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December 31, 2005
Angel by ~I-evermind This is simply the most stunning piece of gradient mesh vector work I have EVER seen. The level of skill here is sublime. Well worthy of a DD
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Another experiment with Mesh tool,created in Adobe Illustrator 10.

Finally...I finished my first meshed hair piece.
I spend a lot of time & patience with her spreading hairs - the hardest part.

Hope you like it (^__^)

:snowflake: Merry Christmas and a Happy New year :santa:

Ussa M.


Steps --> [link]
Outline --> [link]


Thanks Petter for the impressive image to be my reference.

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myshu95's avatar
OMG o.O AWESOME!!! ^_^ Follow.
If you are interested, take a look at my profile... I draw too, but I'm not as good as you :3
Forceward's avatar
please transparent png
luismikent's avatar
maurofeet's avatar
WOW !!!

So sexy

Luisana Lopilato ???
ClockworkSnakeRyo's avatar
Hello. Your vector is used here without permission [link]
CHRISOHC's avatar
Without words....
jardorocks's avatar
WoW! Mesh at its finest
Aellostriker2's avatar
omg! it looks so realistic! :o
shiny-kiyoko's avatar
interesting great shot O_O wow
gunllman's avatar
"sangat cantik" ...( so pretty )
AngelGhidorah's avatar
Holy crap! This is a vector image?! (Sorry, I'm guessing you get that a lot).
Honestly, this is beyond incredible work. :D Imagine if they did something on this awesome scale in a moving model for a film or something?

Love and Faves.
Blodhramr's avatar
This is a vector?!?!?! Holy shit!!
This is a really perfect vector :')
I hope to get a level like this one day
LuniLuna's avatar
This image is insane! <3

I started on a class called Illustration 1.5 years ago and we started using Photoshop and Illustrator, first time I had ever heard of it. And our teatcher actually showed us this picture during our first year among Yukio Miyamoto and those are goals for me to achieve with Illustrator. Fell instantly in love with the program altho my skills are nowhere near this! I just trace pokemons XD

Do you have any tips or turotials or webpages to reccoment?
shadowbob19's avatar
great detail lover it alot amazing job on this so really and very impressing amazing job
I'm in awe of your talent!!!

about how long did that take you to complete?
Xtremehott's avatar
is... is this real? I can't tell O_O
Inxy's avatar
There's no way...
kamalx's avatar
This is the most ridiculously detailed vector art I've ever seen! :O
You must be the God of patience or something, eh? XD
Still trying to catch hold of that jaw that dropped somewhere.
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