWYour objection is noted and ignored. The promotion stands.PANEL FIVECicadacon leaves the chamber, unhappy with the result. Razorclaw and Lash are addressing the map once again.PAGE EIGHTPANEL ONERavage walks through a corridor busy with Predacons toing and froing, giving him sly glances. None of the faces are familiar. A voice comes from behind him.1 MAGMATRON (OP)The famous Ravage. Or should that be infamousPANEL TWORavage turns and is met by Magmatron.2 MAGMATRONStories of your endeavours are legend.3 LINK PANELI am General Magmatron. It’s a pleasure to-PANEL THREEMagmatron’s attention is taken away by a voice. Ravage looks too.4 SEA CLAMP (OP)General Sea Clamp.PANEL FOURBoth Ravage and Magmatron look at the approaching figure of General Sea Clamp.5 SEA CLAMPI’m sure you’ve heard tell me.PANEL FIVEMagmatron crosses his arms.6 MAGMATRONHis reputation for tactics precedes him. That for his courage, however…PAGE NINEPANEL ONESea Clamp stands in front of Ravage. An imposing figure indeed.1 SEA CLAMPYour addition to the ranks will only boost the fearsome prestige the Predacons enjoy.PANEL TWOA close up on Magmatron’s face.2 MAGMATRONIt will soon be clear to our honoured recruit who’s earned their prestige.PANEL THREESea Clamp delivers Magmatron a scathing look.3 SEA CLAMPAn ability to follow orders should never be confused with an ability to lead. Your promotion-4 MAGMATRONFor which I should thank you.5 SEA CLAMP… is an error which will be rectified soon enough.PANEL FOURMagmatron, clearly angry, looks back to Ravage as he walks away.6 MAGMATRONIt will be an honour to serve with you, Ravage.PANEL FIVEAs Magmatron walks away, Ravage accompanies Sea Clamp in the opposite direction.7 SEA CLAMPCome. We have much to discuss.PAGE TENPANEL ONEIn the dirty chamber, Silverbolt is sitting at a table. Countdown is inspecting three Maximal Proto-Pods that are leaning against the wall of the chamber.1 COUNTDOWNI’m not thrilled about it but what choicedo I have?2 SILVERBOLTYou can tell them to cram it up their exhaust!3 COUNTDOWNI value my Spark a little higher than that.PANEL TWOCountdown inspects the cabling of one of the Proto-Pods. Silverbolt is in the background, unimpressed.4 COUNTDOWNGiven the option of building him a new body or a TransWarp cell, I’d pick the body every time.5 SILVERBOLTWhat do you think they’ll do with you after you finish it? You’re dead no matter which way you look at it.PANEL THREEAn angle over Silverbolt’s shoulder looking down at Countdown. Countdown looks back at Silverbolt angrily.6 SILVERBOLTFine. Do their dirty work. So long as you know your clock is ticking.7 COUNTDOWNThen I’ll take as long as I can to do it. It’ll buy us some time to figure a way out of here!PANEL FOURSilverbolt points at the door.8 SILVERBOLTYou saw what’s on the other side of that door!9 COUNTDOWNThen we wait for rescue!PANEL FIVESilverbolt slumped on the table, defeatedly.10 SILVERBOLTThey’re not looking for us. They don’t even know this place exists.PANEL SIXCountdown stood with his arms crossed, a look of disgust on his face.11 COUNTDOWNI’d have never believed it. An Autobot Commander giving the order to give up.PAGE ELEVENPANEL ONESilverbolt remained slumped on the table, not looking up to answer.1 SILVERBOLTIronic, coming from a bot that’s never had the bearingsto pick up a blaster.2 COUNTDOWNI’ve worked to bring an end to the war through peaceful means -- discouraging the Predacons from continuing the fight.PANEL TWOSilverbolt looked up, angrily.3 SILVERBOLTThey won’t be coerced into peace! Razorclaw will fight until the end. The day will come when the Autobots’ bluff is called and they actually have to use the weapon you’ve created.PANEL THREECountdown approached the table. In the background, the doors of the chamber can be seen.4 COUNTDOWNIt’s not a weapon!5 SILVERBOLTTemporal erasion. It that’s not a weapon, I don’t know what is.PANEL FOURThe doors of the chamber open, revealing the two soldiers that carried Silverbolt earlier.6 SFX (DOORS OPENING)KA-SHH7 PREDACON SOLDIERCome with us.8 COUNTDOWNWhat do you want now?9 PREDACON SOLDIERNot