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SPN: Happy Place
   “Yo Sam, you seen Cas?” Dean asked. He had spent an hour and a half looking for the damn heavenly body, but to no avail.
Man, he was a pain in the ass.
All Sam had to say was a really annoying giggle from behind his laptop screen.
   “Dean,” he said between snickers, “you never should’ve taught him to climb trees.” He pointed out the window and couldn’t resist laughing again.
Dean gave him a good, hard smack on the shoulder and crossed to the window, looking out.
All that could be seen in the unassuming oak tree was a pair of black-dress-pant-clad legs, bent not unlike a frog, with black dress shoes ending a short line of socked ankles adorned with happy, smiling cartoon bees. Dean had to manage a small, fond smile as he shook his head.
   “The hell is he doin’ up there?” he asked.
   “I don’t know!” Sam said, still giggling. Apparently the always-formal angel
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Merlin: Samhain Part II
Merlin’s eyes snapped open. What was he to say to that?
   “Y-yes...” he struggled to get out, “...but only around this time of year--”
   “That’s a horrible lie.” Morgana said, eyes half-understanding and sympathetic, and half confused, disturbed, and betrayed.
   “Yeah, it was, wasn’t it?” Merlin admitted. “I do have magick. I...I was born with it.”
   “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Morgana’s eyes were unreadable, and honestly, it terrified him.
   “I wanted to, Morgana, I really wanted to. When I found out about...about my magick, I was just like you. But Gaius told me not to, so I didn’t.”
   “Gaius tells people not to do things quite a lot.” she said flatly, a hint of bitterness in her eyes.
   “Gaius is a good man. A really good man, and a good friend.” The warlock j
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Merlin: Samhain Part I
The wind howled through the nigh-bare trees, sending the few leaves that remained scattering off. The air was sharp--the ground, crunchy with leaves, and the barest touch of frost. Fires snapped in the distance, and the whole atmosphere crackled with one word.
And Merlin’s magick did, too.
It was the New Year’s celebration in the Old Religion, which ran deeper than his blood and stronger than his bones. He had to constantly fight to prevent the release of his magick and his eyes flashing. Every inch of him felt alive, and it was glorious.
Which is why, in short, he was sitting in the forest in the middle of the night, waiting for sunrise and the last day of October.
A snapping of twigs turned his attention. His magick ebbed, flowed, bended with one thought. Eager at its release, it wandered.
He turned his head at its urging. In the distance, a figure was seen, its blood-red cloak trailing behind it. The hood was removed, and brow
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Merlin: Of Flowers, Wasps, and Idiotic Manservants
It was one of Merlin’s rare moments of severe, supreme, ridiculous sentimentality. Or, perhaps more accurately, insanity.
Arthur had been looking down for the past couple days--Merlin didn’t know why (nothing magical, he checked about 67 times) but what he did know is he had to do something about it.
So, he set off into the forest early one morning in order to get some flowers.
He had always loved the morning--the pale light shining through the mist, the grass wet beneath his toes (he hadn’t bothered to put on shoes today). He knew of a grove of flowers where Gwen always went to freshen up Morgana’s room, or just to relax and unwind after a hard day's work. A shortcut led up a small ridge and around, which looked like easier terrain. Merlin decided to follow it.
Absorbed in the atmosphere, the warlock didn’t pay attention when his arm swung into something which crunched under his elbow. He whipped around, curious, only to find that a buzzing, yellow mass o
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SPN: Pick-Up Lines
Sam sighed, a little puff of air escaping from his mouth as he did so.
The brisk Autumn air was nice for a mid-morning stroll, but now, as it approached the mid-afternoon, with no telling what shenanigans were going on between Cas and Dean back at the house, and having read his book from cover-to-cover-to-cover yet again, he was stuck on this park bench, all alone.
   “Hey baby, did you polish your pants?”
He wasn’t alone anymore.
Begrudgingly, he turned toward the trickster angel sitting next to him, that stupid glue-on moustache crooked on his upper lip in a failed attempt at looking seductive.
   “Cause I can see myself in them.” he finished, his eyebrow waggling. Sam fought the urge to crack a smile at the hideously awful pick-up line.
   “We’re really doing this?” he asked.
   “Hells yeah,” the angel came back with a grin. “Park Bench. First one off is a loooser!”
   “Is this book late?” Sam
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SPN: Meteor Shower
   “Yeah, Cas?”
   “I fail to see the point of lying on the ground until dawn.”
   “I don’t either Cas, but Sam thought it’d be fun.”
   “I do not understand why.”
   “There’s a meteor shower tonight, supposed to be great. I don’t really see the point of fallin’ rocks, but--”
