Just Draw! #12: Master Pawiro
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//Sword of Dragon character design No. 6//
This is another character design for the RPG that I'm currently working on.

Master Pawiro (? y/o - age unknown), an expert martial artist, and the former wielder of the legendary sword Grandaon.

Formerly a respected martial art master in Azure Kingdom, he was exiled to an isolated island for opposing the kingdom's decision. The event happened a long time ago when the ruling king was Dillon's grandfather.
No one really knows how old he is. But, even now, and even without Grandaon, he is still a formidable master.

His outfit is modeled after classic Indonesian martial artists (pendekar).
The letter on his necklace is character pa in Javanese alphabet, as an initial of his name.

- Copic Multiliner SP
- A5 sketchbook
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