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The Mysterious Man

By i-am-JENius

Mystery Of Man

All the days that pass me by so slow
All the emptiness inside me flows, all around
And there's no way out.

Have you tried to wait for nothing?

I find every competition as a challenge for me to practice my art skills. I want to be a versatile artist that can do different kinds of arts. I was having migraine when I was doing this, I thought I could never make it but i still tried my best to finished it. I made the man blurred to emphasized the "mystery" through him. He was trying to vanish for the reason that he couldn't stand the pain to wait anymore... He wanted to give up, but still he was there to wait for the right time... When will the right time comes? That's the mystery.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS 5; Passion; Inspiration; Imagination

Time: 2 Hours

I couldn't do it without:

Street Clock ;
Troubled Sky ;
Bird ;
Street Clock
Empty Sky ;
*Other stocks came from my own resources*


Copyright © 2010-2011 i-am-JENius. All rights reserved.
You are not allowed to reproduce, copy, modify or use any of my works unless you have my written authorization.
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Jun 3, 2007, 11:39:08 AM
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Your work here inspired me. Thank you.
Laura by DigitalButterflyy
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It looks like the 10th Doctor :D
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Great job! I just love the whole concept! Keep it up! Clap 
I would like to use this picture on one of my websites. I will retain your copyright on the image and give you a link to your image here. Do I have your permission?
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Your wonderful work is featured in my new journal [link]
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This is a little creepy. Many years ago, when I was three and for a few years after that, I had this recurring dream. There was this little convenience store on a dock and I would go in to get out of the fog. There would be a man with a trench coat and hat following me, a man at the register, a dark man in a row boat outside. I would go outside and look next to the shack/store and see almost exactly what you've drawn here, and then I would jump. That full body twitch that people get when they sleep, wakes you up, heart pounding. And I would know it was coming, after that.

It's so strange to see this.
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The fuzzy feel of this works really well
Flaxblossom's avatar
Ooh I like this. Everything is so clear and then he's all fuzzy... Like a ghost? *gasp!*

Anyway, great job! I love the surreal look and feeling :)
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Fantastic artwork.
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Just wonderful.


1000 Points on the way!!

:clap: :clap:

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Wow! I like it!
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Glad you liked it! ♥
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Very nice work. I think the street clock is a nice comic detail on that floating dock :D
Great idea.
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Thanks so much!
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