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Welcome to I-Draw-Boys, this group is made for those who live to draw male characters of all kinds, if you are one of them then you are more than welcome!

To join you only have to click the "JOIN THIS GROUP" button.
Everyone is automatically accepted to join.

:bulletblue: Please remember that you do not have to join as a member to view the artwork or to get updates. If you don't draw boys but like looking at male artwork, please +watch the group instead.

:bulletblue: What can you submit?

Anything boyart related; fanart, original characters, the guy sitting next to you in the train, your favourite actor/musican, boylove etc etc. In the group gallery there is a folder for all of them!

It's very important that you remember that you may submit anything you want AS LONG as is biologically MALE, this means that crossdressing will be accepted ONLY if you make very clear in the deviation's comments that the character is MALE.

:bulletred: What can you NOT submit?

1. Photography
2. Drawings with girls included
3. Furry/anthro, animals, monsters ( animal ears or a tail are fine, but the anatomy, limbs and face have to be human )
4. Too much gore, child-rape, mpregs
5. Line art, Base, YCH lines/base, WIPs, Sketches, Doodles, Art dumps
6. Demotivationals, recolors, redraws, screencaps, traces or relines
7. Badly scanned/photographed drawings that are hard to recognize
8. 3Ds, literature, journals, advertisements and such

The administrators will be checking out the quality of the submissions too, this is also why WIPS, sloppy sketches and bad-scanned/photographed artwork are going to be automatically DECLINED

IMPORTANT: Regular members can submit one deviation per week, this is to maintain the inbox flood as low as possible, contributors and staff members have no limits. If you have any doubts please click the link that appears at the top of our blog entries to check out the group rules.


Lucas ♥
Group mascot

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Main Moderator







You're not here because you're not logged in

Please read! ^^

:damphyr: The submission limit is 1-drawing-per-week so please choose the correct folder first before hitting that submit button. If you're unsure where to, here's our Folders and Gallery Structure blog to help you.

:damphyr: If you're going to place your artwork into storage, kindly remove it from the group first and give more people chance to submit their new artworks. Thank you!

NOTE: You are free to re-submit your artwork to the group when you put it back up to your gallery again!

:damphyr: Also, please STOP asking whether or not the group is dead!

If your submission has been waiting for a few days (say maybe 3 or 4 or more), then that means:
    :bulletblack: The admins are really busy running their own lives


    :bulletblack: We just have too many submissions to handle at any one time. There are 11,000+ of you and only 11 of us. Quite a ratio, don't you think?


    :bulletblack: You submitted to the wrong folder and the admins are waiting for you to withdraw and resubmit it to the right folder.

Most of us are online regularly so don't panic if your drawing hasn't been accepted yet. If it's in the wrong folder, we usually post the Folders and Gallery Structure blog on the comment section to give you a hint on where to resubmit it.

If it's already been 1 month (or 30 days) and your submission expires, then that's the only time you may worry. ;P

:bulletblack: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :bulletblack:

:bulletblue: We DO NOT accept:

  1. Photography

    This also applies to images of cosplays and those photomanipluations that use renders/stock photos of real life males.

  2. Drawings with girl/s in them

    This also applies even if the girl is just a shadow, a silhouette or just in the background.

    If your drawing looks like a girl, it will be declined if you didn't say anything in your art description about the drawing being a boy.

    Males drawn in their 'genderbent' female versions and men with female parts (girl boobs, pregnant belly, etc.) will be considered females not allowed in this group.

  3. Furry/anthro, animals, monsters

    Werewolves (and such others) in full monster form fall under this rule. Aliens and other species that do not have human-like faces also fall under this.

    Animal ears or a tail are alright, but the anatomy, torso, limbs and face especially have to be human.

  4. Too much violence, too much gore, child-rape, mpregs.

    We've been getting these things a lot more lately and it's really disturbing. There are thousands of other groups that accept gore so just submit your stuff to them. Blood is okay but a bathtub full of blood is not. Common sense, people.

    For the third one, dA is very much against it so it's banned here as well.

    Also, boys do not get pregnant. They don't have a womb. If they get pregnant, they're no longer boys but are something else entirely. Therefore, they do not belong in this group.

  5. Line art, Base, YCH lines/base, WIPs, Sketches, Doodles, Art dumps

    If it's "incomplete", it will be declined. Same goes for those messy whatchamacallems,,,

    For those traditional artworks "sketched" using pencil or pen (or other materials), we will only accept those clean, fully shaded ones.

    Please take a look into our Traditional folders to have an idea of what we usually accept:

    :bulletred: Fanart Traditional folder
    :bulletred: Original Traditional folder
    Special Exception: Tutorials and "studies" invited by admins into the new

    How-to-Male-Anatomy folder.

    Members may suggest their complete tutorials through the favourites folder for evaluation. The tutorial will not be invited and will be removed from the favs folder if it's unqualified.

  6. Demotivationals, recolors, redraws, screencaps, traces or relines of manga/comic pages, and such

    Referencing is fine, but using/copying/tracing/coloring someone else's artwork is not.

    Just because it's on the internet and everyone else is using it that way does not mean it's free to be used.

  7. Badly scanned/photographed drawings that are hard to recognize.

    Digital drawings that have poor lighting, are too dim, or unrecognizable may also be declined.

  8. :new: 3Ds :new:, literature, journals, advertisements, and such.

    If it isn't obvious enough in the group's name, we only accept drawings with boys in them.

:damphyr: We don't judge artworks base on the skill level used on them, but we do judge them base on what we accept and do not accept into the group's gallery.

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