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Owl - Something to Share
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Published: March 6, 2019
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 I've got a thing for Owls, Y (Alphabets) E (Alphabets) S (Alphabets) F2U | Izuku / Deku (UA Uniform - Vivid) | BNHA   Owl My Love

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All right,
Second FanArt for DisneyDreamers Club Project 2019: Style Quilt!

I went with a cute critter this time to follow my fav Walt Disney Princess Beauty and the Beast - Belle Icon 8 

While people tend to fawn over Bambi   Thumper and even Flower I really like Owl =)

Feather Bullet FTU Feather Bullet FTU Feather Bullet FTU Feather Bullet FTU Feather Bullet FTU Feather Bullet FTU Feather Bullet FTU Feather Bullet FTU Feather Bullet FTU Feather Bullet FTU Feather Bullet FTU Feather Bullet FTU Feather Bullet FTU Feather Bullet FTU Feather Bullet FTU 

In this FanArt Owl has something to say about that phenomenon that makes the forest creatures loony ;) Twitterpation.

In my mind there are three reasons why he feels the way he does about the subject.
1 ( Numbers ) = amazonite He was once twitterpated but the girl didn't feel the same sad daiz 
2 ( Numbers )= heliotrope He was twitterpated and the girl felt the same but he lost her :crying: rvmp 
3 ( Numbers ) = pink He has never been twitterpated and is resentful of all the lovey doveyness around him, especially given his advanced age.  crying 

So now he advises all who will listen to avoid falling under the spell.

"Nearly everybody gets twitterpated in the Spring time."

"It can happen to anybody, so you'd better be careful." 

Feather Feather Feather Feather Feather Feather Feather Feather Feather Feather Feather Feather 
Drawn with Pencil and colored with Colored Pencils

Bambi screenshot reference for pose.

His eyes gave me the most trouble and his beak was the funnest

Like Danger's No Stranger the tree branch was the easiest thing to draw, color and shade. Maybe I need to give Granmother Willow a try one of these days.

 Owl Owl man eyes (loving hearts) Icon (animation) One Night at Flumpty's 2 - Transparent Owl 

One more thing, from the first moment I saw the trailer for Bambi 2 [II the Great Prince of the Forest] I was appalled, there was no need to backtrack and provide some daily actives after his mother was killed. >>

The one good thing about the movie is that some fan decided to create This which I thoroughly enjoy. Really he should be punished as should the creators who thought it was a good idea to insult Walt's classic Bambi. 
Bambi and this father were supposed to have a distant relationship. If anyone has the DVD or has been able to watch "Walt Disney's Bambi: The Magic Behind the Masterpiece" or has listened to the audio commentary then you should no the reasons why the film goes from his father appearing to let Bambi know his mother can't be with him anymore to Bambi being a young buck.

Yes, I can rant. I feel the same about Tarzan 2,  by the way. Phil Collins did not sing that song to play over a montage of Tarzan's resolve to be "the best ape ever" just for some people looking for another paycheck to create another insulting "insert" to the original.Angry Glowy Eyes Belle's Magical World - Beast Never Apologize Icon  

The Fox and the Hound 2 also really pisses me off. There was no circus/carnival, stray hounds howling in harmony and taking Copper away from Todd before Copper went on the long hunting trip. NOPE NEVER HAPPENED!!!
The story really wasn't even about Todd and Copper it was about Dixie and Cash and their very irritating relationship or lack thereof. If Disney felt they needed more canine characters they should have just created a movie that focused on new characters without taking beloved ones and effectively putting them in someone's twisted FanFiction world.

Brother Bear II, also gets me twitching Bb17 BROTHER BEAR is about Kenai's relationship with Sitka, Denahi and then Koda Bb18 .
Creating another story about a flippin female who never existed and making a story about Keni "needing her" more than Koda makes me want to chainsaw some heads. It really does.
Best thing about this movie was the creation of It will be me.  If you've got the DVD you should know Melissa Ethridge's story about how she thought up this touching melody and the super sweet lyrics. 

I'm not going to get into The Lion King 1/2 or the newish T.V. series LionGuard but I am disappointed with them just as much if not more then the above.

There are others, sadly. Really truly sadly there are many others.

Yeah, I can rant.

And sometimes good things come from stupid things.

Like Owl's view of being twitterpated, or of seeing others in the throes of twitterpation, some good things come from it. As he says to close out the masterpiece "I don't believe I've ever seen a more likely looking pair of fauns. Prince Bambi ought to be mighty proud."

While Owl might have warned Bambi against falling under Springtime's spell he sure does love those fauns.
While I may dislike many "sequels/prequels" some good things do come out as a result.

A song that never ends. Bambi will remain a masterpiece despite the insults thrown at it.

I really do love this movie and all of its characters, Owl especially. We are alike.
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