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it's not a phone call :iconi-am-mclauren:i-am-mclauren 1 0
voldemort by i-am-mclauren voldemort :iconi-am-mclauren:i-am-mclauren 1 0 hand sketch by i-am-mclauren hand sketch :iconi-am-mclauren:i-am-mclauren 0 0 girl by i-am-mclauren
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girl :iconi-am-mclauren:i-am-mclauren 0 1
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my nightmare :iconi-am-mclauren:i-am-mclauren 0 2
GO-RIL-LA. Tarzan anyone? by i-am-mclauren GO-RIL-LA. Tarzan anyone? :iconi-am-mclauren:i-am-mclauren 0 1 all hallow's eve by i-am-mclauren all hallow's eve :iconi-am-mclauren:i-am-mclauren 0 1 Dante's Minos by i-am-mclauren Dante's Minos :iconi-am-mclauren:i-am-mclauren 1 0
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Jericho :iconi-am-mclauren:i-am-mclauren 0 4
I pulled off my sweat-soaked mask and opened my mouth to yell. Catherine punched my arm and told me to shut up. She hissed, “Put the damned mask back on, idiot,” and turned away. I stared at her in disbelief. It’s weird to see what night can do to people.
I scanned the field, watching my scattered friends slowly make their way to the plant. This is a really bad idea. I heard Randall pop the cap off a can of spray paint and start to shake it. I wiped the sweat from my forehead. It was a chilly October night, but I couldn’t stop perspiring in my jeans and torn up flannel shirt. My rubber werewolf mask dangled from my fingers and swayed in the breeze, like some sort of eerie omen. Maybe I was just paranoid. The pale skin sagged and seemed to sink into itself. The faux fur was matted and littered with dead leaves. The sullen and empty eye sockets stared out at the night, never pausing to blink.  The mask was ready, why wasn’t I?
Monica approached me in he
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the lion and the lamb
     Veronica Berkeley indignantly slammed her glass to the table, flicking her hair to the side so as to look upon her adversary with her most fiery gaze.
“I will not tolerate any politician in my home. The man has done as most men do: scrounged for power like a sick dog and then abused it blindly. What a repulsive profession!” she exclaimed.
“Veronica, that is absurd! Jack is my husband! He’s done nothing immoral or worthy of your scorn. Besides that, I’m merely asking if he can join us for dinner.”
Ruth straightened the table dressings and set her place, planning the next retort in her mind.
     Veronica sighed, exasperated, and shook her head, as though Ruth was a child who did not understand. She reformed her tone to explanatory and decided to try again, licking her lips and sitting taller as she did so.
“My dear sister,” she began, Ruth at this point now staring with eyes that looked about
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456 Ash Dr
He pulled the cigarette from his lips and lowered his head.
“What do you mean, four days? I haven’t got that long.”
“Sorry, bloke, but it’s the best we can do.”
He furrowed his brow and threw his cigarette to the concrete floor. He stamped it out with an aggravated sigh and made for the open garage door where the rain was coming down in torrents. He kept his eyes to the ground as he crossed the street, becoming more anxious the more the rain soaked his clothes. He didn’t quicken pace on the pavement when the rain picked up, and he didn’t go home.
She plucked the cigarette from his lips.
“Four days?”
She threw it to the floor.
“Yes, love, four,” he sighed, remembering that that was his last smoke.
“You know we don’t—” she stopped, dropping into a chair.
He nodded, leaning against the countertop and rubbing his makings of a beard. Cooling down, she drummed her fingertips on the table and watched the rain outs
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empty 9-21
He peered at her pencil flying over his empty bowl. She pretended to ignore him. He extended his arm and held the bowl inches from her tilted forehead.
She continued to write.
“It’s empty,” he said.
She glanced at his mournful eyes and then back to her paper.
He watched her a little longer, listening to her pencil scrape its guts onto the page.
“We’re out.” He stated. She continued to write.
He waited some more and said,
“I broke you. And I know ice cream fixes it…like that one time you told me about. So I went to get some…but we didn’t have any.” He hugged the bowl back to his chest.
She finished writing her sentence and looked at him. He sadly dropped his head and stared at the floor.
She reached toward him and opened her hands. He gazed at them for a minute, then handed her the bowl dolefully.
She dipped her hand into it and scooped out a sizeable bite. She stuffed herself with imaginary ice cream and then smiled at him affectio
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I wake up to him getting out of bed, and I lay there lazily as he rushes around and pulls a worn pair of sneakers on. Slowing down, he kisses me softly on my forehead and says, "Get up beautiful, we're leaving."
"Where are we going?" I ask, and he says,
"Bring your cell. Trust me, love."
So I grab my phone, wake myself up, and follow him out the door into his car.
"Just my phone?"
"Yes love, that’s all we need."
"...What for?"
"Just wait," he says
And we start to drive.
Ten minutes pass without a word.
"Hand me your cell phone now, please." he tells me
And I raise my eyebrow at him and place it in his free hand
He watches it for a second, and then looks back at me
And then proceeds to snap my phone in half and toss it onto the floor in the back -
And before I can open my mouth, he says,
“We're running away, beautiful; we won't be needing that anymore."
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sketching again by i-am-mclauren sketching again :iconi-am-mclauren:i-am-mclauren 0 0



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