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Disney University - Kida

By Hyung86
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I'll try to make Disney/Pixar characters in young and stylish concepts, some kind of "students", something like the new Pixar's Movie: Monster University.

Milo's girlfriend and student of history and archeology (also learn languages​​ like Milo, she would love to be linguist)

She is an adventurous girl and not afraid to discover new things. She loves science fiction literature and her favorite authors are Jules Verne and Herman Melville.

Hope you like it!

P.D. Tattoos, tattoos everywhere XD
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Your art is amazing! I love Atlantis and I hope you do more characters from it.
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In love with the way you portrayed her here
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I truly feel she comes from one of the most underrated Disney movies.
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Yeah, it is very underrated, just like Treasure Planet, I've known there a quite handful of underrated Disney animated movies but no one notices
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The Emperor's New Groove was hilarious.
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I loved The Emperor's New Groove, as well as Lilo & Stitch
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Your Disney University's series is awesome!! You will do the other characters of Atlantis (Audrey, dr Sweet, Vinny, ecc) too?
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Cute.  But why a sailor-stlye outfit?
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Just... seems outta place for some reason.
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Well how about this: Atlantis was under the sea, the sea is commonly explored by sailors, therefore a sailor fuku. Any objections?
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Okay, sheesh!  Sorry I said anything.

By the way, "sailor fuku"?  Never heard that before, where'd you get it?
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Through here: en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sailor…
Wikipedia is clearly the gateway to all knowledge. That and other wikis.
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All hail the mighty Wikipedia.  Am I right? lol
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You keep using "his" when is should be "her". I really like your art, and your descriptions are very clever, but your grammar needs serious work.
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vraiment super !  j'adore  :D
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you have outdone yourself 
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this is my favorite princess, I just wish the dress was a little more... stylish-but all together, she looks great!
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