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SasuNaru Fanfic Chapter 1 by Gumbah, literature

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Looking For MxM Roleplays! [Open]Roleplay Information , Required Partner Age: 20+ Roleplay Timeline: I'd love to have some long-term stories going if possible! Average Reply Length: I prefer doing posts with 1-3 paragraphs. I don't mind if you write more than that, but unless I get /really/ descriptive, I probably won't do more than 3. Writing Style: Paragraph format, 3rd person. Characters:I will be using this character: Tristin Mariel ( All of his info is there, including NSFW tab on the left sidebar)My characters are from a world I'm developing called Aeon which is High Fantasy. However, I can fit him into pretty much any other generic High Fantasy setting.And yes, I am looking for a Top for him. He is pretty strictly Bottom. Genres/ Themes I Do:Roleplays with PlotActionRomance ( with smut!)High FantasyAdventureMysteryFluff(Tentative) Horror. If you have an idea, I'm open to discussing it. Genres/ Themes I Don't Do:Angst/lots of drama. A little bit of drama is fine, but I don't like it when everything is drama or dark.Dark: stuff like non-con, drugs, mental illness, edgy serial killer type stuff.Self-Insert OCs.Furries, Anthros, Ferals.Anything Omegaverse/ Mpreg related.Trans/ NB characters.JUST smut. I LOVE smut, I really do, BUT - I want to have more than just a quick ERP. I want to have fun plotting together and making stories. , **Starting Prompts:** This is just a list of potential ideas to get the story started. If you have an idea you would like to discuss, feel free to send me a DM.MC has been hired on a caravan escorting contract. Your MC is either a client or another member of the escort party.MC is out exploring and stumbles upon what he assumes is an abandoned manor/mansion. Turns out that YC is actually currently living there. DM me if you are interested! , Tags:#rp #roleplay #mxm #yaoi #gay #homosexual #ship #shipping #ships #high_fantasy #fantasy
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ADOPT 83: Hello Bunneh (OPEN) by fenaru  
My commissions are open :) I draw character designs, illustrations, pin-up, kinky stuff like BDSM & bondage, also nudity (no genitalia). I'd love to draw your yaoi couple ♥ In-depth commission sheet is linked in my bio.
Hellzart Commissions 2023 by Hellzart   Roronoa Zoro Onigashima Style by Hellzart  

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