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For fans of the characters Maes Hughes and Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist. (Alone, as friends, as a couple, etc)
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:flame: Honestly? My biggest pet peeve is rudeness. Please be polite, positive, respectful, and courteous, both towards group members and non-fans. Someone doesn't like something? Great. People are allowed to have an opinion, and we're all allowed to have ours. =) Respect other people, and we're golden. :heart:
:flame: Deviations that violate deviantART's rules will not be allowed. Likewise, mature content must be labeled. Whether it's strict or a warning doesn't matter to me as long as what's mature is SOMEHOW filtered as such.
:flame: It's PERFECTLY okay if you submit deviations that involve just Roy or JUST Hughes. You can submit Roy and Hughes in group settings or them with other characters, but due to this group being based on Hughes and Roy's relationship, please keep other pairings involving Roy or Hughes to a minimum. Roy giving Ed a hug is fine, but any pairing submissions that aren't Hughes/Roy will be judged HARD.
:flame: There are no screenings based on quality. The only exception is if a picture is SO illegible that I can't tell what it is. If you held a pencil between your butt cheeks and drew, it'll still be approved as long as I can tell that it IS Hughes and Roy you drew. ...Exaggeration, but you know what I mean. =)
:flame: NO stolen art. This includes copying other fanart. I'm sorry. If you copy another fanartist's drawing, you MUST give credit and must have altered the picture in some way so that it is not immediately recognizable as referenced from other fanart. ...And I have enough HyuRoi fanart on my computer to be able to tell. =)
:flame: Have fun. Any member caught not HAVING FUN and enjoying themselves will be dragged off to a fun corner of the Internet and FORCED to have fun. I mean it. Enjoy yourselves!


The club name, HyuRoi, comes from the common tradition of combining the beginning letters (in katakana, romanized) of characters' names together (in this case, Hughes - ヒューズ - ヒュー - Hyu and Roy - ロイ - Roi) to state them as a pairing, much like the Character A/Character B format adopted by Westerners (there's a good chance that means you 8D). So, yes, using the Japanese method of combining the katakana in their names might make you a little Wapanese. But that's okay.

Go ahead. Type ヒューロイ into google and see how much Japanese yaoi you find! 8D

WTF, Hughes/Roy!? But that's CRAZY!

...It's all explained here in this lovely 24-page HyuRoi manifesto I compiled because so many people didn't understand Hughes/Roy. It's outdated, but y'know, it's still fairly insightful.

The All-Inclusive HughesxRoy rant


I have compiled a list of all Hughes/Roy doujinshi I have on my computer with titles, download links, ratings, and descriptions. Go nuts! :3

Right here


FMA HughesRoy SPOILER by witchiamwill FMA HughesRoy SPOILER :iconwitchiamwill:witchiamwill 45 33 Maes Hughes IS Tinkerbell by virtualpapercut Maes Hughes IS Tinkerbell :iconvirtualpapercut:virtualpapercut 157 345 Roy Mustang by Spiegelfaenger Roy Mustang :iconspiegelfaenger:Spiegelfaenger 46 16
HyuRoi Fic: Can't Take It
Title: Can't Take It With You
Series: AU anime
Word Count: 566
Rating: Er... G? PG for angst?
Summary: Maes is a right bastard. (He told me I had to say this.)
Warnings: Hughes/Roy, right-bastard-y-ness?
Maes Hughes lay in bed, glasses off, and watched through the slit in the curtains as the dark indigo sky slowly, slowly lightened to gray. Roy was asleep next to him, huddled against the wall like always, as if they didn't know each other. His back was pressed against Maes' upper arm. Maes could feel the curve of his spine, the slow rhythm of his breathing, and the warmth of his bare skin.
The gray crept toward light blue. Birds chirped to each other, stirring in the eaves, and somewhere in the neighborhood a window scraped open. The smell of some early riser's bacon and coffee floated in on the soft, cool breeze.
Goosebumps rose on Maes' chest, but he didn't move to close the window next to their bed. He didn't pull the sheet up. It seemed bet
:iconchiharu-octavia:chiharu-octavia 11 13
MaesxRoy: After Drill by chiharu-octavia MaesxRoy: After Drill :iconchiharu-octavia:chiharu-octavia 28 9 Missing Maes - 1 by chiharu-octavia Missing Maes - 1 :iconchiharu-octavia:chiharu-octavia 44 26 HyuRoi - From the Heart by chiharu-octavia HyuRoi - From the Heart :iconchiharu-octavia:chiharu-octavia 47 38
Academy FMA: Big Dicks
Title: Big Dicks?
Authors: chiharu-octavia and vanillapudding
Genre: Humour/Romance?
Warnings: Uh, none unless you count the way boys talk. I don't know anything spoiler-y. And I didn't really clean up the back-and-forth that goes with rp, so this'll read like an rp log. ^_^;; Gomen~ *lazy* u.u;
Disclaimer: I dun own FMA - obviously.
The first day he got back to school was both the happiest and the saddest day of Roy Mustang's thirteen years. Happy because he was away from his overly-aggressive father and his too-passive mother. Happy because he was back in a place where people told him if he was worth something and only corrected him if he needed it. Sad, because...
... well, two words summed it up nicely: Maes Hughes.
Despite Roy's best efforts, the feelings that had sprung up during the second half of the last school year had not gone away. Roy had thought he'd conquered them, or that his father's "persuasion" had actually worked, or that fourteen-year-old Talitha Markham had scr
:iconchiharu-octavia:chiharu-octavia 15 24
AbusedAcademy Roy: WP by chiharu-octavia AbusedAcademy Roy: WP :iconchiharu-octavia:chiharu-octavia 10 17 Thoughts on Silence by chiharu-octavia Thoughts on Silence :iconchiharu-octavia:chiharu-octavia 49 10 Maes and Roy - A Doodle by chiharu-octavia Maes and Roy - A Doodle :iconchiharu-octavia:chiharu-octavia 4 5 Desert Kiss by chiharu-octavia Desert Kiss :iconchiharu-octavia:chiharu-octavia 189 58 Strip Scrabble... what? by chiharu-octavia
Mature content
Strip Scrabble... what? :iconchiharu-octavia:chiharu-octavia 69 37
FMA Academy: Roy Studies by chiharu-octavia FMA Academy: Roy Studies :iconchiharu-octavia:chiharu-octavia 31 14 FMA Oekaki... ish by chiharu-octavia FMA Oekaki... ish :iconchiharu-octavia:chiharu-octavia 5 7 FMA: Maes x Roy: Comic Panel by chiharu-octavia FMA: Maes x Roy: Comic Panel :iconchiharu-octavia:chiharu-octavia 82 13
Hey all Roy x Hughes fans! This is my first blog to this group so I hope you don't mind (or kill me) but I made a HyuRoi on LiveJournal! :D (because I believe it needs tons more love) so feel free to join and post something. ^^;

here is the link… if you don't have a LJ acount but still want to post a story just let me know and I'll fix the setting so you can. :)
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