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The Green Lantern Movie Poster

By hyzak
Green Lantern!!!
Zbrush, Cinema 4D, PsCS4 and a few hours!! ja!

aquí dejo el Tuto de "How 2 do it..." xD… (En Español)
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© 2009 - 2021 hyzak
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Better than the real one.
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The title font is awesome!!
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everythings good except his expression.....
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Way better than what they actually used...
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Yeah this is tight! Better than movie poster!
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EPIC. The suit and mask here look tons better than in the actual movie, IMO.
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"In brightest day, in blackest night,: No evil shall escape my sight..."

Great work!
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style!!like it!
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I thought I should let you know that your design is being sold on Ebay (as well as one of my own)
Do the entire art community a favor and report the item and then request that the seller remove it, I know that I will be.
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Thanx for the info!
Fantastic!! I wish this was going to be used in the movie!

Did you create the outfit yourself or did you get from somewhere else and alter it to fit your image?
It doesn't matter either way, just curious.
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Thanx! yep, was my creation from scratch in zbrush, I got a tutorial about it! but maybe the idea came from some manips i saw before... [link] but, I take the credits! :jedi:
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A lot of work i think, good job ! :)
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Thank you! a lot of fun too! :stupidme:
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yeeeesssssss sick i cant wait anymore
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huge fan of green lantern. always will be.
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This scares me. It's yet another piece of proof why Ryan Reynolds should have never been cast for this film (which already suffers from a horrible cast and an abominable premise).

Nice photomanipulation, though. I like how you kept in mind that the suit actually has material properties, like rubberized fabric. Sadly, the suit will be entirely CGI for the film.
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Very cool! Although I hope they end up going with a more classic costume.
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Thanx everyone!
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hahah not bad at all, nice
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