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Disney University - Taran

By Hyung86
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I'll try to make Disney/Pixar characters in young and stylish concepts, some kind of "students", something like the new Pixar's Movie: Monster University.

Taran dreams of becoming a great warrior, but must stop daydreaming because he doesnt live in Middle Ages XD. He practise fencing everyday with Arthur and Phoebus.
He love The Lord of the Rings and everything that is related to this type of literature (Sword and sorcery fan <3)
Many people dont remember he because he likes pass unnoticed ^___^

Hope you like it!

P.D. I always remember he like "Taron" but english ver. was Taran ^^
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Everyone who has seen it knows Taran wants to be knight. And we know that every knight needs a squire, and what do you know? Arthur wants to be a squire. So why would Arthur want to be a squire for that slob Kay when he can be a squire for Taran? ; )

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Tara must play a lot of skyrim
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Nice job! Love the look on Taran's face! Reminds me of his excitement for becoming a strong warrior someday! ;)
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Don't you miss the fact he dates Eilonwy like you write on her picture?
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I always loved the Black Cauldron, even before it got banned back in the 80's. 
Great style and I like the way you aged him into a young adult! :D
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Back in the early 1980's the film was banned from theaters and was not permitted to be released on home video because it was "Too Scary" for children. It was considered Disney's biggest mistake. It did not resurface again for over 10 years when the internet came around, and a cult fan following pestered Disney to release the film for home video. I was about 5 years old when the film was in theaters and I remembering it vanishing shortly after it was released. It was the only Disney film I did not get to see on its release day as a kid. When it was released on home video, I was 18, and I recognized it immediately. Bought a copy and has loved it ever since.
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That's simply ridiculous! It's an underrated Disney movie in my opinion, but of course with the harsh themes and an extremely villain in the Horned King, I see some of the points, but I still think it was a stupid decision
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There is now hearsay that a Live Action Black Cauldron is in the works. >_>
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what is that exactly? cartoon or human movie or what?
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Live Action = Actual People/Actors
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sounds nice... when was it coming?
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It wasn't actually banned from theaters (unless it was a small local theater doing it). In fact, it was heavily edited for both "things too scary for children" as well as length before even making it to the theaters. But the movie did so such poor numbers at the theaters that it initially didn't even make it to VHS. Presumably they just couldn't justify after it had totally flopped. Which could very well have been the reason for its short time in theaters. And by the time they had started considering a VHS release for it, The Little Mermaid had taken off to such a degree that they instead doubled down on that movie's VHS. Because unlike The Black Cauldron, it was actually making them money.
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I don't know when you were born or if you are from a near similar generation as I was, but the 80's were a different time. Kid related content was highly monitored and censored, and many things avoided striking fear into kids, especially with cartoons during these times.

See, the problem with your VHS reasoning, The Black Cauldron was released in July, 1985. The Little Mermaid was released November, 1989 (VHS release May, 1990). And then followed by Beauty and the Beast in November, 1991 (VHS release October, 1992). Then Aladdin in November, 1992 (VHS release October, 1993). As you can see, the following moves, starting 4 years after the Black Cauldron's initial release to theaters, received a VHS release ranging from 6-months to about 1-year after their theatrical release.
Disney had plenty of years to release a VHS of the Black Cauldron, but they never did until August 4, 1998, 13-years after the film had vanished from most people's knowledge.

All I remember back in 1985, I saw the previews for the film, and I was excited to see it. Even as a 5-year old, I loved scary movies. I begged my dad to take me. He wanted to wait for the week after its release to avoid crowds, so I was patient. When we went to the theaters the next week, the movie was gone. Pulled from the theater because it was dubbed "too scary", and never seen again until I was 18.
See, the reason it did poorly is because parents refused to take their children to see it because it was "too scary". Its not because the content, plot, or animation was bad, it was scary. And for parents back in the 80's, that was unacceptable. This was also reflected in reviews by critics who also deemed it inappropriate for children, and thus caused Disney to pull it from theaters and denied its re-release in any format.
Thus, the  film was banned. By definition; a ban is "
officially or legally prohibit" which is what Disney did, piratically denying its existence in the Disney Library until fans started requesting its release in the late 90's (thanks to the internet). While it is still not considered a popular favorite for most families, for the few who do know and like this film for its own unique Disney Qualities, it is a rare gem to keep.
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I acutally didn't know so, but here in DK, it's also the only Disney classic which is rated +11 years... some are for all ages, some are +7 years, but this film is the only one beyond that and I understand why... it's truly a scary one, but I'm also glad it got released because I like it, but actually didn't think they'd banish any of the Disney classics, but again life's filled up with surprises
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Good job.  :3  I love the Prydain stories, and I love the new and creative works inspired by them.
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Well done…
"Taron" ? From which country are you ? I'm french and we had "Taram"… I wonder which problem the translators had with Taran.
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"Is that a pig."
"Well, yeah, but..."
"Why is there a pig here?"
"Farmer's market, y'know."
"You bought a pig."
"Why, please?"
"Explain, Wanderer!"
"Oh. OK."
"Come again?"
"I understand predictions. Merlin's usually drilling me with 20 or so daily!"
"Huh. Just weirded out by the pig, not the crazy usage of said pig."
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That is great! But could you please tell me who's who? 
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Arthur from Sword in The Stone is the initial speaker, and Taron is the second speaker. Then at the second "...", Taryn questions Arthur, and Arthur responds.

I think Phoebus is the last guy, but he obviously wasn't as well developed as I wanted him to be. I owe it to Phoebus's brilliant voice actor, Kevin Kline, to write dialogue in the way he would speak it.

Thank you for the feedback, and I hope this answers any questions you may have had. Have a nice day!
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..... thanks. :) (Smile) 
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