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Heliconius Quick Sketch by i-draw-dragon-things Heliconius Quick Sketch by i-draw-dragon-things
So here's the two sides of my boy Heliconius, whom I adopted from aaaarachnids 

The left is the side he uses with all his friends and family. He calls it is "happy times". He's mostly fake at that time, since he has severe depression. I'm just going to warn everyone that he's not the happiest dragon character I have. So if you really hate reading about depression, self harm, etc., I suggest you don't continue reading

The right side is what he hates. It's his true personality and mind, but he's too scared to admit it to anyone else. He has severe depression, and I mean severe. He's had thoughts of suicide, and self harms. He's learned from his sister how to do basic henna, so he uses it to cover up his wounds and scars. His right side is duller than his "happy" scale color, but it gets almost black when he feels the worst. His sister has a suspicion that he isn't the dragon he seems to be, but has yet to find out how gone he is.

I hope no one is offended by Heliconius. I just wanted to have a diversity of characters, and had a good story idea for a depressed character. I do not support self harm or anything, and I really do hope that people with depression aren't offended by anything I said.
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