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Abyssal Curse. Part 4.
the excited voice sounded through Kais head as he paused in the cool water, staring at the other each-uisge. It- or she, judging from the mental voice- was about the same size as him, a long black six legged lizard with fins down her back and four dark green eyes.
He thought cautiously, still a bit shocked by the appearance of another like him. He was barely into the sea and they weren’t common were they? She swam closer, squeaking excitedly, weaving and twirling in the water.
She practically shouted it telepathically, and Kai could feel infective joy off her, then almost jumped as she swam closer curiously. Even if he looked as fearsome, the blunt, tooth-filled muzzle wasn’t reassuring at all.
Cut? Oh, the slash on his side from the little fight with the Judge, it had bled profusely for the first couple of days, it was far better now.
Mira cocked her head and emanated a few strange clicks, laughing,
She spun and began weaving
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Abyssal Curse. Part 2.
Kai woke up suddenly, whining with fear. His dream had been full of darkness, and Judges chasing after him, their guns unleashing thunder and death through the night. He shuddered, and glanced around, surprised to find he was on the floor of a cave with crude candles and furniture scattered around. He extended a hand, surprised to find that he could see it, black and webbed by his head. The memories returned, the creature had become, and a whine escaped his snout. He glanced at a mirror, seeing the black, six legged lizard monster, tendrils and fins covering his oily back. Four green eyes glared from the bestial snout, nothing like the slight blond human he had been.
“Ah, you’re awake are you?” The old woman was back, rasping as she hobbled through one of the curtains, back into her cavelike home. The creature backed off a little, he could feel the dark cold emanating from her, like smoke. “Still a bit nervous aren’t you? Don’t worry, nice and safe i
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Rebirth (Ice Dragon TF)
I winced again as I tripped over yet another rock and fell on my knees. This time, I stayed there for a while, sobbing. Tears dripped down my mud-stained face and onto my blood-stained pants. I had been in this damn jungle for four hours now, separated from my camping buddies after I had left them to satisfy my thirst at the nearby river. Turns out I had a really bad sense of direction and even worse luck. I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere - I wasn't able to find the way back in the time it had taken me to get to the river in the first place. "SHIT!" I screamed, slamming my fist into the ground. I retracted my now bleeding hand, regretting that violent action, too late.
I stood up slowly, on shaking feet, when I heard, once again, the ominous growl of thunder in the distance. "Dammit, Dammit, Dammit" I muttered to myself over and over again. Getting caught in the rain wouldn't be a good idea, especially out here in the wilderness. I panicked (even more), and starting running lik
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Blaine's Tales Comm: A new ally
Blaine and Chessa were falling through realms, lost in a space between different realities.
The younger of the two kitsune sisters was holding the older one who had reverted to a smaller, weaker state. Blaine resembled a small kitsune pup. Chessa held her sister tighter as they landed in a pond. The water would’ve hurt them, but thankfully they entered the dimension from just above the water before they could reach terminal velocity.
The two landed in it, but rose up and washed up on a bank. The two were unconscious, and unaware that they would soon be pursued…
Elsewhere, Sarah Clydesdale was waiting at the park for her boyfriend, Richard. Sarah was a simple girl from Westden.
Sarah was a brown haired girl in her late teens. She was cute, according to many who met her, bearing a short height, but a sociable personality. She was wearing her favorite lavender hoodie and jeans, wondering where her boyfriend was.
Maybe he took one of his side trips without telling me, she thoug
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