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My New Hybrids! by i-draw-dragon-things My New Hybrids! by i-draw-dragon-things
Woo! My new Wacom arrived, and I'm so happy! (My old tablet was so old and run down, a new one was necessary) I drew a quick drawing of my two new hybrids! 

Tailwind is on the left, and he was adopted from ZombieKiller52 ! I changed his side swirls to lines, and I might mute the blue underbelly a little bit and brighten the horns. His name will be changed in the future if I can find a better one lol. Veil (SkyWing) and Seashell (SeaWing) are his moms!

Glyphis (name is now Thaw!) is on the right, and she's adopted from Scourgeseer ! I haven't changed anything about her design yet. I will probably add a bunch of piercings on her frill and such. I really love her design to be honest, and I wasn't sure if I should change her name but Thaw is easier to remember than Glyphis whoops.

I will post ref sheets soon for each of them! And they are both SeaWing hybrids! (And if any of you are wondering how Tailwind has two moms but is their biological child, Veil is a transgender. But since she can't have surgery, she still has male body parts).
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