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8-bit Mario

For my love <3

A combination of 8-bit and modern Mario bro's style with a yummy dense Vanilla fudge cake on the inside
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This is so awesome!
Dothehamsterdance's avatar
It looks 2 dank to eat i would just preserve it
TheCatWafflez's avatar
I want this cake.
kawaiiamanda's avatar
I want that cake its soo cool and sounds yummy (*3*)
Jonhson-Jeremy's avatar
OMG ,my mouth is driping all over my desktop right now !
Omg that's like my cousins dream birthday cake :) Spectacular Job! :D
I-am-Ginger-Pops's avatar
Thanks :) It's been such a sudden inflow of comments, was there a post about it somewhere?
Yeah um deviantart sent me an email about other people's food art and I stumbled upon yours and I got to day it's very good
BlackieChan35's avatar
I saw it in a deviantArt email about desserts! Amazing job by the way! You really made the pipes look shiny! And Yoshi looks so adorable!
this is fucking awesomeO_O
ShadowKatz11's avatar

omg that looks absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!!


and is making me very hungry.

BloodyWing's avatar
I couldn't eat that, it looks too awesome.
I-am-Ginger-Pops's avatar
Hehehe I know it was difficult to watch my boyfriend cut it!
AlexiaJane's avatar
THIS IS AWESOME (Big Mario fan here!) :love:
I-am-Ginger-Pops's avatar
Thanks! I'm making another version of this next week :)
AlexiaJane's avatar
AWESOME, I can't wait to see it!!
KristianVasquez's avatar
Oh my gosh, this is awesome!
KristianVasquez's avatar
YT350's avatar
Is excellent work!
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