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Disney University - Mulan

I'll try to make Disney/Pixar characters in young and stylish concepts, some kind of "students", something like the new Pixar's Movie: Monster University.

China's heroine now as a modern city girl. She is part of the dance team of the university, loves Jay Chou and Wang Lee Hom XD

Hope you like it!
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mulan esta demasiado genial y pensaba que mulan iba estar en las clases de musica ,coro, y estaria de paso en la actividad de esgrima.
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It's my favorite version of modern Mulan. I love that you gave her floral pattern and relatively long hair! In my opinion people tend to exaggerate her tomboyishness. While she is definitely wouldn't wear lace underwear and five inch heels, I don't think she would enjoy military style or something like that that makes her look fierce. I can imagine her liking floral patterns. However, I imagine her prefering pastel colors( like white, pink, mint green, sky blue, lavender) and  wearing longer T-shirts because they match her soft-spoken and modest personality better but in general your idea of her style is surprisingly similiar to mine.
I don't think Mulan is a fan of marital arts as many commentators suggested. She didn't study them for entertainment in the movie and I don't think she has need to study them in modern days. Chess is something she obviously enjoys.
great job!
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Oh wow such an amazing outfit!🐉
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omg, this is so cool!
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This is POIFECT!

I want to gush about this... but... I'm steadily running out of words... /panic
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I used to live with a Chinese exchange student.  She would never wear clothes that revealing.  Even Chinese hookers, while in the streets, typically dress up more.
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That is not truth. Maybe not as many as American.
Are you Chinese?

You should go on the street of Hong Kong and see how some wear so little.
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The gal I speak of is from Honzhou, north of Shanghai.
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Eh,but I seen many gals dress like that in Guangzhou(Canton)....
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I suppose.  Though, I thought it was a tad illegal there or something.  After all, they crack down quite a bit on street prostitution, and anything that resembles it remotely.  More so than in some other countries, such as Thailand and the Philippines - where prostitutes in some districts swarm like flies.
She looks totally awesome and a lot like Kira from Teen Wolf, who is also kick ass with a sword/katana !Wink/Razz 
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In this version of Mulan, I imagine that instead of fighting the Huns, they will have a dance-off and "serve" one another. XD
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We love for Disney Characters today. 
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So alike to MINZY...*-*
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I fall in love with this !
Your artworks are beautiful <3
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All of these are so much fun. I love flipping through them. :)
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Floral pants. VERY Asian fashion right now. Props for that.
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OMG she's fantastic!!!
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