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Disney University - Eric and Christen

By Hyung86
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ll try to make Disney/Pixar characters in young and stylish concepts, some kind of "students", something like the new Pixar's Movie: Monster University.

Let's get started with the princes of the Southern Isles. From today and over the next two weeks I will upload the pictures of each of the princes and some other surprises :D (Big Grin)

Eric and Christer's turn.
They are the most sportsmen princes. Both study marine biology in university. Love surfing, swimming and everything related to sports.
Christer and Eric are always fighting with his brothers and Goran and Sören, they love to compete against each other.

Usually Eric and Ariel go with Christer and his couple, Alana.

I am excited about this small "series" of new Disney princes. I would like to keep the style of the factory of dreams and try to be as close to what they might think. Treat them well please ^^

P.S. I wanted to clarify one thing. For me, the film The Little Mermaid has always been located in Copenhagen (where Andersen set his story) so if Arendelle is in Norway (Scandinavia) the "southern isles" are the small islands of Denmark ^^
P.S. YES, Eric is one of Hans brothers ^^ His mother was brunette and his father redhead (Genetics is capricious XD)

Please, support the Southern Isles!

Hope you like it!
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Great idea to learn Eric and Hans! Nice idea, I like it!
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Hm. Clever idea with eric
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kartracer57Hobbyist Writer
Can anyone tell me where Christen is from?
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OMG! Cant relieve it! Eric Hans brother?! They dont look really alike... Bit its a good idea congratulations!

P.D.: could you please transform the carácter sidekicks into humans? It'll ve a funny idea
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saintfighteraquaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Will you make the characters from Return to oz too?
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I looked around the disney Wikia, and The southern isle are stated as being in Denmark, as well as prince Eric's castle. It is not mentioned however that he would be Hans brother, nor is it denied. But the locations are correct.
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SerenDippityDooDahHobbyist Traditional Artist
I like the idea, but I don't like that Eric shares a bloodline with Hans. 
But, hey, believe whatever you want, that's what Disney's all about. lol :)
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I've always assumed Eric to be a Prince of Demark, living in the Danish West Indies.

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Andromeda1012Student Artist
It makes absolutely no sense for Eric to be one of the 12 brothers. The little mermaid and Frozen are in different time periods, and Eric doesn't have relatives. Also, the disney film is located in the tropics, even if the original fable is in Copenhagen.
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Kharen94thProfessional General Artist
Pleaseeeeeee, Basil of Baker Street
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I would love to see yen sid and see what his position would be...
After all he was modled after Walt Disney himself
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RoserroHobbyist Artist
Yay! Denmark!
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ChibiMooshiHobbyist General Artist
I actually wouldn't mind this thing xD
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papillonstudioProfessional General Artist
Nice work!
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AnneDance1711Hobbyist Filmographer
I love this Southern Isles princes thing. And the Alana twist! :D
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BornintheLightHobbyist Traditional Artist
Never saw THAT connection 
Mind Blown    *.*  xD
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nice and awesome surfboard!
FairyOfThundera22's avatar
Interesting...very interesting.
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AliiKattHobbyist General Artist
I love Christer's outfit!
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Beautiful Job!!! Love 
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Who's Christen? 
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TwilightsInfernoHobbyist Writer
For me the Little Mermaid has always been set in the tropical Denmark colonies of the Caribbean because of how warm the water seemed and all the tropical fish, plus the fact the land world is based on Southern Italy which doesn't look a thing like Denmark. But I still buy Eric could be one of his brothers. If he isn't first in line why shouldn't he set out and have practically his own kingdom in the Danish West Indies, maybe Hans should've had that bright idea ;) 

I love these pieces XD
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Eric is one of Hans' brother.

Jesus. Christ.
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xPromKingxStudent Digital Artist
Some of us weren't able to recognize. (:
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