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Disney University - Pinocchio

I'll try to make Disney/Pixar characters in young and stylish concepts, some kind of "students", something like the new Pixar's Movie: Monster University.

Pinocchio is studying engineering and scientific degree programs. He loves cats, wooden things, forests and candies and hates fire and whales (he wanted to kill Willy XD)
He is kind and friendly with everyone, even those who try to cheat him, luckily he has a good conscience ...

Hope you like it!
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eddfan1998's avatar
I can see him being close friends with Hiro and Tadashi.
merdicano's avatar
He really looks close to his Italian roots
jordyn-blakeman's avatar
clem2014's avatar
J'adore, en plus il est sexy !!!
I was kinda hoping he'd be studying woodcraft or carpentry, like his father :P.
alithepikachu's avatar
DAMNNNNNNNNNN PINNOCHIO GOT RIPPED (starting to wonder about his wood)
Tesla51's avatar
Heh, I always wondered what he would look like grown up. Now I have an idea! Nice look for him I must say.
Timesquadgirl's avatar
Is Jiminy with him?
Bambibelle84's avatar
OMG PINOCCHIO looks so sexy.
oogawege's avatar
"So you got stuck in a trailer, ended up deep in New York, and road tripped back to your show just to save that nice little girl from dying on set?"

"Well, I made a nice couple of friends too. Street girl who's way too into cats, and a chubby trailer park super fan who grew up in a bubble."

"Ey, all the people I met on my acting tour turned out to be crazy. My adopted family was the least crazy of them all, and I had to fight a freaking whal-HAACHOO!"
"OK, the guy was super big, at least."

"I swear, you have the oddest special weakness!"
BoldCurriosity's avatar
He's a real boy! :heart:
VladKiz21's avatar

Well, if we look at this picture closely, then I think he's not just a real boy... He's a real MAN.

Sima2001's avatar
awesome! great job :)
neko-kumicho-chan's avatar
Swishyfish2003's avatar
*creepy slow "there are no strings on me" song from the Avengers AoU trailer*
BluSilvrPaladin's avatar
Something's up with his face. Like, most of them you do a really great job translating it into a character, but something seems off with Pinocchio.
Freakconformist's avatar
It's the eyes, kudos to the artist for staying true to the character, but the cartoony-child are a little unnerving on an adult body. 
BluSilvrPaladin's avatar
That's exactly what it is. The face just didn't transition well enough into being a teenager and he looks like a child with a large body.
ShariVayleTMNT2016's avatar
Yeah where's Jiminy?
At first he wants to be a real boy.

Now he's the real MAN.
SUP-FAN's avatar
HA! Cut your strings! That's a good one.
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