you, mini-bot.PANEL FIVECountdown looked at Silverbolt with concern, but Silverbolt looked towards the soldiers.10 SILVERBOLTGood. Get me out of here. The company can’t get any worse.PANEL SIXFrom behind the two soldiers stepped Tarantulas, wringing his hands.11 TARANTULASDon’t be so sure.12 SFX (TARANTULAS LAUGHING)TIHIHIHIHEHEHE…PAGE TWELVEPANEL ONEFrom a high angle, Ravage sits opposite Generals Sea Clamp, Ram Horn and Cicadacon in a command room of some kind.1 SEA CLAMPPart of my command is intelligence gathering, intercepting Autobot and Maximal communications. While I've had great success in this to date, your addition to the fold will only improve our abilities in this area.PANEL TWOA close-up of Cicadacon.2 CICADACONGiven the amount of information Sea Clamp intercepts, both foreign and friendly, we have become an unofficial force for policing our own troops -- weeding out disloyalty.3 LINK PANELWe’re under no illusions as to why you are here, Ravage.PANEL THREEA shot over the shoulders of Ram Horn and Sea Clamp as they address Ravage.4 RAM HORNWith Soundwave and Megatron dead, you find yourself without a strong leader to stand behind.5 SEA CLAMPYou’re not a coward. You simply have no aspirations higher than your post. You’re a soldier. You live to serve your faction.PANEL FOURA shot from the front, taking in the Generals.6 SEA CLAMPWe are no different. Our aim is to strengthen the Predacon Army in every capacity we can.PANEL FIVEA shot of Ram Horn’s face, deadly serious.7 RAM HORNWe want you to kill Magmatron.PAGE THIRTEENPANEL ONEAn angle across, taking in the torsos of the three Predacon Generals, all staring at Ravage.1 RAM HORNHe is reckless, brash, naïve and foolish, and breeds such poor qualities in the troops he commands.2 CICADACONFor the Predacons to remain strong, we cannot put our hopes in an accident to see out our wishes -- it must be a strike that finds its mark with full lethality.PANEL TWOA shot from behind Ravage, seemingly overwhelmed by the three large figures in front of him.3 SEA CLAMPYour skills for this task are second to none, and you’ve witnessed firsthand what an unstable leadership can do to a faction.PANEL THREERavage gets up and walks from the chamber, wide-eyed.4 CICADACONGo now, and make no mention of this to anyone. We will confirm with you when you are to proceed with the task.5 RAM HORNHave no doubt, Ravage. it is for the good of the Predacon cause.PANEL FOURAlone in the chamber, Sea Clamp looks to his two fellow Generals.6 SEA CLAMPThat takes care of the cub. What of the lion?PAGE FOURTEENPANEL ONERodimus studies a data-tablet. He is sitting at a table with Bumblebee and Ultra Magnus in an Autobot command room.1 BUMBLEBEEIs that Ravage’s report?PANEL TWORodimus throws the tablet onto the table with no real regard for it.2 BUMBLEBEEHe’s good. It’s very detailed.3 RODIMUSOh yeah, infighting amongst the Generals -- who would have thought?PANEL THREEUltra Magnus picks up the tablet off the desk.4 ULTRA MAGNUSIf Magmatron's promotion has caused that kind of friction in the leadership, then it lends itself to implosion.5 RODIMUSSo?6 ULTRA MAGNUSSo, if Razorclaw could be removed…PANEL FOURRodimus gets up from the table, turning his back to Magnus and Bumblebee.7 RODIMUSBecause that’s been so easy to do before now.8 ULTRA MAGNUSWe didn’t have a man on the inside before now.PANEL FIVEA close-up of the disbelief on Rodimus’ face.9 RODIMUSRavage?!PAGE FIFTEENPANEL ONEA close-up of Magnus’ face, deadly serious.1 ULTRA MAGNUSIf he can get close enough.PANEL TWOA wider shot taking in the three Autobot commanders. Rodimus’ body language is all negative.2 ULTRA MAGNUSThe only uniting factor is Razorclaw. With loyalties split between the Generals, the faction would splinter.3 BUMBLEBEEHe certainly rules with an iron fist. I mean, Laserbeak wasn’t just some bot off the street -- he was an experienced warrior, and he killed him, just like that!PANEL THREERodimus leans on the table and address his fellow Autobots. A voice comes from behind Rodimus.4 RODIMUSAnd what kind of Energon-filled carrot could we offer him to agree to all