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Leeta Sketch Dump by I-xXTheBlackCatXx-I Leeta Sketch Dump :iconi-xxtheblackcatxx-i:I-xXTheBlackCatXx-I 6 2 Exploration: Mother by I-xXTheBlackCatXx-I Exploration: Mother :iconi-xxtheblackcatxx-i:I-xXTheBlackCatXx-I 6 1 Training I: The Moment by I-xXTheBlackCatXx-I Training I: The Moment :iconi-xxtheblackcatxx-i:I-xXTheBlackCatXx-I 6 5 Drakern Derby by I-xXTheBlackCatXx-I Drakern Derby :iconi-xxtheblackcatxx-i:I-xXTheBlackCatXx-I 5 3 Woolyne Registration - Brunhilda by I-xXTheBlackCatXx-I Woolyne Registration - Brunhilda :iconi-xxtheblackcatxx-i:I-xXTheBlackCatXx-I 6 0
Search for The Arcanum: The Unwelcome Guests
Astreus had changed rooms three times since coming to Aldlight. Ever since his meeting with Jespar he felt as if someone was watching him, constantly he glanced over his shoulder, but every check was the same. No Woolyne stood out and he couldn’t identify a Woolyne he had seen more than once but he couldn’t shake the feeling that he was being followed.
He sat at the desk in his fourth room, it had taken him quite a while to make it back from Tej’s place. After locating Lorelei’s Nikyak… if he hadn’t made himself a nuisance yet he certainly would be considered one now. The small inn he had moved to for the evening was located near the guards watch, it would be difficult for anyone who wasn’t welcome to enter his room. The candle burning on his desk flickered as a small breeze squeezed its way through the windows wooden frame. He drew the cloak around him more tightly, it was nights like these that made him really appreciate how thick the materia
:iconi-xxtheblackcatxx-i:I-xXTheBlackCatXx-I 7 2
Search For the Arcanum: The Unhappy Nikyak by I-xXTheBlackCatXx-I Search For the Arcanum: The Unhappy Nikyak :iconi-xxtheblackcatxx-i:I-xXTheBlackCatXx-I 3 1
Search For The Arcanum: Unexpected Reunion
Something had been bothering Astreus since his conversation with the princess. They had seemed so sure that the Arcanum had Lorelei. At best, the princess and her friend were relying on their gut instincts. “I regret not having trained in scrying more diligently, perhaps I can work on improving it once I’ve finished researching here…” he thought to himself. He pulled a folded piece of paper out from his pocket. He had studied a list of subjects and regions around Aldlight, compiling a list of places that could hold special interest. He really should have been watching where he was going, as Astreus read through the list again he collided with another Woolyne. Astreus fell backward.
 “Oh. I’m so sorry,” he began almost immediately “I really should have been watching where I was going.” Astreus quickly moved getting back up to his hooves and help the other Woolyne. It was then he discovered that he had in fact not run into
:iconi-xxtheblackcatxx-i:I-xXTheBlackCatXx-I 1 4
Champions Tournament: An Invitation
    “AND SIR ALODEIUS WINS! ALODEIUS WINS!”  the announcer's voice roared. The crowd cheered, their screams and praises erupting shattering the silence that had settled over them during the match. Astreus froze, temporarily, he didn’t expect his name to be screamed and chanted. He forced a smile and straightened up and waved to the crowd, taking a bow before helping his opponent back up onto their hooves. Astreus allowed the crowd to cheer for several more moments before starting to make his way off the battlefield carrying his opponent with him.
    “I have to say, kid, that was one hell of a fight. In all my years of fighting I haven’t ever seen a Woolyne use so many types of Lyss at once!” he said with a laugh, this was followed by a wince. “Oh, might have a broken rib or two…” Astreus grunted as he supported the other Woolyne doing his best to support the other Woolyne without jostlin
:iconi-xxtheblackcatxx-i:I-xXTheBlackCatXx-I 1 3
Exploration 1: The Forgotten Shrine by I-xXTheBlackCatXx-I Exploration 1: The Forgotten Shrine :iconi-xxtheblackcatxx-i:I-xXTheBlackCatXx-I 6 8
Search For The Arcanum - An Untimely Encounter
This was Atreus’s last night in the city of Aldlight. The group he was travelling with refused to travel through the woods of Fenmoore, instead they had chosen to make their way to Aldlight where he would be catching a drakern back to Su-Bahn. Astreus finally found a bit of solace. The small business he had set up for himself in Su-Bahn had been paying well. He had been able to reserve a small sitting area at the top that had a decent view of the far-off sea and rocky slopes. The area was large enough for only a party of six or less Woolyne to make themselves comfortable. The owner of the inn had been reluctant to allow him to reserve the space but he had offered them a considerable sum to allow it. It helped that he was also renting the only small room on this floor.
“What a day…” he sighed to himself he had loved the costal city most of the historic places weren’t as populated as the other Woolyne took to the streets to confess their love and sample the
:iconi-xxtheblackcatxx-i:I-xXTheBlackCatXx-I 1 3
Sweet On You: Scattered Petals by I-xXTheBlackCatXx-I Sweet On You: Scattered Petals :iconi-xxtheblackcatxx-i:I-xXTheBlackCatXx-I 7 6 Prompt: To Walk This Path by I-xXTheBlackCatXx-I Prompt: To Walk This Path :iconi-xxtheblackcatxx-i:I-xXTheBlackCatXx-I 8 3 [COM] - A Little Over People by I-xXTheBlackCatXx-I [COM] - A Little Over People :iconi-xxtheblackcatxx-i:I-xXTheBlackCatXx-I 8 2 [COM] - Over The Moon by I-xXTheBlackCatXx-I [COM] - Over The Moon :iconi-xxtheblackcatxx-i:I-xXTheBlackCatXx-I 7 3 Woolyne Registration - Astreus by I-xXTheBlackCatXx-I Woolyne Registration - Astreus :iconi-xxtheblackcatxx-i:I-xXTheBlackCatXx-I 9 3


adoptable auction [closed] by saika076 adoptable auction [closed] :iconsaika076:saika076 76 7
bobbing icon commissions [OPEN]

