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(Trade) A Tribute to the Spider-Silk Chronicles

this right here is my (very) long awaited half of a trade with :iconthe-miho-chan: 
here done gone is her part right here --> (yeehaw)

I'd explain the situation myself, but its actually based on a story she wrote! so instead, im going to go ahead and link part 1 below, this scene here starts in part 2 and continues into 3…

as for the pic itself, i tried out a bit of a new style with this one, wanted to see how it looked bc its an idea ive wanted to tackle for a little while now
i think it turned out alright tho
this was also a way for me to try out photoshop's new symmetry tool with the background - funnily, the tool was just added the day of me drawing this, so it was a very fun way for me to learn the ins and outs of it

the little title in the bottom refers to when i used the day i drew this as a way to say thank you to Miho! she's been a terrific mod and my streams wouldnt go half as smoothly without her guiding hand lol
so as a thanks, that day was dedicated to this commission and to letting her know that we are grateful and she is appreciated (miho, we all appreciate you!!)

uhhhhhhhhhhhh this is one of the longer descriptions ive written in recent times so i dont really know how to end it lmao
catch yall next friday yeet
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aguilareal88's avatar
A marvelou pic my friend
DamselHunterHiryuu's avatar
Three Spider-Cuties, nicely secured! 8-)
And indeed, Mod-chan is appreciated by all. :D
TMC-Art's avatar
Nice to see you finally posted this one! I had originally hoped you'd let me know when you were gonna post it, but the deed's done, and it looks like most people like it either way. As was said by most, it came out amazing, and better than I'd imagined myself. So thanks so much for doing this one. Thanks for the story and such shout outs too. I appreciate the sentiment about me as well.

I don't really get some of the other responses, but it's just opinions anyhow. I'm glad to see some more Silk DID (she's pretty underdone), and also to see you try the new Jess too (the vintage one had more than its share of the limelight, so I don't feel bad for people that complain that it's not that one), as you know, I'd long wanted to see you try that look.

Thanks for bringing the scene to life though!
gh0st-of-Ronin's avatar
Had the Spider-Women comic book had something like this, I probably would have liked it better. lol Here's to hoping we see this in the Spiderverse/Spider-Women movie. 

Look! Long Haired Gwen! My fave. Meh on Silk. And Jessica Drew, despite not classic, I'll always bite. :D :D :D Nicely done, Mummy! As always! Nice trade as well! Glad this turned out as it did. Thanks for sharing!
PokeCaptor11's avatar
Hey REALLY love this piece! Something about the bold lines for the line work stick out in a really good way, not to mention the eye-popping colours. Oh yeah, and the cute girls are a nice bonus. Keep up the fantastic work.
iorel-renders's avatar
hmmmm I really like this new style, gives a much cleaner result. This is probably my favorite pic of you (admittedly I am biased cuz.... superheroines).

Thank you so much for sharing with us
It’s always nice to see you sketch the different poses and make everything match up for he finished product. That’s something I need to learn. Great ladies and great job!
InfiniteMultiBurst's avatar
Hey the trade we did is it ok  if I ask for something different and much simpler if you haven't stared yet?I had asked for Yennefer and Melisandre and you had asked me for Black.Cat,Cheetah,Scarlet Witch,and Poison Ivy (which I had finished)Can you get back to me if changing the characters for your part is ok pleae?
I-want-my-mummy's avatar
👌 no problem, shoot me a note when you get the chance 
TakeOverFairy's avatar
This is amazing. Outstanding spiders in a tight spot.
FullMetalPanicAttack's avatar
LucidMusings's avatar
So that is how you were colouring both sides at once! 👌 Very cool and turned out well.
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