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We are now excepting "Traditional Art!" There is a folder marked as such. Please make sure that you submit your art to the proper folder(s). Photo manips will now be accepted at a rate of 1 per day instead of once a week as long as it doesn't overwhelm me! :)
Traditional art will be accepted at the same rate.

NOTE: If you just click on the "SUBMIT ART" button, your submission  will automatically be sent to the Stock folder which in most cases is the wrong folder for most submissions. You must go to the gallery,  then click on ether the 2017 folder for manips or the Traditional Art folder, and then submit your work.

NOTE: Photo manipulators.....check your stock credits. We're getting too many submissions that have become research projects to attempt to verify stock. If you love soccer that's great! But don't send me a manip that features your favorite player unless you took his picture  yourself, or you can provide a clickable link to where you obtained the photo from,...and then it must be authorized for use as stock! Same applies to all stock usage, soccer was just an easy example!

Everyone for the most part is doing great..keep that beautiful and inspiring art coming!
In an effort to simplify the submission process you now simply submit your work to the appropriate year folder. Example: "2015" folder will be for all art submitted in the year 2015. This should simplify matters for those who do not understand why a knight on horseback fighting a fire-breathing dragon is not landscape and scenery. All submissions still are subject to review and must provide credit(s) for all stock(s) used.

I hope everyone has a Happy and safe New Year. I look forward to seeing your continued great art!
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All artworks MUST be MANIPULATION; It means minimum of 2 or 3 stocks required in a creation


:bulletred: Please stick to 1 dev per member per day and for contributors 1 dev per contributor per day:bulletred:

:bulletred: Mature Content is allowed so long as a warning is given:bulletred:

:bulletred: No cussing or raw violence in the artwork:bulletred:

:bulletred: Make sure artists are properly credited for any stock is used:bulletred:

It Means:

:bulletred:Only valid stocks will be accepted. (Google images Bing images, or photos taken from Fan sites are not considered stock)
Images from Stock Exchange are no longer accepted.

:bulletred:All stock credits must include a direct link to the stock used if from DA. Why is this hard to understand?

:bulletred:All stock credits must include a direct link to the stock used if from DA. Links to facebook do not constitute proper credit. Giving a Models name is not proper credit. If the model is your sister..great! Just put Model - my own resources. This way we know it ok for you to use it.

:bulletred:If you are using your own resources in a manipulation, you must state so in your artists comments. Also, if you are using a non-stock image for which you obtained permission to use, please state "USED WITH PERMISSION" in your artists comments.

:bulletred: NO FAN ART using images taken from the internet. If you didn't take the actors picture, or cannot show authorization to use the picture, don't bother to submit it!


:bulletred: Works that don't provide resources and credit all stock, brushes and textures that are used in the image you are submitting:bulletred:

:bulletred:Works with poor quality:bulletred:

:bulletred: Photography, screenshots & wip/unfinished works:bulletred:

:bulletred: Works in which authorized stock is not used :bulletred:

:bulletred:In case you have some offers or suggestions about our group please contact me.







Gallery Folders

'Set Free' by KarinClaessonArt
Chosen by KarinClaessonArt
'Golden' by KarinClaessonArt
Voices From The Other Side by KarinClaessonArt
Flying Reconnaissance by Rocapurpura
. . . On Our Way . . . by ChIandra4U
Red Haired by annewipf
Lady Winter by IgnisFatuusII
Tutorials, Brushes, Stock
MoodyBlue Stock 77 by MoodyBlue
MoodyBlue Stock 75 by MoodyBlue
MoodyBlue Stock 74 by MoodyBlue
Tree of Life by BaxiaArt
Premade background
Living forest by Genius6661313
Together by AnthonyPresley
Mystic Places Stock Background 4 by bonbonka
Tokyo Store VII by AnthonyPresley
Stuck in Time by WhimsicalBlue
Reborn by marcosnogueiracb
Listen to your Heart by LoloAgain
The brightest star by GabZtv

Mature Content

Cherry Rose by SvetlanaKLimova
Gipsy by Son-Reborn
Dissolving Boundaries by MoodyBlue
Winter Tale by Irina-E
Traditional or Digital Art - Not Manips
Egypt 2077 on Qasr El-Nil Bridge by mohamedsaberartist
Red Escape by mohamedsaberartist
Deep Mission by mohamedsaberartist
Lazy evening by black-cat16
Lost City by amebleu
Conjuring by Niolu
Eternity now by Ellysiumn
Snegurochka - Snow Queen by BrietOlga
Archer by robhas1left
The crow witches by Ellysiumn
Obsidian Flows by MoodyBlue
Woad Warriors by mshellee
Evening Song by rembrantt
Out of my World by ChristofCreations
Abandoned by MoodyBlue
The day of the tournament by Olgola
Sea Goddess by Corvinerium

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