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13. Your favorite villain song

“Hellfire” of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

A verry scary love song basicly. Specialy when he sings if he doesn’t get here she have to burn. That is just sick. The song clip is pretty nice thoug. What just a fireplace can do.

Part of the Disney challenge.

Alsow on tumblr [link]
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Fresmeistruelove's avatar

When I saw this for the first time last year in instagram I was like Aaaawwwwww How can someone Hate on him? He's soooo cute in here!

LucyLumine's avatar
So cute you can't even tell he's an complete asshole lmao
horrorgirlxD's avatar
Oh.. My.. God.. So cute 
LunalaCrevan's avatar
Haha,he has Clopin-sama's puppet!cute
CrazyYetAdorable's avatar
You just displayed the unexpectantly cute perception of this character. I mean, we are all likely to know that this character is supposedly a sinner in his deep intentions. KUDOS TO YOU!Hug 

Also, could you please do Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog in that cutecy theme-and-style of yours? 
fiddlerchipmunk's avatar
Cute, but he's one of the hate-able villains for me.
RainbowVixen17's avatar
Awww! Adorable! Nice work!
Kraving4games's avatar
This is pretty adorable!
TheFabulousMyriad's avatar
So Clopin is his Jiminy Cricket?
"..and always let your conscience be your guide.. "
DisneyFrolloVillains's avatar
Holy Hellfire judge frollo excellent work dude
I-Am-Bleu's avatar
Thank you ^^ 
DisneyFrolloVillains's avatar
You're welcome so you're a fan of judge frollo in disney's the hunchback of notre dame right? Happy frollo Friday
I-Am-Bleu's avatar
I think he is a really intesting villian. Saying I am a fan of his is not the same XD 
DisneyFrolloVillains's avatar
I see well I could try as judge frollo *as judge frollo * Hello how are you? Doing well
Judge-Claud-Frollo's avatar
Why do I have a puppet of Clopin in my hand?
Kraving4games's avatar
I don't know Frollo, why do you have a puppet of Clopin in your hand?
Judewelos's avatar
"It's not my fault! It's in gods plan. HE MADE THE DEVIL SO MUCH STRONGER THAN A MAN!!!"
WanderSong's avatar
Why is he holding Clopin's puppet? :?
I-Am-Bleu's avatar
becase I love the puppet XD ther is not a other reason thoug. 
SonicSailorKeyblade's avatar
I love chibi frollos!! He's  my top knotty fave disney villain!! If I had to pick 1, it would b him!! :3 >#~#< 
I-Am-Bleu's avatar
He is indeed a good villain XD
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