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Disney University - Tinkerbell

By Hyung86
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I'll try to make Disney/Pixar characters in young and stylish concepts, some kind of "students", something like the new Pixar's Movie: Monster University.

It's clear that little Tinkerbell had to be in the Adam team as Cheerleader. She is fun, cheerful, dreamy and usually a little bit hyperactive XD
She is secretly in love with Peter Pan so she's always argue with all the girls who are near him, after all the fairies are so small that they can't fit two feelings at once.

PS: Tinkerbell is the cheerleader of the team The BEASTS with Adam while Hercules is the team captain HEROES

Hope you like it!
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hay tinkerbell me hace volar sin usar su polvo de duende/hada por que ella es increible .
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She looks happy! But no pom pom shoes?!
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Adorable :la: you have the other fairies? :3333
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You read the BOOOOOK! You have no idea how I happy I was to read that short quote. 
(next come the explanations.) 
It's just that so many people seem to base any fan work on the movie only. There are some things that can't be put into movies that are so interesting in books. Most people don't see that but you do. You explain your AU a bit and I love that. 

Anyway, thank you for making me happy. And keep on being awesome!
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i agreed wiht 4gotten
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it be cool to see the disney Fairies. fawn, silvermist, rosetta, irredessa and even vidia

theyd probably be on the cheer squad with tink, lol
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I used to love Tinkerbell since I watched the first Peter Pan movie when I was 4-5. But now i'm 11 and my child hood memories are fading...
It's sad whenever I know a Disney character, but when I think of them, they are just blurry.
My child hood is fading away....
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I love how you have used a realistic size idea. I've noticed that most people who bring Disney characters into the modern world have a tendency to keep them super skinny or super fit. Also, I like the stories you have given your characters! Meow :3 
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of course she is a cheerleader.
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im not sure, what about their craftsman facet? i think she could have some interest in engineering or similar by it
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She's my favorite XD
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omg i want this university to be a thing!
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Love the Pom Poms' colours =3
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Yea i like them very much !


Tumblr blog

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Would this make the other Disney Fairies cheerleaders? LOL jk
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In the Tinkerbell movies she is shown to be good at tinkering (hence her name) you might want to fit that in somewhere.
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Tinkerbell is est Cheerleader!
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