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Nature's Cries Chronicles - Chapter 45 Epilogue 2
Chapter 45 Epilogue Part 2 - Stargazing
Tigris stored a pot away on a shelf and grabbed a bottle of freshly made oil from her desk. She went straight to Kurai’s room, knocked on his door, and stepped back. When she didn’t receive a response, she knocked again.
“Kurai?” she called.
After seconds of silence, she opened the door to find the room empty.
Just then, Brice and Vivian appeared from the elevator.
“Have you guys seen Kurai?” Tigris asked.
“We saw someone on the roof, but we couldn’t see who it was,” Brice replied.
As Vivian and Brice retreated to their rooms, Tigris placed the bottle in Kurai’s room and entered the elevator. She ascended to the top floor and stepped through a nearby door. Her eyes fell immediately on Kurai, who was looking through a telescope near the edge of the roof. She approached him.
“I figured you’d come looking for me,” he said.
He stood up straight and whirled around.
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Nature's Cries Chronicles - Chapter 45 Epilogue 1
Chapter 45 Epilogue Part 1 - An Unforgettable Date
Vivian approached Brice’s bedroom door and stared at it. She breathed deeply before knocking.
The door opened and Brice stood in the doorway.
“Hey, this is new,” he said, “I usually come to you.”
He leaned against the doorway.
“So what do you need?” he asked, “Is it a mission?”
“No, nothing like that,” Vivian replied.
She cleared her throat.
“I was wondering,” she began hesitantly, “I know I’ve turned you down before, but that’s all behind us now.”
Brice raised his eyebrows.
“Anyway,” Vivian continued, “if you’re still up for it, maybe we could, you know, go on a date. But I’m okay with it if you don’t want to.”
Brice grinned.
“I have to admit it’s pretty cute when a girl asks a guy out,” he said, “Sure, we can have a date. Tonight at seven at the new steakhouse?”
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Nature's Cries Chronicles - Chapter 45
Chapter 45 - Humbled
The end of the Mobian Fighting Syndicate was drawing near. It was only a matter of time until the finals, where one fighter would be able to attend the World Series Tournament.
It was Judas’ and Sulie’s turn to see who would make it to the semifinals.
They came out of the elevator and waited for their duel.
The Chance Wheel was displayed on the screen and spun around. The wheel landed on one of the chance wedges.
“There will be no restrictions for this match,” the announcer said.
The arena floor was edited to have climbable rock formations. Soon after, the bell rung and the fighters were released.
Judas and Sulie raced towards each other.
“Don’t hold back!” she said.
“Same to you!” Judas said.
He fired the first shot, but Sulie jumped on top of a rock. Judas hopped up, pulled out his laser sword, and swung at her, but she blocked it before knocking it out of his hands.
She then proceeded to kick him off the rock
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Nature's Cries Chronicles - Chapter 44
Chapter 44 - Chance
It had just turned to evening as the Mobian Fighting Syndicate continued. Soon enough it was Judas’ turn to enter the arena once more.
He stepped out of the elevator and his eyes were fixated on the other one on the opposite end.
Slav eventually showed up and strutted out.
The Chance Wheel appeared and spun. It landed on a depiction of a gun.
“Weapons are strictly prohibited,” the announcer said.
“What?!” Judas said as his eyes widened.
Meanwhile, the others were watching the match in the infirmary, but Tigris was preoccupied with healing the other contenders.
“Oh no,” Brice said.
“What’s he going to do now?” Vivian asked.
“He can’t do anything.”
“He’ll figure something out,” Sulie said.
The arena was returning, but with the addition of multiple levels of metallic walkways with hanging light fixtures.
“Due to limitations of one of the fighters, they will be allowed
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Nature's Cries Chronicles - Chapter 43
Chapter 43 - A Grizzly Match
The Mobian Fighting Syndicate carried on well into the late afternoon. Although it had been several hours since it began, the attendants were practically glued to their seats and their eyes were fixated on the ring as the contenders continued working towards the finals.
Tigris observed the crowd as they cheered for the fighters. She then caught Vivian doing the same in the corner of her eye.
“Vivian!” she exclaimed as she darted her head at the fox, “I thought you didn’t like this!”
Vivian sat back down.
“I guess it’s different being here for yourself,” she said.
“What do you mean?” Tigris asked.
“Well you get to see the fights up close. It looks a lot more intense than it does on TV. I get why people like it.”
“Ladies and gentlemen,” the announcer began, “the Mobian Fighting Syndicate will be taking a short break. You may use this time to grab more refreshments and vi
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Nature's Cries Chronicles - Chapter 42
Chapter 42 - Round One
People were entering a large building by droves and crowded the halls. Many were stopping by concession stands and gift shops right outside an indoor arena.
Brice, Judas, Tigris, and Vivian were amongst the crowd.
“You girls are on your own from here on out,” Brice said, “Stripes and I got to be on the ground floor.”
“Please be careful you two,” Tigris said.
“We’ll be alright,” Judas assured.
“Come on, Tigris,” Vivian said, “We got to hand our tickets up here.”
