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Disney University - Jafar

By Hyung86
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ll try to make Disney/Pixar characters in young and stylish concepts, some kind of "students", something like the new Pixar's Movie: Monster University.

Share class of Political Science with Shere Khan and Scar.
Cruel, dark, mysterious and a little bit psychotic, Jafar hates lower class students (street rats ...)
Loves reptiles, parrots and the works of Shakespeare and HATES when his students sing:

"Jafar Jafar, I's our man, if I can not do it: GREAT !!"

Hope you like it!
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craftyvampirequeenStudent General Artist


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MANIC1265Student General Artist
For a moment, I thought it was Jack Sparrow.
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KiraSaintclairHobbyist Traditional Artist
This so rocks fashion.
Mixing Jafar with a few hints of a younger Keith Richards. Amazing job :D
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CelandineGrangerHobbyist Writer
I've been browsing through this series give done and I love it! I love the details in this one of Jafar. Particularly the beetle belt buckle and the parrot feather pinned to his jacket. Perfect!
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Very detailed
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Kinda reminds me of a hard, and kind of unlikable, math professor I had when I was in High School
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I'm still giving a vote of trust to Marwan Kenzari
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He looks so awesome
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This is freaking glorious, Jafar is one of my favourite disney villain and I love your modern/university version of him.
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ncfwhitetigressStudent General Artist
He looks like an eccentric professor.
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LoanetHobbyist Digital Artist
Don't forget Iago...

I think Iago would be like a TA, cus in the series he knew a lot about magic thanks to working with Jafar for so  long.
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He looks like a pirate here. You said it Genie!

R.I.P Robin Williams. 
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DGuitoHobbyist General Artist
Classic 😂
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Lordi-MixHobbyist Digital Artist
Never haws Jafar looked so fabulous. 
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Fancy guy. :)
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He seems kinda like the evil teacher that you can't help but feel attracted to.
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lalicsirenHobbyist Writer
There is another teacher that would hate my guts.  Nice design by the way. 
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Are you still making these? If you could use some ideas...
Long John Silver as a culinary arts instructor
Louis the alligator as a music major
Genie as a counselor
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MakaAlbarn012Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Can you say "evil teacher"?
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alithepikachuStudent Writer
no but i think he can say VERY evil teacher 
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ColormpProfessional General Artist
I just have to say that this composition is so perfect. From the pose to the use of color, I am thoroughly impressed with this.
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Beautifully done!
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