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Did you not see the signs?

Okay, first of, if you haven't seen Antony C :iconantonyc: and BronyCurious :icontommyoliverdraws: review of A Canterlot Wedding already, go and do so now.
Here, I'll even give you the link:…

This piece is basically the thing they say right at the end. Now to those who wish to debunk this headcanon...Why? Why not let people enjoy different views?

Thirdly. (Wow a lot of writing this time.) I have been planning on making this piece for quite some time now. And I kind of put it off because I knew it would be quite time consuming. But after watching ziom05's :iconziom05: art. And completely imploding due to his awesomeness. I just had to get it done. His art really inspired me.

And lastly, click download if you want to see this in it's original size. I hope you enjoy it!
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Now that is some spectacular art. 
Can only think that this headcannon wouldn't be anywhere next to Wedding unless was made into a victory lap where a Chrysalis/Luna would have begun slowly infiltrating and exchanging the castle guard for changelings as soon as Luna thought she could get away with it. 
cause its kinda dumb?
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aaaaaww im diying!! this

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I think it would be even cooler if she got so into character that she lost her identity, and became a normal Equestrian with a bunch of gribbly groupies.
I-am-knot's avatar
A bunch of what? Gribbly groupies?
NO-SoupForYou's avatar
Yeah.  Groupies that are gribbly.

Y'know... like the Giger aliens, the Tremors critters, the Gremlins, lots of Resident Evil mutants. 
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Eh, decent idea for a fic.
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Speaking of Ziom, it's quite refreshing to stumble across another piece of gnarly-looking changelings, makes a change from the sheeny smooth changelings I normally see. :)
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I hadn't looked at this for some time now... I don't really like it any more. But I'm glad you like it.
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this has blown the mind of yet another brony, and opened possibilities...
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It is a mind-blowing machine!
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and I plan on printing it and using this picture as a massive poster! :D also I intend to show that video to Hasbro and convince them to make this, to make Luna as she truly is, but without any of that kid crap that makes you frown, something that only a competent mind can understand, mystery, hidden meanings, a larger picture, not just them saying it's a mystery and showing it, but where they don't know at all and only at the end does it all fall into place, even the viewers wouldn't see it until the last minute
It was meant like a joke.
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Dude, this just blew my mind! So cool!! 
I-am-knot's avatar
It blew my mind first time I heard it to.
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Dont think it's true. But the most possible twist of action, could be that she had trapped Luna, and turned into her after that....Thats why she was absent when Chrysalis came...maybe...
Great art, though 
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superb i like it good job
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THIS WAS A SUCH A SHOCKER,HASBRO IS A SMART ASS.LIKE SRSLY ITS SO TRUE.but as to say,it surprises me,the comic (nightmare rarity) henses the it was the NIGHTMARE FORCES that turned luna into nightmare moon and rarity into nightmare rarity,unless the forces were created or where chrysalis that headcannon was wrong.
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I don't count the comics as canon. They might be, but since I don't read them, I don't count them.
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I love the comics, but I see where you're coming from.
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Well it would make sense, because the moon is constantly changing.
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