She led Tigris to the row of ticket gates while Judas and Brice trekked through the building to a series of rooms in the back. They went up to a security guard and showed their badges.
The guard waved to the door behind him.
Brice and Judas went inside and toured through the hall, which had several open lounging areas where many Mobians had already made themselves comfortable.
“There are more contenders than I thought,
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Nature's Cries Chronicles - Chapter 41
Chapter 41 - The Mobian Fighting Syndicate
Brice burst out of the elevator and sped down the hallway to Judas’ room with a pamphlet in his hand. He halted and pounded on the door.
“Stripes, get your ass out here!” he called.
The door flew open and Judas seemed in as much of a panic as Brice.
“I heard about it, dude!” he said.
“Come on, we got to get tickets!” Brice yelled before rushing down the hallway.
“What are you doing?! We can just order them online!”
“Oh yeah!”
Brice ran back to Judas’ room and went in with him.
By that time, everyone else had come out of their rooms.
“What the hell’s going on?!” Vivian asked, “It’s, like, one in the morning!”
Kurai and Cee stomped into Judas’ room.
“You better have a good explanation for waking us at this hour,” he said in a disgruntled tone.
“You guys aren’t going to believe it!” Brice said while Judas
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Nature's Cries Chronicles - Chapter 40 Epilogue 2
Chapter 40 Epilogue Part 2 - Visiting Hours
A black Camaro pulled in a parking space across the street from a hospital. When it turned off, Cee got out and strolled to the hospital. She entered inside and approached the front desk.
“Hi, Cecilia,” the front desk receptionist greeted, “Dr. Benson’s with your mom now, but you can start heading up.”
“Thanks,” Cee thanked.
She went in one of the hallways, stepped inside the elevator, and pushed a button. She began going up and got out when she arrived to her desired floor. She trekked further in the building and came up to a door. She opened it and popped in the room.
A man was standing next to an elder woman, who was asleep and confined in a hospital bed.
“Adriana?” the man said.
He turned around, to which his nametag revealed he was Dr. Benson.
“Oh, hello, Cecilia,” he greeted, “Come in.”
Cee walked to him.
“How is she?” she asked.
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Nature's Cries Chronicles - Chapter 40 Epilogue 1
Chapter 40 Epilogue Part 1 - Family Reunion
Judas and Johnathan arrived in front of a house by cab. They exited it and Judas grabbed his possessions from the trunk.
After receiving his payment and tip, the cab driver sped off.
Johnathan scratched his face.
“This won’t be too weird, will it?” he asked.
“It’ll be fine, Dad,” Judas assured, “Mom will be happy to see us.”
“But it seems awkward to just show up.”
“Dad, are you nervous?”
“I guess I am.”
Judas and Johnathan began walking to the door.
“Just let me take care of it,” Judas said.
He opened the door and strolled inside while Johnathan stood awkwardly by the doorway.
“Come on, Dad,” he said.
Johnathan hesitantly entered the house to find himself in the living room.
Judas closed the door.
“Wait here,” he instructed.
He went further in the house.
“Mom, I’m home!” he called.
“Judas?” a vo
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Nature's Cries Chronicles - Chapter 40
Chapter 40 - Reunited
Movement was at a complete standstill. All was silent.
Judas stared at the figure below with wide eyes.
“Dad?!” he said.
Below him, the figure turned out to be an older male brown raccoon. His face was sunken in and his eyes were glassy and empty. He stood up, but his movements were robotic.
“Impressive, eh?” the warden asked.
“What did you do to him, you bastard?!” Judas asked.
“You can thank the leading team from the Overlander Institute of Science and Technology for this fine specimen. They’ve been experimenting with mind control for quite some time. This one is the result of some of the first successful operations.”
“Mind control?!”
“He’s meant to be used for the war, but I suppose I can test how deadly he can be on you.”
The warden pushed another button on the controller in his pocket.
Judas’ dad threw a punch at Judas, but he dodged.
“Dad, stop!” Judas cried
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Nature's Cries Chronicles - Chapter 39
Chapter 39 - Freedom Fighting
Judas, Tigris, Ede, and Amy sat quietly in their prison hold.
A man entered the room and went straight for their cell.
“The warden wants to see you three,” he said.
He grabbed the collection of keys on his belt and flipped through them.
“Hey, Mr. Guard,” Amy said, “Before you leave, my wrist hurts from this chain.”
She lifted her chain.
“Warden’s orders,” the man said, “I can’t remove that.”
Amy made a wailing noise.
“But it hurts so bad!” she whined.
“Shut up!” the man yelled.
He peeped over his shoulder.
“All I can do is switch it,” he said.
He picked out a key and used it to unlock the cell. He opened the door and approached Amy.
Ede stood up and kicked him into the bars, which caused him to drop his keys. He lunged at the man and held onto his neck.
“Grab the keys!” he ordered.
Tigris snatched the keys from the floor and undid the loc
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Hi guys. I know it's been a while since I've submitted any chapters. Not that anyone cares. But in my absence, I've written more chapters and will upload them in a timely fashion in the upcoming weeks.

However, I won't be posting preview pics alongside them. I just don't have the time or the care to make them at the moment. Maybe in the future.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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