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Disney University - Jasmine

By Hyung86
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I'll try to make Disney/Pixar characters in young and stylish concepts, some kind of "students", something like the new Pixar's Movie: Monster University.

Aladdin's girlfriend. She loves to dance and practice with Mulan new steps every weekend.
She is studying political, social and human sciences despite she hates the teacher of this subject ... Yafar!
She loves cats (big and small) and would like to travel around the world (something like visit... "A whole new world" ^^U)

Hope you like it!

P.D. This Week I'll upload the first villain/teacher ^^
P.D.2. WOW!!!!! 300.000 visits!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!
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Man, this outfit is really good, and really screams her personality!
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Soo coooool!!  Her style is just the epitome of groovy!  Wooow!  If I saw this chick in real life I'd find a way to say hello. ;D
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So beautiful! 
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Love Jasmine she along with Ariel and Belle was my favorites female human characters until Frozen, Brave, Tangled and Princess and the Frog came along but those three will always be my childhood princesses.
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Did Jafar steal her earrings?
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I love itt!
She looks so cute ♥
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Love this concept!!
FrozenHeartWarrior's avatar
You spelled Jafar with a "Y" in the description..was that a mistake or on purpose? :XD:
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can you do Disney University Honey Lemon for me, please?
SugarPrincessAryanna's avatar
Jasmine is in the popular girls group XD
ShariVayleTMNT2016's avatar
Don't you mean Jafar?  XD LOL!!!
Kal-a-Cas's avatar
Jazmine! Or should I say Jazzmine? xD

Oh don't mind me and my peculiar humor! I absolutely love this! I cannot believe how much I adore this picture! Jasmine looks totally awesome! :D

Great work! I love your modern interpretation :)
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DAMN!!! She looks fine!!
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I love this one to pieces, you really captured her personality here.
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These designs are great!!! I can't even pick a favourite! 
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Please make Pongo, Perdita, Lady and Tramp. xD
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her body needs to be more curvaceous in the orginal desgin  she is square no hips at all or legs and nit aall of them have to show there bellew button for females.. would be reat if the ones already married where married in your series for well.. in natrual ways there king and queens long time ago so they should be family decads ago not just some drama in unverstiy there is 0 to 99 in all ages and groups .but stil great similarities though good job in geneal in all your works
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I could totally see jasmine and Flynn getting along probably like a love hate relationship
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Maaaaan, if I seen her in my class, I'd be writing love letters all day, every day lol
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