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Female mercenary concept

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her design reminds me of karai from the tmnt 2012 show, which is closely resembled.
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I do really love this piece you did, as I'm a sucker for character concept art. If this had a evaluation request on here I would give it a standing ovation it deserves, but sense it doesn't, I've not going to inject unnecessary critique where it's not asked.

So instead, I'm going to express my thoughts into one quote of Iron Bull's from Dragon Age: Inquisition:

"Some high-ranking women wear ornamental crap with tits hammered into it. One good shot, and all that cleavage gets knocked right into the sternum. Real messy. Good on you for going practical. Leaves something to the imagination, too."
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:) Thank you very much!
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very kool looking i like it
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Клёвые концепты, с накидкой богически смотрится
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Yes, I congratulate you. THANK YOU for drawingn proper clothing.Unsurpassed
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nicenicenice !
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Love those boots, very detailed.
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Man, that's nice!
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Great job overall, but that purple coat just grabs me by the reins and is a complete winner!
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I love the way that you have recently portrayed your female characters. I am sick to death of naked chicks looking dumb.  you designs are strong and unique, fantastic kickass women.
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My thoughts exactly! A splendid design!
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this is kick-ass
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for once a piece of female armour that doesn't leave the wearer practically half nude! love it! xx
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Sweeet, love it. Plus it hardly shows any skin yaaaaay
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love the design of her outfit!
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apres Arman jan shat lava stacve! for once a female mercs outfit makes you wanna be careful of her and not pick her up xD nerox ete anglerenes lav chi :p
keep up the good work
grts Ero
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Shat lava anglerenet, ech ch mtatses :)
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I am not always falling in love with art, but when I do, It hurts.
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