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I actually found myself quite impressed with this event, much better than my expectations or the poster suggested. Granted none of the films would win a short film oscar, but most of them had impressive action choreography and some of them actually had good production values. A few of them even had interesting stories and scripts.

An extra point to ponder:
Jeff, who organized the festival, said one of his motivations for organizing this event was the upcoming establishment of the Plymouth Rock Studios AKA Holywood East. The official website of the Studio:
An old Boston Globe article:… If you would like to learn more, just google Plymouth Rock Studios.

Once established, it will fundamentally change the film making landscape in New England, he implied. And organizing this film festival was a part of his efforts to be ready for this change. He wanted to bring together and network film crews and stunts people.

I think also for us artist types the possibility for changes and opportunities cannot be discounted, even if you are not a filmmaker per se.

It was also an opportunity to meet other filmmakers in the area. I talked with Jeff the organizer, as well as some other filmmakers, about the idea to have some kind of website or blog going to keep the filmmakers who participated in the event in touch. He was positive about the idea and should be in talk with others to have some online presence going as I write this.

Beside all these, the festival itself was quite an enjoyable event, clearly a plenty of entertainment for the admission price, and if it returns next year I would clearly recommend it to most people I know.

P.S. If you are local to the Boston Area, don't forget the Boston Zine Fair this weekend:…
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Submitted on
September 18, 2008