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Disney University - Goran y Soren

By Hyung86
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ll try to make Disney/Pixar characters in young and stylish concepts, some kind of "students", something like the new Pixar's Movie: Monster University.

Let's get started with the princes of the Southern Isles. From today and over the next two weeks I will upload the pictures of each of the princes and some other surprises :D (Big Grin)

Soran and Gören are twins. Naughty and funny love to bullying their younger brother, Hans.
They love action movies (Soren boxer wants to be like his older brother...) and Ouran Host Club ;)
When they meet with Harris, Hubert and Hamish (Merida´s little brothers) are a real problem!

I am excited about this small "series" of new Disney princes. I would like to keep the style of the factory of dreams and try to be as close to what they might think. Treat them well please ^^

Please, support the Southern Isles!

Hope you like it!

P.D. I'm working on Cruella de Vil, Basil, Hook and ... ... ... Honey Lemon!
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Soren (I think he's the guy on the right) looks like my brother's double! :clap: :clap: (really, if Soren has dark hair and mustache and both eyes blue and if he did not have the scar, would be the same as my brother! ^^ :D ) I follow you a lot of time, you're very good! ;)
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What are they from?
Its-Yo-Boy-Gir's avatar
From frozen Hans brothers
Its-Yo-Boy-Gir's avatar
Wait I was wrong
Its-Yo-Boy-Gir's avatar
Monsters university
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kartracer57Hobbyist Writer
Can anyone tell me where these two are from?
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and Ouran Host Club <- Died laughing then came back to life. I really enjoyed your Southern Isles series! I love that these twins both have Heterochromia! Love your art style! Anxious to see more!
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Are you aware of the fan theory that two of Hans' brothers set out on their own and became the Stabbington Brothers in 'Tangled'?
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Did you get the facial designs from Once Upon a Time?
Hyung86's avatar
Nop, just from my friends ^^
RandomPerson1310's avatar
Ah, okay. Some of them make an appearance on that show. Not sure how many
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Butch-likes-pieHobbyist Traditional Artist
I know two guys who acctually look like this (minus the scars)
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If they had a Host Club at Disney University, I would definitely be a regular.
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This is so awesome. please continue making these amazing drawings!!
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Deathclaw55555Hobbyist General Artist
you do know that pirates of the Caribbean are disney too, right?
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RE1ZA Digital Artist
'n starwars lol
Deathclaw55555's avatar
Deathclaw55555Hobbyist General Artist
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please Basil of Baker Street
Gryf62's avatar
How do you know their names, physical traits, etc ? I never heard about Hans's brothers (except in Once Upon A Time but they don't tell their names).
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UzumeLuvStudent General Artist
And they love Ouran Host Club, that's cute!
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AWESOME JOB!!! Love We have seen five of Hans older brothers; now we have seven more left to look forward to seeing. Woohooooo! :eager: by darkmoon3636 
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I cant wait to see the triplets
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Basil from "The Great Mouse Detective"?
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