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I just want to say a big thank you, to everyone who have supported my journey as a photographer!

I managed to reach my goal, and I can't express how much it means to me, to be able to work again, and to be able to do it in an entirely new country. 

Thank you to those who donated and to those who hired me for retouch and modeling jobs. You have truly made an impact on my life, and I will never forget it! 


Now, I've set up my studio and I'm beginning to get more work, which is just a dream come true.. 

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So as I've mentioned before, I've moved away from my beloved Denmark, and I'm starting over in a new country! 

Because of that, I've started a small GoFundMe campaign.

Helezin by I-Got-Shot Her by I-Got-ShotOne Hundred by I-Got-Shot Sleepless by I-Got-Shot

It's been a dream of mine to be a professional photographer for years now. Something I've managed to achieve back in Denmark. 
But, it's a small country, and if I really want to pursue my dream, I have to be where the work is. 

This is such an exciting journey for me, and I believe it will be the best decision I have ever made! 

That is why, I am asking for your help. I have been on dA for over 6 years, and I have always felt appreciated and I have gotten to know many of you, over the years. 

I am not asking for a lot, as my approach to photography has always been creativity over gear. What I really need, is time.. 
Time to get my visa in order, and to get my name out to where it needs to be. 

I will be eternally greatful for any help, even just a good luck :heart: 

My campaign can be found here:

I shot myself by I-Got-Shot

And.. Hey, I am nothing if not a hard worker. So I am also offering my services as a retoucher. 10 dollars pr. image, which is a very low rate, but they will all go towards my new journey. 
I will also sign a digital copy of any of my photos.. Not that I am famous enough for such gesture. Giggle 

Thank you so much, for taking the time to read my journal! 
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I did my first speed edit, on my youtube channel! 

Check it out right here: 

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I've got a lot of projects right now.. But I've just never been this inspired to pursue my dreams. 

A side from my new blog - I've also decided to finally start making youtube videos. Unlike my blog, which contains a mix of what I love to spend my time on, this channel will only be photography related. 

I've wanted to create a channel where I share my editing & shooting process - styling aswell. From beginner level to advanced. A few days ago, I uploaded a slideshow to give viewers a taste of what I can do. 

I'd very much like to know, if any of you have any requests or ideas, as to what kind of tutorials, you'd like to see? 
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A few days ago, I noticed that I've been a deviantArt member for 5 years! Time has gone by so fast and yet so much has happened. I created my account, when I started learning about photoshop and was a rookie freelance model. 

I've learned so much, from this community, and I'm so happy to still be apart of it - here's to 5 more years :hug:

For the past 3 years, I've been doing photography and for the past year, I've been working as a professional photographer. In some way, it started here on dA. 

I don't always post as much here, so I figured I should make a list of my social media. Feel free to follow me :)


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My newest photo 'Helezin' - got a DD! :D I am so grateful and happy to have recieved my first Daily Deviation! 

Helezin by I-Got-Shot
I was so lucky to win 3rd place in a competition with my selfportrait 'Path of Love'! :D

Path of Love by I-Got-Shot

I won a smugmug account - how awesome is that?! :D I have created a site and selected some of my favorite photos (my photography/selfportraits). That means it is possible to buy my prints and to celebrate, there is a 25% discount, this entire month.

Just enter the code: NevePromo

Wish me luck :)
Happy new years everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful night and made it trough savely :)

And I reached 50.000 pageviews, yaaaay, that is crazy and awesome! Thank you :) I have other socialmedias for all the things I am interested in (well mostly, anyway)… - This is my facebook page for all my photography

Instagram: NevePhotographydk - Mostly my iphoneselfies and more personal stuff… - for modeling, photography and all the updates. Still pretty new, but it will get there :)

Have an awesome day! 
Anders anfoto and I, got 9 Pictures published, in NIF Magazine, from our forest shoot. :)
You can check it out here:…
Yaaaay, one of my pictures is in Dark Beauty Magazine!! :D :D :happybounce: Are You Happy fair fight :happy: :excited: Cheerleader…

Featuring.. ME :D

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 16, 2013, 5:14 AM
I figured I would feature some of my work, from my other dA account. I hope you enjoy my photography work :)


... With uploading my photography to this profile :P I've decided to organise my portfolio more, since I now seem to do most things in this industry. Modelling, photography, makeup and retouch. I've decided to make another account for my photography NevePhotography I hope you will join me there aswell, if you like my work :) From now on, this profile is only for my modelling (and retouch - I often retouch my own pictures)
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So, many of my watchers already know, how much I enjoy retouch. Some of you guys have followed me from the very beginning 1˝ years ago.
I now feel, that I have enough expertise to turn this hobby of mine, into a business. I therefor need YOUR help! I need pictures for retouching, where I can show the before & after. All retouching will be 100% free, wether you want simple retouching, a full composite or anything in between. I require no credit for my work, only to show it on my website (thats in the making, heres a sneak-peak :thumb365876783:) with link and credit to you.

