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Disney University - Bimbettes + Harris

By Hyung86
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Claudette, Laurette and Paulette are in their last year of career. They study Visual Merchandiser, stylist and designer.

The three are fans of Professor Gastón (Obviously XD) and the TV series (their favorites are Kim Possible and Star Vs the forces of Evil)

Despite what people say, they are good friends with Adam and Bella and often go out with them. Bella helps them with her studies and in many times, she poses as a model in their photography projects!

Harris (this time waiting for his brothers Hubert, Hamish and Merida) is in his final year of high school. He loves video games (cant wait to try the new God Of War !!!!) practice sports, adventure novels and: EAT. EAT A LOT.

Hope you like it!
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RayBurciagoHobbyist Digital Artist

I like the pony head pin. Nice detail

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Are you going to do Mozenrath and Sadira from Aladdin animated series?
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ArthurTheBootlegHobbyist Digital Artist
lucky boy.
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AJK2100Hobbyist Writer
Harris is either a shrimpy 18 year old, or he's a prodigy, finishing school early!
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Oh, I remember, the small clique of girls that are in loved of Gaston, right?
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trentonrockzProfessional Filmographer
can you do dumbo as a freshman or should i say ''freshelephant''
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Poor Harris being around those three airheads XDD
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Aphrodit-eStudent Artist
Slytherin <3 
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Was i the only one that just assumed Harris was ridiculously smart and just skipped a head a few grades rather than thinking he was short? Lol. This is a great series.
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Doctorwholovesthe80sHobbyist Writer
I've always felt sorry for Claudette, Laurette, and Paulette. Despite their foolhardy taste in men (how were they to know that Gaston is an asshole?), I always thought it was too mean that they're usually known as "the bimbettes" when they're just misinformed fangirls.

I like that you have them be friends with Belle and Adam.
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Ja9ch15Hobbyist Writer
Maybe switch out "Siblings" for "Brothers" in your description of Harris. Also the Oxford comma would be nice in this instance as well. I'm not trying to bash anyone. I'm a big fan of this series. I only wanted to let you know because as an English teacher I can't help myself. Also thank you for making the Bimbettes friends of Belle and Adam. It adds a whole new dynamic to their characters.
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Haha, I want that giant Princess Ponyhead button on her bag
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who the heck are these people
also the boy looks 12 he should definitely be taller if he's in his last year of high school
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To answer your question, Harris is one of Merida's younger triplet brothers from the Pixar film Brave, and Claudette, Laurette, and Paulette (who are dressed in red, amber, and green, respectively) are blonde triplets who fawn over Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.

So far as his looking short, I actually know someone from my High School who did look like a 12 year old in terms of height during my last year at high school, despite his actually being older than that.
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and yeah of course they'll be outliers who are extremely short, but this is art. and also his father is extremely tall and his mother is average size so the chances of him being THAT short at 17/18 years old... are little to none. when i saw this picture i immediately thought he was in elementary school. it's just not a good choice because it doesn't get the point across. art is supposed to speak for itself, but if i hadn't read the description i would've gone on thinking he was a child. also his face looks childish as well, if his face looked more mature i'd get that he was just short and not young, but the face hasn't aged.
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Verrry Cool! 
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Keep up the good work!! These are always awesome!!
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Pretty good work on the triplets. Bit surprised Gaston would be a professor, considering he didn't strike me as being the intellectual type. But, oh well, as long as he's nothing like that French philosopher Jean Paul Sartre (who quite frankly makes the likes of Gaston and even Judge Claude Frollo seem like saints by comparison if you've read this, and that's of course ignoring his more political side), I won't mind them being infatuated with him.
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Excellent work! The Bimbettes look great and I actually love Harris as a shorty. XD

However... You called Belle "Bella" twice, and you should have said siblings instead of brothers when you mentioned that Harris is waiting for Hubert, Hamish and Merida.
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I too can not wait to play the new God of War
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well at least they're pretty...
not much going on upstairs though...
great picture!!!
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I don't know about that latter bit. They certainly have a LOT more going on upstairs compared to Cecile Cosima Caminades from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, not to mention Maron from Dragon Ball Z.

Besides, I'm pretty sure they're at least smart enough to not fall for such a human piece of garbage like that existentialist philosopher, serial adulterer, and political hack Jean-Paul Sartre.

I do agree it's a good picture, though. Must admit, Harris actually looks a bit like one of my cousins.
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MartyrFanStudent Writer
Poor Harris. Man, looks like you're planning on doing every Disney character out there. Nice!
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