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Snowbell Reference by i-draw-dragon-things Snowbell Reference by i-draw-dragon-things
This girl is from my 49 adopts challenge! She was just too pure to not keep <3

Name- Snowbell
Nickname- Bell
Tribe- SkyWing (100%)
Gender- Female
Personality- Sweet, caring, quiet. She's very selfless and puts everyone before herself.
Family- Bighorn (father), Amber (mother), Lyra (sister, deceased)

Sorry for such a long family history... but I just couldn't stop writing!

Bighorn and Amber- Bighorn was a blacksmith for the SkyWing Queen and her royal guard. He was given a high pay, and lived in a moderate-sized house right next to the palace. He lived alone, but didn't think of it much as he was almost always at the palace. While he was in the market purchasing food and such, he stumbled into a beautiful dragoness. He found out her name was Amber, and she lived in a small farm with her father and two brothers. They felt a connection to eachother immediately, and said that they would meet in the same place tomorrow. They both stayed true to their word, and continued to see eachother for several months. Amber then found out that she was pregnant, and got married to Bighorn. They had a large, pure white egg, but their Bighorn's love was too great to assume it was an IceWing's egg. It turned out to be albino twins, with one normal sized and the other very small. They were already unsure how their kingdom would react to their strange egg, and now with two odd dragonets they decided to disappear. They ran away one night, with their dragonets Lyra and Snowbell. They were never seen again since that day, and the queen sent many searches for her favorite blacksmith. Amber's family was distraught as well, but gave up after a year's search. 

Lyra- Lyra was born extremely weak and sickly. She had no fire, and was very frail. The sun was harsher on her skin than it was on Snowbell, so her parents hid them in a cave in the rainforest. Though Lyra had no fire, Snowbell was a normal SkyWing dragonet. She had the normal amount of fire, and was much healthier. While Lyra was limited to only being outside during rainstorms or night time, Snowbell tried to invent things like giant leaf hats to protect her from the sun. Her parents adored her for trying to help, but insisted that Lyra could never be out in the sun. Snowbell finally accepted this, and made sure to play with her little sister only when she was allowed outside. But then Lyra got a terrible cold, so Amber left to find the RainWing village for help. When she didn't return the next day, Bighorn left as well. While they were gone, Snowbell comforted her sister while she got worse, and eventually died. 

Snowbell- With Snowbell all alone, she didn't know what to do. She was almost 2 years old now, and decided the first thing to do would be to bury Lyra. As she piled the dirt on her grave, she vowed to never forget the fun times she ad with her. About 2 days after burying her sister, Bighorn and Amber returned. They had medicine, and frantically asked Snowbell where Lyra was. She told them to follow her, and led them to her grave. Her parents broke down, and Snowbell left them to mourn. She grew up with a loving family who gave everything they could to their special daughter. They didn't need to teach Snowbell manners or such, as living with Lyra already taught her to be patient, kind, and understanding. When she was 5, she started visiting the rainforest village. She then found all the other dragons, and was amazed. She then rushed home and begged her parents to let her attend school. She dreamed of Jade Mountain; a school she had read about when her parents brought books home (in Snowbell's time, scrolls have mostly evolved to books. Scrolls still exist, but books are more popular). Her parents declined, but eventually agreed to let her visit the RainWing school and village for a no longer than a week. She agreed happily, and left immediately. But after studying in the library, she dreamed of visiting the SkyWing Kingdom. She found her good friend, Drizzle, and convinced him to accompany her to the Sky Kingdom. As they crept over the border, Drizzle said that he needed to get back to his boyfriend and was afraid of Queen Rosefinch. Snowbell let him go, and flew to a small farm. She met an old SkyWing who kept muttering about his daughter, and one bright red SkyWing around the same age as her parents. He showed her the way to the main square, but only if she told him what she was. Snowbell was confused, and told him that they were the same. He asked her some more questions that Snowbell thought were a little personal, like what her egg looked like. When she told him a large white egg. He told her to wait and ran back for his father. Snowbell took the opportunity to fly to the main square. But she passed by a large arena full of shouting dragons, and she stopped to see what they were shouting about. She hid in a large pine tree, and regretted stopping. Multiple dragons were in a sand pit, with taunts being yelled at them. A pink dragon covered in gold jewelry watched it all with a look in her eyes that chilled Snowbell to the bone. She fled to the nearest village, and was followed by multiple young SkyWings, all of them asking questions she thought were way too personal and trying to win her over. She finally managed to fly home after about 2 weeks, and her parents were worried sick. She told them about the arena, and they just continued to worry for her; telling her to be more careful. She listened to them, and grew up only in the RainWing village and her parent's cave.
    Snowbell grew up to be the sweetest dragon in the rainforest. She built a large treehouse with the help of Drizzle and he parents, and started to live by herself. She then found a two RainWing eggs at her door, and took them in. Ever since that day, she's taken in all eggs and dragonets given to her. She even let Drizzle and his husband Spectacle adopt out two of her "children". She know is known for her adoption services and amazing orphanage. The RainWing and NightWing Queen, Queen Dart Frog, loves the idea and visits her when she can to read to the orphans and such. Snowbell loves what she does, and never wants to change.

That was way longer that expected... and if you read all of that, congratulations! I'll add a tl;dr tomorrow for those who don't want to read all of that! 
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