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The Many Faces of Cinema: Lord Of The Rings

Faces, Silhouettes full of color and magic. Faces of movies, Silhouettes from the big screen.

Hope you like it. ^^

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P.D. Commission for #Artpokaz ^^
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I love this so much.
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this is gorgeous and it's my favourite book and movie well as music
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Two of the best film trilogies I have ever seen
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YES! YES! I LOVE IT! :love: :love: :love:
the Epicness is REAL!!!
awesome picture!!
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Beautiful!! One of my favorite series to watch, this is so well done! :love:
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I love it!
You... well, let me explain on my language, and then in the yours.Sweating a little... 

Me parece increíble como has logrado meterlo todo dentro de la cabeza de Frodo, literalmente Wink/Razz .
Están todos los personajes importantes:
- Al fondo El Ojo, con el Nazgul volando cerca.
- Gollum - ¡¡¿Cómo demonios hiciste las letras del anillo tan bien?! Love - creo que es ese momento de gloria que tiene antes del gran final...
- Sam un poco más abajo, cuando salva a Frodo de Ella-La-Araña.
- Merry y Pippin con Bárbol, ¿justo cuándo van a la guerra?
-Luego  la Comunidad del Anillo (menos los nombrados y Gandalf) todos en diferentes momentos, creo que Gimbli, Légolas y Aragon están justo en el momento cuando vuelven a ver a Gandalf, ahora el blanco, ¿me equivoco?, y Boromir llamando por refuerzos con su cuerno. xDD
Y por último, se tiñe todo de negro con la caída de Gandalf por culpa del Balrog.I think I've fainted. 
Espléndido. Nuu 
Las tres películas en un solo cartel.
Y la gama de colores del amarillo al rojo oscuro le van como anillo al dedo (hablando de anillos Wink/Razz)
Ok, ahora en tu idioma.

It seems incredible to me how you have managed to put everything inside Frodo's head, literally Wink/Razz .
There are all the important characters:
- In the background The Eye, with the Nazgul flying nearby.
- Gollum - How the hell did you make the ring's letters so good ?!Love - I think it's that moment of glory that he had before the big end...
- Sam a little below, when he saves Frodo from Ella-La-Araña. (She-The-Spider?)
- Merry and Pippin with Treebeard, Are they in the moment that they go to war?
-Below the Fellowship of the Ring (except the named and Gandalf) all at different times, I think that Gimbli, Légolas and Aragon are when they saw Gandalf, now the white, I'm wrong ?, and Boromir calling help with his horn. xDD
And finally, everything is turning dark with the fall of Gandalf because of the Balrog..I think I've fainted. 
Splendid. Nuu 
The three films in a single poster.
And the range of colors from yellow to dark red go like the ring on one's finger (speaking of rings Wink/Razz)

Well, I hope you can understand me. I'm Canarian so I don't write/speak english...
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En realidad mi idioma es el Español XD

Gracias!! *___*
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Ok, intentaré recordarlo.
De nada :3
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