You can see all my work here on my page, just look in the description. Some also credits in the title.

And here…

aswell as here…

Send me an email

Thank you :hug:
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Wow, the last 8 months, has been crazy! Crazy amazing & crazy horrible..
Im almost finished with my pre-med year, and Im starting to get ready for my exames. This year I've gotten straight A's, except for one B+ (what ya gonna do, right?) So I feel confidant, that in 8 years, I am an M.D :D Thats crazy amazing to me. Also, my retouch work has become more and more popular and I find myself constantly having retouch-work waiting for me, yaaaay! I also decided to add more, to my already many titles in the business of pictures, Im getting behind the camera aswell! For 4-5 months I've been practicing taking pictures of myself and a week ago, I had my first shoot as a photographer! Check out the 2 first pictures I edited (more to come from the shoot, because Im just soo freaking proud!) Light as a feather by I-Got-Shot   Updated version + Number 400th deviation :D by I-Got-Shot

Sadly, on the more crazy horrible side, I lost my father! He died on march 12 2013 after a short period of illness. He was a great father and so proud of me and so supportive. When I as a little girl, told him that I was going to be a doctor, it was like I had already cured cancer. Well, I promise you dad, Im doing my best to get there and I will do my best to save lifes in the name of you. I love you <3

^^ Thats about all I can handle to share about him for now, so lets jump to the "getting more personal" stuff.

- I've had my dA for some time now, reaching almost 1200 watchers! Thats really cool, that so many people find my work interesting, thank you thank you thank you! And I realize how little of myself I share with these people. So if you wanna hang out online, read my boring updates or see some more non-professional photos aswell as professional photos, stop by my Google+ page. I just started it up again!… - If the link doesnt work, search Steffie N. Lubbi
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Well, I've been busy for a couple of months now.. All I really do is study, modelling, homework, edit, eat and sleep. Which is also why I have not uploaded regularly for some time now. I do have loads of pictures Im about to upload. :D

I have alot more of the editing Im doing for others, styling aswell. Plus, me and JanJustesen have been working on a big project with alot of cool people, and an amazing stylist.
We are working on something called Égalité, which is modelling to promote equality between all humanbeings. I've been in charge of makeup, modelling (among others), designing dresses and of the editing. I already have some pictures to show you and Im super exchited!
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It has been a great and busy month for me! A side from a nice vacation in Alanya ofcourse! ;)

Lately, I've had a lot of photoshoots and also, Im beginning to recieve requests from other models and photographers to do the editing work. Ofcourse I put them first in line, so I have'nt been uploading as much as I usually do.

Today I officially became a part of Photography by Jan Justesen JanJustesen as a photoshop artist!

I now have two weeks of vacation left before I start school, and I promise to upload some more pictures of me again.

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I've reached 20.000 pageviews! Thats so unbelievable! I appreciate all the support and all of the faves. I love being here on dA and Im looking forward to continue sharing my pictures with you all.

I've made two groups in my short time here, and I would like to invite you to become a member!  



You are welcome to submit your art, I'd love to see and share it.
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Some time ago, I stumble up on this girl on Youtube

She does these amazing transformations using only makeup. I've been inspired by this, and I've decided to give it ago myself. I dont concider myself amazingly talented, when it comes to makeup, but I do love it. So here we go! :) Im going to make shoots for every look, and in about 5 minutes the first one is of. Im starting with the Angelina Jolie look. I dont think I share many of her features, except the eye shape and form, but I must say, right now I look nothing like myself. Hopefully this will turn out great! Or atleast entertaining :)
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I wanted to wright a big thank you when I reached 10.000 pageviews. Unfortunatly that had happened before I saw it, and it is now close 14.000, witch is insane to me! I never dreamed that my work would be seen by so many. I greatly appreciate all the comments and faves that I have recieved.
One particular picture, is Bly Viol Bly Viol by I-Got-Shot witch has recieved 407 faves in one day! That amazes me and Im so thankful to each who faved it! I actually am beginning to feel like an artist, and its all thank to the people of deviantart!
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When I started posting here on deviantArt 7 months ago, I had just started photoshopping, and honestly I was sure I'd get tired of photoshop pretty quickly. That did not happen! So now Im wondering if I should stop writting "My edit" on my pictures. In the beginning I did not exspect to edit so many pictures that 80% of my uploads would be my own edits. Im thinking of quitting the "my edit" and just wright it in the description box.What do you think?
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