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Hi! I'm new here.
Where can I sumbit my drawings?
Hello animal lover: [link]
This is my tumblr page where I support various groups that help animals.
Wish you would all have a look at it. Maybe you are already thinking about an adoption and a lot of animals in shelters need a home.
Also donations are welcome and needes to buy food and medicine.
The Sirius Shelter and the FRIEND shelter are forced to move and really need money to build stuff and so on)
Pls help if your able.

I've got a question.
I have lot's of guinea pigs and I'm searching for guinea pig friend who knows how terrible it is to loose them.
We put one to sleep yesterday and I would be very happy if you could share this in this group. I don't want to join for one deviaton and leave then.
Thank you for taking the time :hug:
It would be very friendly if you could share this
how long do Guinea pigs live for?
mine died at age four...
Guinea+Pig=Guinea Pig=CUTE!:squee: