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Welcome to I-Draw-Boys, this group is made for those who live to draw male characters of all kinds, if you are one of them then you are more than welcome!

To join you only have to click the "JOIN THIS GROUP" button.
Everyone is automatically accepted to join.

:bulletblue: Please remember that you do not have to join as a member to view the artwork or to get updates. If you don't draw boys but like looking at male artwork, please +watch the group instead.

:bulletblue: What can you submit?

Anything boyart related; fanart, original characters, the guy sitting next to you in the train, your favourite actor/musican, boylove etc etc. In the group gallery there is a folder for all of them!

It's very important that you remember that you may submit anything you want AS LONG as is biologically MALE, this means that crossdressing will be accepted ONLY if you make very clear in the deviation's comments that the character is MALE.

:bulletred: What can you NOT submit?

1. Photography
2. Drawings with girls included
3. Furry/anthro, animals, monsters ( animal ears or a tail are fine, but the anatomy, limbs and face have to be human )
4. Too much gore, child-rape, mpregs
5. Line art, Base, YCH lines/base, WIPs, Sketches, Doodles, Art dumps
6. Demotivationals, recolors, redraws, screencaps, traces or relines
7. Badly scanned/photographed drawings that are hard to recognize
8. 3Ds, literature, journals, advertisements and such

The administrators will be checking out the quality of the submissions too, this is also why WIPS, sloppy sketches and bad-scanned/photographed artwork are going to be automatically DECLINED

IMPORTANT: Regular members can submit one deviation per week, this is to maintain the inbox flood as low as possible, contributors and staff members have no limits. If you have any doubts please click the link that appears at the top of our blog entries to check out the group rules.


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Hi all!
First up, apologies.. I've been away for almost a year. I would like to tell you my reasons but that will not change anything so I won't say them anymore. And since it's only now that I've returned, I'm also finding it hard to navigate this Eclipse version. Oh dA, where to go to manage group submissions?? I can't find anything in my notifications tab. Anyone willing to tutor me on this? I'm feeling like a jurassic person here, seriously! =_=
Second, if there are any admins present, please comment here for your attendance. I won't be criticizing you for any work left undone since i am also to blame. I would just like to know if you're still willing to help out. If not, i'd be looking for other people who can. Whether or not you'll be dropped as contributor, we'll talk about it later. I will be online using my mobile phone so you can easily reach me if you need anything.
Third, a lot has changed over the years.. fandoms evolve and grow so the group also has to evolve and grow . We will be adding an omegaverse/mpreg related folder, yes! There will also be a folder specifically for admins. It's time to give them love, hey~ All other rules will be reviewed in the coming days as well. To our members and watchers, is there anything else you like to be changed, added, or deleted from the rules? If yes, can you tell us why?
Fourth, i am torn between:
(1) giving the group a Super status in order to archive old folders or
(2) deleting "most" folders and start from scratch
Everyone, please give me your thoughts, especially with the fourth topic.
tc, @kunehoGod <3
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