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To take on the TENTH dimension?

Are you one of those people, who like me thought in the zero, first second, third, maybe even 4th dimensions?


Well there are ten of the little SOB's.
I wrapped my head around it, and I felt a little aneurism.
Am I going to die?…
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Hi I-AM-RESISTY, this is Rob Bryanton, creator of the animation. Thanks for posting a link to my project, and thanks to everyone for the discussion. I am posting a link to this entry in the "Interesting Links" section of my Imagining the Tenth Dimension Blog.

It's nice to see how many people here "get" what I was trying to explain with this project, but as usual there were also some questions. There is a new "annotated" version of this animation over at youtube that provides a huge number of links to the various tangents that spring from this way of imagining how our reality is constructed: just go to youtube and search for "annotated tenth".

And speaking of art, I had just posted a blog entry a few days ago that gathered up a bunch of my more artistic video blogs, most of which were created using video feedback tricks and are fun to watch even with the sound turned off! If you go to the blog and search for "feedback" it should be the first blog entry that comes up.