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Hey! Okay, let's play... Ruff, not dog, I mean fuck you Anne-way. Think I care, forget, I don't. What's that you say? Huh, sorry, wait. Meow. Can't hear, parade today. Oh now I see, her words convey. You. "Look at me! Modest be! "Ha! Not really!" No yelling I say!" Me. "Lalalee~ What the hell? (Have you've been?) Do you mean? This is a li'br-A! Heaven's sake, mademoi-say." Anytime 'I' used to portray. A firework, shoot "look at me" "I" say. Our real name, sea? Until you kick the bucket-list and return back to me. I. So don't ask for a point, pointless, trifle, whimsy, that me. And really what is the point of any in space, see? Miss wordy, word, wise, yeah, sure, huh, meh, maybe, could, be, true but to many words, I'm rubber, and you're glue. Paste all around label me, next you. Text, so many she wear, drown in books, up the wazoo, your fashion sense, dress of language, letters, no teddy bear just won't do. Lion? Bear kick lion's ass, it's not even fair. Aslan old, new for
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Favourite Visual Artist
It is better to be alone, than to be in bad company
Favourite Movies
man suffer because they take to seriously what gods made for fun
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
sing, music is magic. word, language is spell.
Favourite Games
Kirhi: /KUR-EE/ whole, joy, make. Can be used as noun, verb, or adjective.
Favourite Gaming Platform
the great tao loves and nourishes all things, but does not lord it over them
Tools of the Trade
if you're scared, go into what you're scared of.

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