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Disney University - Penny

By Hyung86
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I'll try to make Disney/Pixar characters in young and stylish concepts, some kind of "students", something like the new Pixar's Movie: Monster University.

Penny loves cats and designing jewelry.
She really love to work for an organization like Interpol and help children at risk.

Hope you like it!
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Interesting idea for shirt pattern^^
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could u draw this Disney character star butterfly next! 
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Penny is that one girl u must protect. She's one of my favorite characters and boy she looks cute!!
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Wut I'm basically saying is: She's so cute she must be protected
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I was just asking if the next Disney university character can be star butterfly from Disney channel so...
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well here is one picture of her
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did you mean to make me think she was a man? because that's what i thought she was. o.O
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nice job but i think she looks more of a kid then an adult unless she has a baby face lol 
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You should add Cody from Rescuers Down Under and make them a couple. :)

Although, like a couple of other people mentioned: her face needs to be aged a bit. It looks kind of off on the adult body.
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she's great!!! what program do you use?
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Her face is so sweet :)
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awesome! Penny doesnt get nearly enough attention.
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I think her hair would have changed as she got older. It doesn't look right she has a child's face
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The expression is incredibly well-done! It penetrates hearts
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this is so cute!!
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my god!! her shirt resembles the misery she had
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I love this whole series of artwork! Other than the fact that the younger characters are a little odd (like everyone says, children's heads on adult's bodies), they're all fantastic and their designs are so well thought out and fit the characters perfectly! I'd really love if you could do Cody from the rescuers down under; I grew up watching that one^^
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