A little beam of light shot down from the sky all of a sudden. Cas sat up, eyes full of wonder.
   “Dean. What was that?” he murmured.
Another shot by.
Dean grinned at the angel’s big doe eyes.
   “Meteors, Cas. Guess it’s starting.” he said, as he reached over for Cas’ hand. Castiel took it absent-mindedly, staring at the little blips of light shooting across the sky.
They sat like that for quite a while.
The next morning, Sam saw no sign of Dean, or Cas, so he decided to stick his head out the door.
He couldn’t resist a small smile at seeing the two of t
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SPN: Smoke Alarm
Dean looked up from tinkering with the Impala at the stench of smoke. He coughed, but he soon became alarmed at all of his mental radar at once flaring up with one thought. Cas.
He ran, trying to find the source of the smoke.
   “Cas?” he called out. “Cas!”  Dean sighed in relief as he saw the angel come around the side of the house, waving away the smoke with a dishtowel. “Are you OK? What’s goin’ on?” he asked, in retrospect not as gently as he should have. Cas looked up, his blue eyes red-rimmed from all the smoke, shimmering and watery.
   “My apologies, Dean,” he said, interrupting himself with a cough. “I tried to make burgers with the new barbeque grill, but I seem to have burned them.”
Dean laughed and pulled Cas in for a hug.
   “Aw babe, I’m sure they taste great.” he said with a smile. “Now c’mon, I’ll help you, and let&
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BBC Sherlock: Sharing Scarves and Chilly Days
It was autumn in London.
The leaves, exploding in orange, yellow, and red, bloomed on the trees like so many strange flowers. Sherlock and John traipsed through the park, the leaves crunching underneath their shoes, sounding to John’s hungry brain like a bag of crisps. A small shiver ran through his system as well--he wasn’t expecting it to be nearly this cold. Sherlock slid his eyes over to his companion and gave him a once-over.
   “You’re an idiot.”
John rolled his eyes.
   “Says the man who wears a wool jacket in the middle of the bloody summer.”
   “Well it isn’t the middle of the bloody summer now, is it?” he retaliated. “I’m perfectly comfortable. Unlike you. Because, unlike you, I am not an idiot.”
John sighed.
   “You know, people tend to share warm clothes if it’s cold out.” he hinted. Sherlock rolled his own eyes.
   “Honestly John, you are far too blunt. I’m quite enj
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Merlin: Slippery Slope
   “Come on, Merlin, we haven’t got all day!”
Arthur Pendragon exclaimed, leaping over a log with the grace of a deer on the bright morning. Merlin trudged behind, almost tripping over that same log, but maintaining his chipper demeanor.
   “Just until your father realizes you’re shirking again and sends all the knights out after you, I expect.” he said with a wink. Arthur peered his head out from behind a tree.
   “Who says he’ll catch me?” he said with a small grin. Merlin laughed and shook his head in disbelief. “Well, I do have the quickest feet in Camelot,” Arthur said with a small pout. Merlin snickered and ran to catch up with the man.
   “You ought to see Gwen when she sees Sir Lancelot at the window!” he called after him. Arthur chuckled as he ducked behind another bush and crouched.
Unfortunately, in his hurried quest to follow the young man, he
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SPN: Frostfall and Moonlight
The snow fell lightly, twinkling through the black trees as they hit rays of moonlight. It was December, and with it came the first true snow of the year. Castiel gazed up, blue eyes enamored of it all. Dean Winchester, the angel’s constant companion, followed, green eyes shining ethereal in the twilight.
   “Pretty, huh?” Dean remarked, leaning up against a streetlamp and following Cas’ eyes to the moon.
   “It is extraordinarily aesthetically pleasing, Dean.” Cas remarked breathlessly. “More than that--it is beautiful.” Dean laughed, but then tilted his head as he saw a shiver rack Castiel’s frame.
   “Cas?” he asked, hurrying towards him. Cas looked helplessly over at him, not knowing at all what he was experiencing, and Dean could almost roar with laughter at his confusion if his angel wasn’t cold. Wordlessly, he shrugged his jacket off and wrapped it around the angel’s shoulders. “C’mon, Cas.
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Hey again guys,

As usual with these, I'm gonna start out with an apology for lack of updating, but this time I have a genuine reason. All summer I've been rehearsing to go to the 2014 Edinburgh Festival Fringe with a show I'm in, and we happen to leave today for London, and then we're heading to Edinburgh on Tuesday.

I'll be there for around two weeks and then it's school starting up a week after that, so apologies if my activity remains stagnant.

However, I have been producing a lot of content, it's just a matter of actually physically uploading them at this point.

Though I am taking an advanced art class so maybe I'll have the chance to upload more things.

Anyway, see you all around later. This lassie has to go. ;)

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