of this?5 OPTIMUS PRIME (OP)Amnesty.PANEL FOUROptimus Prime enters the chamber.6 RODIMUSYou can’t be serious, Prime.7 OPTIMUS PRIMEIf Ravage can stop Razorclaw, then we owe him his freedom.PAGE SIXTEENPANEL ONERodimus crosses his arms, not convinced.1 RODIMUSYou’re putting all your hopes in a Decepticon?PANEL TWOA close-up of Prime’s face, resolute.2 OPTIMUS PRIMEIn the Spark of an enemy, there will be salvation, and in the darkest hour, there will be a light.PANEL THREEOptimus Prime slams a fist into his other hand.3 RODIMUSOk, it's an option.4 OPTIMUS PRIMEIt's our only option. We're taking the fight to them.PANEL FOURA shot of the room taking in all four Autobots with Prime in the middle. Prime presses a button on the table and a 3D model of a Cybertronian landscape displays. The others look startled at Prime’s aggression.5 ULTRA MAGNUSPrime?6 OPTIMUS PRIMEToo many friends have been lost to us. We're ending this war, once and for all.PANEL FIVEA close-up of Rodimus’ face, in the glow of the 3D display. A smile flickers the corner of his mouth.7 RODIMUSAlright. Let's do it.PAGE SEVENTEENPANEL ONEA high angle, taking in the entire dirty chamber. Countdown is working at the table. Its surface is a holographic display and Countdown is designing an arm. The doors of the chamber are open, revealing the two Predacon soldiers, carrying the slumped body of Silverbolt. Countdown looks towards them.PANEL TWOSilverbolt is dumped on the floor.3 SFXTHA-BOOM4 SILVERBOLTUrgh…PANEL THREEAs the soldiers leave, Countdown rushes to Silverbolt’s side.6 COUNTDOWNWhat did they do to you?PANEL FOURSilverbolt pushes Countdown away.7 SILVERBOLTTried to install some kind of programming. Why? Want to give them a hand with that too?8 COUNTDOWNWhat kind of programming?PAGE EIGHTEENPANEL ONESilverbolt held on to the table to try and balance himself. He cradles his head in one hand. Countdown looked up, concerned.1 SILVERBOLTWhatever it is, it works on Protoforms but didn’t want to take to old technology.2 COUNTDOWNA shell program.3 SILVERBOLTA what?PANEL TWOSilverbolt slumped down into a chair. Countdown stood on the chair opposite.4 COUNTDOWNWe designed the Proto-Matter with Maximal coding as a failsafe. If the technology was stolen or copied, the Predacons wouldn’t be able to use it. But they developed a Shell Program -- an override.5 LINK PANELFrom what we know, it takes the core consciousness hostage and alters facets of a Protoform’s personality. Attempts to remove the programming haven’t ended well.PANEL THREEStill cradling his head in one hand, Silverbolt looked down at Countdown.6 SILVERBOLTSo, if they get it to work…?7 COUNTDOWNYou’ll be a Predacon. The question is why.PANEL FOURSilverbolt looked down at the worn Autobot badge on his chest.8 SILVERBOLTPretty obvious, isn’t it? The Predacons would have a spy inside Autobot Command.9 LINK PANELThat can’t happen.PAGE NINETEENPANEL ONESilverbolt suddenly flipped the table. Countdown is thrown from his chair.1 COUNTDOWNWhat are you doing?!PANEL TWOSilverbolt ripped a leg from the table.2 SILVERBOLTBetter dead…PANEL THREESilverbolt lined the leg up with his chest, ready to impale himself.3 SILVERBOLT… than Pred.PANEL FOURCountdown transforms into his alt-mode.4 COUNTDOWNNo!PANEL FIVECountdown, in alt-mode, accelerates and collides with Silverbolt’s leg, knocking him off balance.5 SFXVVRRMMM6 SFXCHAAAAKPAGE TWENTYPANEL ONESilverbolt crashes to the floor. The table leg flies from his grip. Countdown, in robot-mode, now clings to Silverbolt’s leg.1 SFXTHA-BOOM2 SILVERBOLTI won’t sell the Autobots out!3 COUNTDOWNThat’s not the answer!PANEL TWOSilverbolt swings his leg violently and Countdown loses his grip.4 SILVERBOLTGet off!PANEL THREECountdown flies through the air towards the wall.PANEL FOURCountdown hits the wall, hard.5 SFXKRA-DNGPANEL FIVEA panel of black.6 SFXTZZZOOOO--- END ISSUE #2 ---
OC characters
+.MTMTE Moony.+ by PrincessChibi8
TF OC Commission: Switchback the 4 Wheeler ATV by rinovarka
Warmstrike (OC) Transformers The New Generation by GUILLERMOTFMASTER
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