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All 718 pokemon !

By I-Am-Bleu
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read this first please, thank you!


I draw them all!!!! finaly all 649 pokemon incl. some extra forms. So its a big file.

Only thing I didn't draw is:
Arceus with difrend stones, Deerling in difrend seasons colours, Pichu whit pointy ear or shiny onces. I try to do them on order. So look closely bevore you think one is missing.

I draw this in my one style of "littel animal" I started this a year ago just fore fun and just doing some of mine favorits. But later stated to do them all. Ofcours I was in my last year of school so there were somtimes weeks that I didn't do anything at al. Some of the pokemon are draw a bit difrend or the colour doesn't match I blame time fore that XD

They all been drawn traditional way. Just with normal pensils and colour soft pensils and a fineliner. I yous photoshop to put them all together and save some quality becase scanning kill colours.

I dare everyboddy to draw all pokemon in there one style. Becase its great wen you finist them all.

Don't yous anything of this with out my permission.
Ofcours coppyright to pokemon ect. ect.


I finaly update the 6 gen to the mix! So I draw all 718 pokemon. This does NOT incl. megaforms. 
I not doing all the new froms like poudel Furfrou , FlabébéFloette, Florges and Vivillon. 
The reason is the same of the once bevore them like, Arceus with difrend stones, Deerling in difrend seasons colours, Pichu whit pointy ear or shiny onces.
There is just to lack of change exapte the colour and mabey a minor ditail, its just not intesting to draw. 

Updated the mega forms and pokemons I was missing. This update till 17 July. 
I probely update again when there are more forms are released. This will be afthe the released of the remake of Gen 3

Sorry fore the large file and its only getting bigger XD 

All gens separated posted. 
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<da:thumb id="208441662">
<da:thumb id="211706401">
<da:thumb id="216552398">
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<da:thumb id="468766320">

Are you planning to do somthing like this too? I give you some tips how I did it and mabey it will help you. fav.me/d670esr
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I admire your fan dedication and patience to complete the drawing pokedex.
I look forward to seeing Pokemon from alola. :D
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This is something every Pokemon fan must see! Like it! :D
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Haha they look much like my anthro Pokémon characters, except in this one have no limbs and tiny eyes!
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I can spot more difrends thoug ;)
PockeyRade's avatar
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difrends mediums and no mouths fore example 
PockeyRade's avatar
Mediums...you mean styles?
I-Am-Bleu's avatar
you draw digital I did them in traditional (colour pensils)
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Haha nice job buddy! They all look awesome!
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Holy cow I can't believe there's that many! But I'm still a huge fan!
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this is AMAZING!!!
MorisatoMegumi's avatar
Oh my god! This is cuteness-overload! I just love it!! *_____*
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You actually spent all that time to draw them???
I-Am-Bleu's avatar
yep and not even done XD 
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try drawing all 802 pokemon.
I-Am-Bleu's avatar
its work in progresse ;) 
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You did a great job working on all of these.
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Eeeeeeps, they are all so DAAAARLIIING!!! :squee: Fangirl Scream Emote 
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whoot its not a total of 802 now,but this si cute!
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