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Disney University - Miguel

By Hyung86
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Miguel's dream is to be a musician, but while he manages to get it, he studies dramatic art at the university.

He loves Mexican music, animals (especially his dog Dante ^^) and go for a walk with his friend Elena de Avalor. Miguel is a great composer and always keeps a diary with all the songs he is writing. His favorite is called "Remember me"

Hope you like it!

I just left the cinema after watching Coco and I cant stop crying... T______T
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soxaskhHobbyist Artist
Love this, he is my favorite! Can’t wait to see your verdions of Elena, Gabe, Mateo and Naomi
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I love his guitar and pins.
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NinjagoGirl2017Hobbyist Traditional Artist
🎵for even if im far away i hold you in my heart🎵
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NinjagoGirl2017Hobbyist Traditional Artist
🎵Remember me, though i have to say goodbye, remember me🎵
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niefyfierProfessional Filmographer
The title triggered my tearducts to spill.
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Pixx-EAnimationsStudent General Artist
I LOVED THAT MOVIE! it was so gorgeous
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Vitani-YuyHobbyist General Artist
I love these! I hope that you will do more soon
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I am with you! Could not stop crying!!
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AtomicWhiskersStudent General Artist
le pusiste la bandera de Italia :P
Pero está genial!
Lo Amo, está Genial 😍😍. Falta Elena Of Avalor and Sofia de First jejeje
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Love this! :)
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Why is he using a pin of Italy?
Solo le faltó el escudo del Águila 🦅 que los diferencia ☺️
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Mexico’s Flag is similar in color to italy’s.  It can be easy to confuse them both.
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Really? He studies dramatic art but he wants to be a musician?

Pd: The race of dog that Dante is, is "Xoloitzcuintle". And yeah, they are bold and loses easily their teeth. 
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great work, bro fist Bro Fist 
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Will Miguel use the same style of clothes until his young adult days? Britney Spears - Pretty Girls Interested 
Well, he looks cool anyways, my few mexican pal and talented musician. 
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Ro994Student Digital Artist
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AMAZING JOB!! I love this series!! Please don't stop making them!!
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No please not Elena. She's an insult to latinos and Spaniards everywhere. T.T
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temusHobbyist Digital Artist
sure? because i'm from El Salvador and i'm not felt offended by her
DamaNym's avatar
Well I am latin, and I do feel offended by her.

So like, every other "ethnic" princesses has to represent a culture faithfully, but Elena is an ugly mutt mishmash of all hispanic cultures, as if we're the same thing. I swear if Mulan inserted japanese and other asian cultures in her movie, people would be complaining about it.

But people expect latinos to be stupid and subservient, and of course we should take it like retarded dogs. "We finally represented you! Aren't you happy?" No I'm not, if the culture is not represented well, then I don't have to like it.
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Awesome work here. 
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