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Disney University - Lars

By Hyung86
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ll try to make Disney/Pixar characters in young and stylish concepts, some kind of "students", something like the new Pixar's Movie: Monster University.

Let's get started with the princes of the Southern Isles. From today and over the next two weeks I will upload the pictures of each of the princes and some other surprises :D

We started with Lars. He is quiet and somewhat shy, Lars is the closest to Hans (regarding age) with Eric, Christer and the twins Sören and Goran.
Lars loves movies, films related with Nordic heroes (a fan of Vikings TV series) and medieval literature.
He is studying Medieval Art and Nordic philology.

I am excited about this small "series" of new Disney princes. I would like to keep the style of the factory of dreams and try to be as close to what they might think. Treat them well please ^^

P.S. I wanted to clarify one thing. For me, the film The Little Mermaid has always been located in Copenhagen (where Andersen set his story) so if Arendelle is in Norway (Scandinavia) the "southern isles" are the small islands of Denmark ^^
P.S. YES, Eric is one of Hans brothers ^^
P.S. Sebastian is Cuban ... .. I know, and fish from the Little Mermaid are tropical ...I know... so... EVERYONE TO COPENHAGEN RIGHT NOW!!! XD 

Please, support the Southern Isles!

Hope you like it!

Special Thanks:
Sara for being the "godmother" of all of them and baptized as true Viking warriors (Enter in her music group FRANK, is amazing!): www.facebook.com/FrankTheBand?…;
(Press LIKE IT to support their music ^^)
And Laura for being the "official translator" of this description and the other Laura, (my sister) to say how good they look XD
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kartracer57's avatar
kartracer57Hobbyist Writer
Can anyone tell me where Lars is from?
Powdered-Sugar's avatar
Powdered-SugarProfessional Filmographer
"Sebastian is Cuban" Don't you mean Jamaican? Because the accent is pretty clear, and Cubans don't speak like that in English?

I really love this series, though, it's creative and cute.
SacredDragonair's avatar
SacredDragonairStudent General Artist
lars, lars, pants on fars
ashlilly's avatar
ashlillyHobbyist General Artist
Where did you come up with the names?
xXSpejderpigenXx's avatar
xXSpejderpigenXxStudent Digital Artist
Lars is a pretty normal name in Denmark, just a guess from a dane :-)
missuny's avatar
missunyHobbyist Digital Artist
I hope this doesn't sound like a silly question, but what movie are these southern princes from?
katytomlinson's avatar
katytomlinsonStudent Traditional Artist
They are Hans' brothers from Frozen, though they were only mentioned
missuny's avatar
missunyHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh ok.
DragonGod10's avatar
DragonGod10Student Traditional Artist
Can you start putting the movies of where they 're from. It hard to tell them apart.
MomoiroGirl's avatar
MomoiroGirlHobbyist General Artist
Yaaay Denmark~! I've also always imagined The Little Mermaid taking place in Denmark, my country, yaay~ XD Sometimes even Frozen as well, since The Snow Queen is also a H. C. Andersen fairy tale, but oh well, they changed it to Norway :P
AbygaelCrasfali's avatar
Or Maybe Eric is the Father? I mean, Ariel have Red hair,and Triton have a lot of daugters, so, I think Ariel could have A lot of children too?We know Melody, but why not?
Andromeda1012's avatar
Andromeda1012Student Artist
I like that you're trying to bring life to Hans's brothers since we never got to them in the movie, but at the same time I don't like how you're changing The Little Mermaid. I know that in the original fable, it's not set in tropical waters, but if you're sticking to the Disney characters, I thought you'd also stick to their story. So I don't see how Eric would be one of Hans's brothers. Given they have nothing physical in common, and they're set in different time periods.
TsukiLife's avatar
TsukiLifeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome. I really like your work.
HayashisSheep's avatar
This is awsome! I like that you draw also the princes of the southern islands in your disney-style.
I like to see every new art from you so thanks for share this with us all :D  
carmillad's avatar
RAWR,really hot,although at first, judging by his shirt and red hair I thought he was Scotish and related to Merida.I'm not sure if there is a canon source of Hans' brothers' appearance and names,but I would cross my fingers so one of them could be like him.Wonderful job!
playstationkev's avatar
playstationkevHobbyist Artist
I like it, it's a very interesting concept your with :)
ArtLover2192's avatar
LOL!!! EVERYONE TO COPENHAGEN RIGHT NOW!! <------- That killed me
Great work!!
Can't wait to see the other princes 
AdventureAnalisa's avatar
AdventureAnalisaStudent General Artist
Can you please make the Genie? And also Dumbo? It would be awesome to see those two, thanks! Love the art brudda
belyreyes's avatar
belyreyesStudent Traditional Artist
I never though Sebastian was from my country, interesting, lol
grapeshotmemory's avatar
I've always been curious about Hans' brothers, so I think this is pretty cool!
bjmaxvin67's avatar
Great Job! :awesome:  
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