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Disney University - Shanti

By Hyung86
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I'll try to make Disney/Pixar characters in young and stylish concepts, some kind of "students", something like the new Pixar's Movie: Monster University.

Shanti is a polite, quiet, sweet and beautiful young girl who's studying tropical fauna and environment.
She has some fear of the forests surrounding the university that why she always goes Mowgli (<3)
Hates snakes and love bollywoods movies (she is in love with Hrithik Roshan XD)

Hope you like it!
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I love everything about this!! Every detail is spot on! I especially love all the small intricacies in her dress and the 'Shere Khan' in Hindi. It looks phenomenal! And fits her so well!
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Gotta love that dress. 
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I love the patterns on her dress
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Oh gosh, this is beautiful.  My inner child is touched by the attention you're paying to each character's detail and the artist in me is thrilled by your cleverness and creativity!
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LOVE the design of her dress. And she looks so pretty!
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She's not the only one in love with Hrithik Roshan Heart - Free Heart - Free Heart - Free  So basically Shanti and I are the same person lol
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I love this series. I wonder if we will ever get to see this amazing University ;)
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she looks very beautiful.
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What Movie Was She In?
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Friend: Shanti was in The Jungle Book
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I really love this collection of art. An idea that I've had for forever is writing a book about Disney university <3
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Her dress is fantastic. Great !
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I like the ingenuity of your concept. It is refreshing
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the fact that i knew who Hrithik Roshan was made me love this even more! <3
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What movie is she from
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omg she's so beautiful
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That's some psychodelic dress she's got! I like her design: mixes in the 60s version with the sequel.
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looove the dress *-*
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Awwww she looks great!
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