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As usual started as a sketch and turned into... well.. it.
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Getting a real "Silverhawks" vibe from this design.

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This reminds me a of super tech version from something in of Wizard of Oz series.  They had they guys with wheels on their hands and feet.  I think, its been almost two decades so I could be wrong.
Thank you for sharing.
Источник вдохновения, случайно, не "Город Героев" (Super Hero 6)?
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Нет. Больше Сораяма и Bubblegum Crisis.
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I love every part of this illustration!
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Wicked cool scene and character!
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that's what i call "cool"
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very good art wow !!!!
Открылась только 1/10 работы, а я уже понял, кто автор) Очень узнаваемо. Ну, и как всегда, отлично!
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Спасибо :)
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So, I'm curious about the background here, and I'm not talking at what's behing this character. Who is she ? And is that supposed to be a suit/exoskeleton ?
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Yes!!! I think she looks like Gally!!!! I love it!!!!! ;D
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Look more a mix between Berserk Zapan and twins Gally :D
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Whoa! That's really cool. I love the motion and the sparks in the wheels !
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looks awesome! is it from kinetica?
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I detect a hint of Chris Foss in this one.:)
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Ugh... Amazing.
The reason i hate Deviant Art, is because i can't stop loving it. I'll waste countless hours favorite-ing pictures and friend/watching-ing awesome artists.

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