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Monday, July 15, 2019: these r two furbies of mine, Japhet and Amnesia!

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I remember that those things would never shut up. I only ever had two and both at the same time. They were gone fast since no one in the house could figure out how to turn them off.
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Such is the fate of many Furbies D-X
(Gonna furby-nerd out here a lil-- they turn off/go to sleep if you take the batteries out, or after leaving them alone for a few minutes, but u have to make sure that they're not receiving any stimuli such as facing another furby, being upside-down, changes in lighting, etc. i dont think a lot of owners knew this which is understandable since it's so odd and specific lol)
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Ever hear a constantly roaring godzilla toy in the 90s? He met the ssme fate as a furby because he'd activate even if a moth moved. I also remember Sakura's wand (clow cards) that wouldn't shut up and was about as bad as godzilla but at least THAT THING had a switch.
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i havent heard of those :- o
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