[icon commission] Joshua by castIevania[icon commission] zepher by castIevania[icon commission] amelia by castIevania[icon commission] aurora by castIevania
they cost $4+- (lmk if you want shading or not! price might vary if the design is very complex)
(i can also do points! i just prefer paypal)
comment below if ur interested
EDIT: featured comments are the ones i've finished!
:iconcastievania:castIevania 75 216
MAJOR ARCANA | THE STARS THE MOON by queerly MAJOR ARCANA | THE STARS THE MOON :iconqueerly:queerly 203 10
:New Commission Info- CLOSED:
Yo its ya boi, I spent all my money on Game Grumps Live tickets, I have no regrets 
so here is some commissions!
- I am currently attending college and have a job so please understand it will take some time to complete commissions! Though I will try my best to do them in a timely manner!
- Please do not constantly ask if I have started  to work on your commission, its okay to ask for updates when ordering your commissions (meaning I will send you previews or notify you when I`ve begun your commission)
- Commissions may not be done in order depending on complexity of the commission 
- When ordering a commission, please either order in the comments or send me a note 
- I do not have many limits on what I will not draw, just talk to me about what you`re thinking about and I will tell you how I feel about drawing it
- If you are not satisfied with your commission, I can either change the mistake, re-draw it, or give you a refund
- W
:iconarexstar:ArexStar 44 282
Blank Female Templates 9 by stourangeau Blank Female Templates 9 :iconstourangeau:stourangeau 774 31
EDIT: If you want the extra point for the journal entry, please link to it in the description of your art entry! The journal entry numbers exploded today and I just can't keep track of who did what!
Yep, I have once again decided to do a contest for a free plush! I have a long commission list, but I've wanted to do this again for a long time and finally caved. XD This is NOT a raffle, watch to win, or kiriban contest, it is an ART contest. Just to make that clear.
Any type of art is permitted, be it sculpture, digital, writing, whatever! Anything and everything is welcome (and with UNLIMITED entries!)
Each entry will be judged by me and my husband on a point-based system and the scores averaged together. Each entry will be judged based on skill, creativity, detail, and accuracy to character. 5 points for each category with a possibility of 20 points. 1 additional point will be added to the averaged total (if it is less than 20) if you SHARE THIS JOURNAL. 
The prize will increase i
:iconfire-topaz:Fire-Topaz 45 33
Get your art UNDER CONTROL online course
Hello friends and watchers!
As some of you may know I had been working on  the online course that would help you learn art fundamentals once and for all! I'm happy to announce that the course is on! Yay!
course starts 10th Oct 2018  - Ends 10th Feb 2019.

Get your art UNDER CONTROL!

I want this course to be an exciting exploration of the methods frequently used by professional artists during their creative processes. I've prepared lessons and exercises that will guide you through elements of visual art through both theoretical and practical painting approach.
During the course you will gain access to 7 learning modules, covering art fundamentals such as:
Upon completing each lesson you will receive persona
:iconlenamoart:LenamoArt 17 21
falling star [closed] by basketworm falling star [closed] :iconbasketworm:basketworm 47 3 Custom Commission by OcTentAya Custom Commission :iconoctentaya:OcTentAya 6 0 Woofer Auction! closed! by hollow-prince Woofer Auction! closed! :iconhollow-prince:hollow-prince 118 36 Halloween 2018 Enamel Pin Preorder by celesse Halloween 2018 Enamel Pin Preorder :iconcelesse:celesse 183 6
Icon Commissions! (OPEN)
[i]: potted flower pixel Icon: $10/1000 Points  Includes color/shading) [i]: potted flower pixel 
350 x 350 px 

Icon Compilations: 


 To claim a slot, please comment  or note me with the form: 

Type of commission: 
Character Reference + details (personality, etc): 
Any particular pose/expression requests: 
Payment Method (paypal/points/m
:iconkinggelbe:kinggelbe 55 24
Rakugaki #6 Quicky Foot Tutorial by Desert-Carnation006 Rakugaki #6 Quicky Foot Tutorial :icondesert-carnation006:Desert-Carnation006 19 4 SHADING TUTORIAL V.2 by oncha SHADING TUTORIAL V.2 :icononcha:oncha 2,597 24 Mini Yev Customs Examples (OPEN) by VanillaToxin Mini Yev Customs Examples (OPEN) :iconvanillatoxin:VanillaToxin 75 10 my SAI brushes by Looji my SAI brushes :iconlooji:Looji 3,490 72


Kind of wanting a fresh start, if you need to get ahold of me or want to continue following me you can find me over at
:iconcynicalsagittarius: :iconcynicalsagittarius: :iconcynicalsagittarius:

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