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A family Picnic (Colab) by Kamyk962
The Darkest of Nights (Lunar Eclipse) by AstralMelodia
Frosty and Snowdrop by roadsleadme
Mane cast group
Kindness And Laughter(Remake) by illumnious
Generosity and Magic (Remake) by illumnious
Honesty and Loyalty by illumnious
Mane 6 Seaponies by illumnious
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash: Generation 5 Series by illumnious
Rainbow Dash Vector 33 - Winter Outfit by CyanLightning
Loyalty by illumnious
Simplicity - Rainbow Dash by SiMonk0
Twilight Sparkle
Ruler Of Equestria (2021 Design) by illumnious
Twilight Sparkle: Generation 5 Series by illumnious
Purple Twilight by illumnious
Ruler of equestria by illumnious
Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Pie: Generation Five Series by illumnious
Joyfulness by illumnious
Pinkie and Applejack Butt hug by NupieTheHero
Pinkie and her little friends by MacTavish1996
Fluttershy Generation 5 by illumnious
Fluttershy Generation 5 series by illumnious
Kindness(remake) by illumnious
Fluttershy Vector 39 - Flying by CyanLightning
Applejack generation 5 series by illumnious
Applejack Vector 23 - Rawr by CyanLightning
Applejack Vector 22 - Sleeping by CyanLightning
simple ponies APPLEJACK by illumnious
Rarity: Generation 5 Series by illumnious
simple ponies RARITY by illumnious
Witch Rarity (Colab with Gaturo) by MrCbleck
Nupie's Camilla Rarity by NupieTheHero
Epic Spike by Clockwork2
Twilight by PLsim
Hunger by ZuTheSkunk
Rarity's husband Spike by QTMarx
[C] Tyranic Sweetie Pone [Vector] by Du-sk
Hello my little friends by MacTavish1996
Sweetie Dragon by Ex-MachinArt
Fusion of Cutie Mark Crusaders by Osipush
Equestrian Royalty
Crystal Princess(2021) by illumnious
Minor Characters
Princess Trixie by illumnious
Background characters
Coco Pommel Vector 13 - Smile by CyanLightning
Preview by SpokenMind93
Original characters
PC Referencesheet Sora Melody by SpokenMind93
Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor - Riding by CyanLightning
ScootaPreen Rainmeter Skin by Favitwink
Tutorials and Guides
Interactive aniGen Tutorial I: Animated Eye by MisterAibo
Past Sins: Tainted Blessing P10 by SpokenMind93
Equestria Girls
MLP EG - Sunset Shimmer #3 - Vector by MLPCreativeLab
[COM] Twilight and her little prince by MacTavish1996
TwiDash Advent Calendar - Day 24 kiss by WaveyWaves
Spicy Demon and Derpy butt hug by NupieTheHero
Ponified characters
Always by SpokenMind93
Backgrounds and resources
MLP EG - Applejack CftB Bass Guitar - Vector by MLPCreativeLab




All join requests are accepted automatically!

Submission Rules
:bulletblue: We do not accept content where a significant portion of the image is not your work. This includes, but is not limited to:
- screenshot-based traces
- bases
- recolours
- puppets
- traces of completed (colored) fan-produced works.
:bulletgreen: We accept traces / colouring / digitising of fan-produced works, such as sketches. However, you must attribute your source and you must have had permission to create the image.
:bulletyellow: Submissions other than Tutorials, Comics and Animations require a PNG larger than 2500px.
:bulletorange: Shipping and mature images are allowed, but please submit them to the correct folder. Include a mature tag if necessary. We will not accept anything that breaks dA's rules (FAQ #12, #60, #305, #565).
:bulletred: The Featured folder is for the best full scenes that have been submitted. They must include a background. Please do not submit directly to the Featured folder; the admins will move the image to this folder if the image meets the requirements.
:bulletpurple: Gore/blood/violence is not allowed.

Group Affiliation
Incoming requests from pony groups are usually accepted.

Inspections / Feedback
If you're looking for feedback and/or need help with your vectors, please send the group a note.
Dear Members,

we have recently noticed an increasing number of submissions that do not adhere to our rules. We are a group for original vector-based work.
That is, we only accept submissions that are YOUR work.

We will not accept:
- Screenshot-based traces (regardless of source)
- Bases, re-colours, flash-puppets, pony creator, etc. (Exception: We will accept flash-puppets if you are the original creator.)
- Traces and copies of third-party fan-produced work
- Traces of already coloured digital drawings
Such content is not an original work by you and we will not accept it.

One exception to the third point: We do accept colouring / digit-ising of sketches and lineart, provided you have permission and have given credit. Your submission will be declined if you do not credit your source(s). Saying "I found this on Google Images", "Credit to the original creator" or "I don't know who did this, please tell me" is not credit and we will not accept the submission until you are able to provide a link to the source.

Please read our rules before submitting. Thank you.
Sigma, on behalf of i-PonyVectors
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