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My State Last Days

By i-n-o-e
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RRAAAAUGH! It has really been a long time~! >_<
Finally, more Paijem in action :3

Well, yeah. Okay, I am not Paijem, and I don't use multimonitor, but.. :XD:
This might be a clue as to what I did last days. I needed to finish my own project, while having to finish orders from my friend and my senior, and also, doing some kind of HTML-CSS-PHP-MYSQL thingies. Yep, just a bit of web programming.

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How do you spell that honorocoko on the wall board. Meh, can't read those letters anymore T_T

By the way, you should use 4-chars tab instead of 8-chars tab. Will look better for your code :D
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It is eling!! (remember!!) :D
Hey, that's right! Thank you for the tips ^^
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Yay for Ubuntu OS! ^^;
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Yuppy. I am an Ubuntu user. ^^
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How would you compare it to windows?
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In term of performance, it is fast and stays fast even with a lot of applications installed.
I have less hassle during startup, and with the well-established workspaces (virtual desktops), Ubuntu provides a powerful multitasking environment. :)
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